Anxious! Are you truly ready for change?

Anxiety held me back for many years and is the reason why I’m a hypnotherapist today. Anxiety has many branches, each one different from the other. It can take the form of a symptom for another physical disease or mental disorder, or it can be a syndrome in itself. Either way, these branches are all attached to a common tree, and it is this that hypnotherapy seeks to uncover and resolve.

It is important to understand that when a person goes through hypnotherapy they are not being brainwashed - nor do they forget themselves entirely and become dangerously open to suggestions of any kind. On the contrary, when a person is under hypnotherapy, their awareness widens (or becomes pinpoint, whichever way you choose to see it) and they become conscious of every single part of their body - breathing, heart rate, limbs etc.

More importantly, if you are suffering from anxiety, you will be able to recognise not only the exact feeling the attacks elicit (i.e. where is it centred? the chest? the abdomen? What kind of sensation is it? burning? hollow? heavy? cold?) but also, potentially, what causes these anxiety attacks to occur in the first place. In that way, hypnotherapy can be beneficial. First, the techniques could be modified or adjusted to fit the particular sensation of the anxiety attack. Second, the origin of the problem itself can be addressed, making it possible to affect not just a relief from anxiety but a cure too.

Anxieties may have roots sticking too deep inside the subconscious for the individual to be aware of. Again, hypnotherapy ensures help, but please remember that hypnotherapists are there only to guide the patient - press the right buttons, so to speak - but there would be no worthwhile result unless the patient is having the treatment on their own accord. Rule number one in hypnotherapy - you can only help someone that wants to be helped. If you are ready for change then change will happen.

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Written by Adam Cumberland - Senior Hypnotherapist

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Written by Adam Cumberland - Senior Hypnotherapist

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