Are you an impostor?

Impostor syndrome

  • What if someone realises I’m not as organised and efficient as they all think I am? 
  • What if someone realises that I’m pretending that I have all of the answers because everyone is depending on me?
  • What if someone realises that I am a rubbish parent/partner/lover?
  • What if someone actually challenges me to prove what I know? 

Sometimes, when things are going really well, when you are being successful, when you are seen as an expert, this little voice somewhere in the back of your head will start to whisper and then to shout, "imposter!".

The impostor syndrome doesn’t care about your age, ethnicity, religion or employment status; it
can strike whilst you are at the top of your game or simply when things are chugging along nicely,
but its negative power can be immense.

Perfectly competent people will start to doubt themselves; this can escalate into overthinking things, lack of confidence, worry and anxiety and a whole range of physical and emotional issues such as
stress eating, broken sleep etc.

It is a very lonely condition as the person with impostor syndrome lives in constant fear of being found out. If you recognise the impostor syndrome then consider consulting a qualified hypnotherapist to help you redress the balance in your life.

Sometimes, simply having the opportunity to share these feelings can have a very positive effect and from this the hypnotherapist will work on building self-belief, teaching you techniques to calm and
centre yourself and allow you to regain control. Many hypnotherapists have favourite techniques
which they have found to work well with particular groups of clients but all will have a common aim: to help you regain control of your life and to build resilience.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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