Are you angry?

How often do you get angry? I mean really angry? For a valid reason?

As adults we live in a mad rush, always up against time or targets, dashing about at a hundred miles an hour – and that's the trouble because as humans we function better with balance in our life… It is so easy to respond to pressure with anger.

The first week of December is designated as Anger Awareness Week; it is probably no accident that it has been placed so close to Christmas as many people are already feeling the strain of preparing for the festive season.

How would you spot anger in someone else? 

It seems so obvious:

  • Tense and aggressive body language.
  • Lowered/narrowed eyes.
  • Bulging veins in the neck or forehead.
  • Extremes of skin colour i.e. very pale or very, very red/ dark faced – I once knew a young man who would become so enraged he literally saw the “red mist” and his face would become a deep purple with rage; in this state he was totally blinkered and deafened to his surroundings and thus a danger to himself and those around him.
  • Extremes of voice level ie very, very quiet or ranting with rage or, in some cases, so angry it becomes sobs or tears.
  • Flips character with little or no warning.

So if you can recognise these signs of anger in someone else, do you sometimes recognise them in yourself?

If you do then there are some simple ways of defusing the anger. A skilled hypnotherapist will guide you through some coping strategies and find ways of relaxing and releasing. Perhaps your anger is linked to your work situation, or a relationship breakdown, an ongoing health issue or concerns for a loved one. It may be as a result of poor sleep habits, or insomnia may be a symptom linked to the anger. The hypnotherapist will use a range of techniques to help you to have a more balanced life; show you ways of becoming calm, releasing negative tension before it becomes anger, allow you to look at situations or issues from a different perspective.

Depending on their training you may be offered a combination of therapy to help you, anything from tapping, breathing techniques, thought stopping, positive anchors, spinning, affirmations, self-hypnosis, NLP, reiki, colour therapy and more.

Anger can be a very corrosive state of mind; it is not who you are; it is not an excuse to be foul to your loved ones - but it is an excellent way to alienate friends and family and have a negative impact on your health.

Take action now so that  you enter 2017 cool, calm and collected.

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