Anxiety stuck in fight or flight?

Anxiety seems to be on the increase daily, with the pace of life getting faster and the evolution of smartphones. We never seem to take the time to disconnect and journey inwards to find the answers, we go to google in for instant answers. But without the inner introflection how can we learn the true meaning of life lessons.

The problem with anxiety is we get stuck in the state of fight or flight and effectively our brains are over-stimulated. This means we become highly sensitive to issues and events that happen around us, it is made worse by the events that bother us but we never deal with. These start to stack up and break the surface of our conscious awareness. It is almost like a pyramid of events where each block stacks on top of one another.

But the foundation becomes over stressed as we get higher and the over-anxious state becomes common practice. How many people actually take time to relax or zone out? Just closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing can do the world of good. This is because of the underlying mechanisms that cause stress, breathing affects physiology which affects psychology. 

So if anxiety is left to build up it can eventually lead to panic attacks these are the body's way of giving you a message that you require to deal with the root problem. Once the initial sensitising event is dealt with it can lead to a myriad of change in the unconscious mind. It can overwhelm the individual and it can control their life, living in a heightened state of alertness can be exhausting.

But if they realise that they need to regain control, they can use hypnosis to get a marked improvement in their life. This can be bought about by regressions, parts therapy, education on the current patterns and self-hypnosis. The use of neuro linguistic programming techniques can be highly effective in the treatment plan. Particularly the literal reframe and the Swish techniques.

Self-hypnosis can be a very useful tool as it allows the client to disconnect daily and thus resetting their Anxiety levels. It can give them back the control that they require and allows for them to lead a calmer life. It is only once they have been to a hypnotherapist and the start to peel back the layers it can become apparent the current patterns that have become outdated. They can then with the aid of Hypnosis start to implement new patterns and a positive shift should occur to them. It can almost like someone has pressed the reset button and taken them back to the point prior to all this anxiety.

So, if you are suffering from anxiety and feel that’s it is controlling your life, start to take action and consult a hypnotherapist. You will be surprised what positive changes can come about in your life and the amazing freedom it can offer you.

But always remember that if you want change, it can happen easily once you find the right therapist for you.

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