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Anxiety is not your friend but hypnotherapy could be

There are many people who have said that their anxiety feels comfortable, that they’ve gotten used to living with it. It’s become a bit like living with an old friend.

Even though anxiety is not very nice and it says things inside your head that make you feel bad, you can get used to it very quickly. You may have had anxiety for many years; perhaps your whole life. It’s always been there through all of your experiences, good and bad ones. If you have trouble sleeping it will even be there in the middle of the night to keep you company.

That’s why it can feel like a friend. It may even be a friend, but it’s not a very good friend, is it?

The problem is that in comparison change can feel scary. You may already be aware that hypnotherapy works with your unconscious mind, but your unconscious mind doesn’t really like change. It prefers things to stay the same, no matter how bad that feels, because the same is safe. It knows how to keep you safe if everything stays the same. Different can be dangerous.

This is why I believe that if you suffer from anxiety and panic, hypnotherapy really can be your friend.  Hypnotherapy allows you to access that unconscious part of your mind and to convince it that you are safe. There really are no lions and tigers around to harm you. You can begin to relax and enjoy life.

With hypnotherapy you might even find that the anxious part of your unconscious mind can take on another role. It could begin to help and support you – to look after you and keep you safe in a more positive way.

Imagine that for a few moments. Imagine a life where hypnotherapy has turned your anxiety and fear into calm, relaxed confidence. How wonderful will that be?

Here’s a short exercise you can do for a few minutes each day to help to guide your own unconscious mind towards a positive future.

Sit comfortably in a safe place and allow your eyes to close. Take a couple of deeper breaths, and then allow your breathing to settle to whatever feels comfortable for you. Allow your mind to drift into the future, the future where you’ve completed your hypnotherapy (or whatever you choose to do to let go of your anxiety). It doesn’t matter at this stage how far you imagine you have to go into the future – just allow it to happen.

Then take some time to really connect with the calm, relaxed you. You might see an image in your mind’s eye, or you might feel all the good feelings. Spend a few minutes each day with the future you.  Let yourself know that this is how you want to be.

Then, when you are ready, take a couple of deeper breaths and imagine bringing all of the good things with you back to now.

I hope you enjoy using this exercise, and remember that a good hypnotherapist will be able to help and assist you to make hypnotherapy your friend.

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