Anxiety is ruining my life!

How often have you laid in bed, trying to get off to sleep a thousand images or scenarios running through your head? You lay there a total slave to your own thoughts, unable to shut down or step off the rollercoaster you are on. You have that horrible feeling in your stomach, except it’s not, it's somewhere between your throat and your sternum. Almost feels like hunger, but at the same time dread, sitting there heavy and unrelenting like a weight on your back. A constant reminder, that you are not happy or feeling in control and nothing you seem to do will shift it.

So you exist day to day, as each successive wave crashes into the beach that is your life...Tossed around, spun under, waiting or hoping to pop up before the next wave hits you, so you can just take one more breath.

Anxiety is a terrible dread/fear, that when you’re in the grip of, will often lead to depression and sleeplessness, which of course compounds the anxiety itself. Tiredness leads to stress, irritability which your friends and loved ones are often on the receiving end of. Through all of this, your pride stops you from admitting you’re not in a good place, that you would like or need help. How wonderful it would feel to just be normal and not have that weight/knot in your stomach any longer.

Recently, I was working with a police officer who had suddenly developed anxiety for no reason. Interacting with his colleagues, meeting new people, giving a brief in front of his colleges, even answering a phone had become impossible. Huge obstacles and issues for him to battle with or through.

Only as we tracked back through his timeline, did we discover where that anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem tracked back to. The light bulbs started to go off as he took the wand from my hand and started to clearly see why he felt a certain way. How a particular fear started, using the tools in my box, coupled with his incredible imagination and subconscious, which we all possess. This man of great integrity began to heal, grow and glow again. One of the tools we used was the rewind technique, to allow him to let go of debilitating memories, whilst viewing them from a place of great comfort and inspiration. Taking a journey on his future timeline, we allowed him to see himself in many situations, calm, relaxed, in control. We honed his ‘gunslinger mentality’ reconnected to his ‘inner warrior.’

Then we practised mindfulness, adding many new tools to his box. We had a truly inspirational man hug at the end of our journey together, one of those moments you will never forget when someone thanks you for giving them their lives back. He was thinking of quitting the force, but now once again he is in love with his job and grateful for all he has in his life. Mindful every day of taking time for himself and his family, he made only one mistake, thanking me. I made a point of thanking him, for I feel privileged and blessed to do this work, all I did was give him the wand, he did the magic. ’I am just the messenger’ I told him. ‘Well’ he said…’That was some message!’

You can read his testimonial on my Hypnotherapy Directory page.

Mark Marsland

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Written by Positivity Rules - Mark Marsland LIHP Dip Hyp cs - Sports/Mind Coach/ Speaker

Mark Marsland qualified in 1988 and is a sports/life coach as well as a hypnotherapist, he was part of the Millionaire Mindset program along with Duncan Bannatyne and other UK entrepreneurs. Has a real passion for helping people through Hypnotherapy, NLP and havening. His tagline is;

'I give you the wand...You do the magic!'… Read more

Written by Positivity Rules - Mark Marsland LIHP Dip Hyp cs - Sports/Mind Coach/ Speaker

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