Attracting toxic relationships? Hypnotherapy to help healthy love

Do you find yourself repeating the same negative patterns in relationships over and over again? Perhaps it’s attracting the wrong partners (emotionally unavailable, controlling, possessive, unfaithful or abusive people). Or maybe your relationships start ok, but because you’ve been hurt in the past, you pull away to protect yourself. Perhaps you find yourself sabotaging potentially good relationships, by being too demanding or needy, because of your insecurities.


Whatever the dynamic, you’re probably fed up with repeating the same behaviours and getting the same, less-than-satisfying results in your love life. Hypnotherapy can help with this.

Understanding hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the simple technique of ‘rewiring’ the subconscious mind with helpful and positive thoughts and beliefs to help us change our behaviours. The subconscious mind tends to ‘rule the show’, it is responsible for over 90% of our automatic behaviours and responses, without us being aware of it.

Limiting beliefs about love can start early

Often unhelpful limiting beliefs can set in when we’re much younger (the subconscious is a bit like a sponge when we’re children). We pick up messages from the people around us when we’re kids, about our level of loveability and relationships.

If our parents (who are not perfect and have their own issues and past wounds too), do not always show us the love, attention and support we need, we may decide early on that we’re not loveable enough or that love hurts or is conditional.

We develop our ideas about relationships from others. We also observe our parents and other relationships around us when we’re young, this informs us of our beliefs about love relationships. What we see in others determines whether we believe relationships are good or bad, whether they are loving or if they can hurt. This past programming can stay in the subconscious mind and drive our emotions and automatic behaviours in our adult relationships.

How does hypnotherapy help relationships?

What we do in hypnotherapy is utilise hypnosis to access the powerful subconscious mind, in the form of positive and helpful words, we make suggestions to aid the person in their relationships.

Fundamentally as hypnotherapists we want to understand what limiting beliefs are acting as blockers to our clients receiving the healthy love that they want.

Common beliefs that can act as love blocks include:

  • “I’m not worthy of love just as I am.”
  • “Relationships hurt and take away more than they give.”
  • “You can’t trust anyone not to hurt you.”
  • “I’m not enough and won’t receive the love I crave.”
  • “I won’t get my needs met, so what’s the point in having a relationship.”
  • “Relationships are too hard.”

Once we have gathered this information by communicating with the powerful subconscious mind, we can replace these false limiting beliefs with more empowering ones. This will help change our client’s beliefs about relationships and drive different and more helpful feelings and behaviours.

Obviously when we start to think, feel and act differently regarding love and relationships our results in this area change for the better too! This ‘reprogramming’ can take some repetition, but the subconscious will take on new beliefs when we repeat them often and for some time.

This is why many hypnotherapists will offer a package of a few sessions or include a personalised hypnosis audio for the client to listen to daily, to cement the change. So if you resonate with this and struggle in your relationships, hypnotherapy could help you to create the love you want.

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Written by Becca Teers, DIP CBH MNCH (Reg) CNHC (Reg) GHR RTT
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Becca Teers DIP CBH MNCH (Reg) CNHC (Reg) GHR

Hello and thanks for reading. I am a cognitive behavioural clinical hypnotherapist, certified RTT, NLP & EMDR practitioner and holistic therapist. I am passionate about helping my clients to overcome limiting beliefs and to empower them to make positive change.

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