Are you starving on a full stomach?

How many of us are eating, but still feel hungry afterwards?

The organic minerals in your food activate the vitamins in your body. Without sufficient organic minerals in the body the vitamins are worthless and without sufficient vitamins, you get sick. Modern farming methods remove the trace minerals from soil without replacing them all. Modern farming methods chase yield and profit - having to replace all the trace minerals removed from the soil costs money, it is cheaper to replace a small handful of minerals in the form of chemical fertilisers.

Normally, plants would take up inorganic minerals from the soil and convert them into organic minerals. A healthy body is easily able to assimilate organic minerals which activate the vitamins and promote glowing health in the body. As our soils have become more depleted over the decades, so has our food. Our health has suffered and our food has become tasteless. Faced with this problem, nutrition scientists came up with a solution.

To make foods more appetising, food scientists have learned to add the “holy trinity” of sugar, salt and fat. These additives, and others, make foods far more irresistible. Food scientists admit they add these ingredients in the perfect quantities to achieve the holy grail of food consumerism they call “the bliss point”. Some people would argue that these ingredients make foods addictive. If these foods are as addictive as some say, and they’re also deficient in minerals, it is easy to see why so many people can’t stop eating. It is as if they’re starving, even though they have full stomachs.

Suggesting that these people eat less would probably be a bad idea as they may already be malnourished.

These people need to change what they’re eating. Hypnotherapy has proven itself very effective in helping people to break habits and addictions. There’s no “quick-fix” when it comes to restoring health to the undernourished. It takes time for the cells to recover while eating healthy foods, and hypnotherapy has proven itself very effective in helping people to stay motivated.

There are many reasons for developing overweight conditions and hypnotherapy can play a crucial role in solving these problems.

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