Are you are at the controls of the 2.1 update that needs installing?

If something is broken, how difficult is that thing to fix? It's an interesting starting point (or not, for some people) to ponder right from the off in this article.

Broken things need new parts, as parts from that machine have been destroyed and have to, in turn, be repaired with new physical parts. The interesting thing with the human mind, if you can read this, is that it can never be broken like a machine is physically!

Your mind or your brain functions perfectly every single nanosecond of your waking and sleeping day, like an amazing computer, but wouldn't it be fair to say that it may need some adjustment and tuning up to work in a way that you want it to work?

When we think in terms of 'broken', we often adopt a tense, stressed, annoyed and negative position that has to be adjusted even before we get to the issue at hand which layers on unnecessary work.

So why not consider a perspective of "I don't like what I am doing so let's change that detail", or "I was made perfect and will be continually modifying myself to fit in with the changes in my world and will continue to improve what I do".

The good news is that you can update your operating system!

Hypnotherapy as an approach can set up a frame that supports therapy and a state of brokenness, which, in turn, can give away your power to others and possibly promote a stressed perspective. It can also frame a hypnotherapist as a sort of mechanic or engineer who repairs broken parts and machinery.

Consider hypnosis as an update, resource or tool to tune yourself up, to improve your output, to reset your operating system in a direction of your choice, perhaps.

Every proactive operating system has to be updated, so please consider that you are in control of knowing when you need to instal updates like the 2.1 update, perhaps using hypnosis rather than a therapist.

I wonder if that lens is a more relaxed perspective than 'broken'?

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Written by Mark Pettigrew, Dip Hyp, NLP Master Practitioner. OldPain2Go Practitioner

Mark is an unconscious change coach, hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner who has helped many people.

He is from Paisley near Glasgow in Scotland.

He works face to face or via Skype/facetime with many of his coaching clients who live outside of his hometown area.… Read more

Written by Mark Pettigrew, Dip Hyp, NLP Master Practitioner. OldPain2Go Practitioner

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