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Are you ready to fly? Getting rid of your flying phobia with hypnosis

Millions of people have a fear of flying, which is related to the fear of heights that everyone has when they are born. While most people can control or at least tolerate the natural fear that is generated when being in a plane way above the earth, there are those who need a little assistance to help them get rid of their flying phobia or aerophobia as it is often called.

In addition to the natural fear of heights is the sense of claustrophobia of being inside a cramped plane, especially with passengers on either side of you. When you add in anxiety about events that might cause the plane to crash, you have developed a fear of flying that prevents you from getting on the plane.

How hypnosis overcomes the fear of flying

Hypnosis is the only treatment that goes after the phobia in a direct manner. This means that it provides relief by helping you to relax, stay calm, and put your fear of flying into its proper perspective.

Focus: proper hypnosis treatment helps to focus your mind and put the fears of flying into a place where they are still recognised, but not in a way the prevents you from enjoying the experience. In fact, many people who have undergone hypnosis now look forward to flying and they enjoy it because their fear has dissipated.

Relaxation: the primary goal of the techniques used in this form of therapy is to help you relax. This is accomplished by taking your mind off the fear and into other places so that the stress and anxiety levels are reduced. You are not running from your fear, but instead putting it into a place where it does not raise your stress levels. This helps you to keep calm and enjoy the experience of flying.

Flying is safe: in fact, flying on an airliner or even in a private plane is one of the safest modes of transportation available. Driving to the airport is far riskier than flying in a plane, so hypnosis helps you to recognise the advantages and keep you relaxed.

It should be noted that fear is a good thing, a reaction that is designed to make you alert and aware of your surroundings. However, when you let fear control your actions is when you need the benefits of hypo-therapy treatments so that you can re-establish control and tamp down the anxiety and stress that you are feeling.

Will hypnosis work for you?

The answer is yes since this form of therapy works for millions of people. Plus, you can take the treatments with you by doing a little self-hypnosis before you board a plane or are feeling anxious about flying. Hypnotherapy actually changes your behaviour patterns so that you break the conditioning that the fear of flying has created. Instead of dreading what might happen, you actually look forward to your trip.

Plus, hypnosis is drug-free, easy to use, and the techniques can be repeated so you can maintain a calm, relaxed state as you enjoy your flight.

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Written by Biodun Ogunyemi ANLP,BNLP,SNLP,C.H,Dip.Hyp

Biodun Ogunyemi is the founder of Optimind, one of the leading hypnotherapy practices within the UK. He has practised on Harley Street and is an experienced hypnotherapist, trained to the highest level in advanced hypnotherapy and NLP and is the author of over 180 hypnosis products.… Read more

Written by Biodun Ogunyemi ANLP,BNLP,SNLP,C.H,Dip.Hyp

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