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Are you apprehensive about using hypnotherapy?

I recently built a survey on one of the social media platforms and one of the responses highlighted a popular misconception about hypnotherapy. Some people are wary, cautious or even a little afraid of engaging a hypnotherapist to help them with life issues. The response I got was as follows:

'.....probably not that helpful but (I am a) bit cautious of hypnotherapy.....(but I) remember speaking to some people who raved about it for controlling labour pain too!'

I have to admit a few people are a little cautious regarding hypnosis and hypnotists (particularly the ones you see on the TV like 'You're Back In The Room') as it seems the participants go into a trance, lose all sense of self control, have given over their minds to and are being manipulated by the hypnotist to do ridiculous things against their will. 

Let me make one thing clear, being in a trance is a very natural state, we all go in and out of trance throughout the day. It's a bit like daydreaming. Have you ever got lost in a book or a movie? Have you ever driven somewhere and not really been conscious of driving some or all of the journey? Rather than get you to cluck like a chicken, a hypnotherapist will use techniques to make you feel deeply relaxed, to reach an altered and very pleasant state of heightened consciousness if you will.

When we are in this state we are very open to ideas and suggestions, but a hypnotherapist cannot control your mind or free will. You can snap out of a trance anytime you want. Indeed, I highlight this to my clients every session I have with them.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis in a therapeutic setting to help relieve stress, anxiety, fears, phobias. It helps with weight management, smoking cessation, IBS, pain control etc. Moreover it is used on a personal level to build core ego, self-confidence, self-belief, motivation, happiness and is becoming more prominent in building confidence in sportsmen/women (golf, football, boxing, running etc) and in the boardroom . 

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Written by Trevor Brown BA(Open), Dip Eur Hum(Open), DipCAH, MNCH(Lic)

Trevor Brown BA(Open), Dip Eur Hum(Open), DipCAH, MNCH(Lic) is a registered member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (the largest register of independent Hypnotherapists in the UK). He has gained a Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD), widely considered to be the 'Gold Standard' in Hypnotherapy.… Read more

Written by Trevor Brown BA(Open), Dip Eur Hum(Open), DipCAH, MNCH(Lic)

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