Are you living in growth or protection?

One of the great things about hypnotherapy is that it can used to treat such a wide range of problems including weight-loss, phobias and anxiety, to name a few. Every client will 'do' their problem differently and their reasons for doing so will vary dramatically. Whilst hypnotherapy should always be tailored to the individual, there is a common thread which ties most of our problems together: protection.

Our unconscious mind (which is responsible for up to 90% of our behaviour), is always trying to protect us from anything it perceives to be a threat. Back in the days of our ancestors, when we needed to flee from predators, our automated survival system determined whether we lived or died based on our snap decision to fly, fight or freeze. At some point in your life you have probably experienced the physical sensations of your survival system, whether its butterflies in your stomach, feeling sick, flushing or shaking.

The difficulty we have today is that there are, in Western society, very few threats to our day to day safety. We no longer need to flee from a sabre-tooth tiger. Nonetheless our primitive survival system is still in play, wanting to protect us from anything that could pose a threat to us, based on our past experiences. 

The cost? Our unconscious desire for protection could actually hold us back from living the life we want. We might hold ourselves back from opportunities to speak in public because we want to protect ourselves from judgement or rejection. We might never go on our dream holiday because we fear the risk in flying. Even though we may want to lose that extra stone, our unconscious might feel safer keeping those extra pounds as a form of protection. Sometimes we might procrastinate over a new business idea because we fear failure, or even because we fear the demands and trappings of success.

Because hypnotherapy gets to the bottom of our unconscious motivations for behaviour, we can retrain our unconscious to be attracted to behaviours and habits that promote and encourage growth, rather than protection.

What does a life of growth look like? One where we feel able to stride towards what we desire, rather than jumping away from what we fear. Whilst we may encounter challenges or fears on our life's journey, we can learn to embrace those moments as opportunities for growth and learning.

Are you living a life of protection? What would a life of growth look like for you?

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