Anorexia and the silent victims

Anorexia is a very devastating illness, it can take a bright highly intelligent person to war with their own body. It may take years before they are finally in a position to win the war with this illness.

Anorexia takes bright creative and intelligent people who when going through a series of events where they feel out of control, resort to the only thing they think they're in control of. This is the intake of food and the results can lead to them starving themselves close to death. It seems most prevalently to effect females but males can be just as affected.

Often the people that are in despair in this circumstance are the support network. They have to watch a loved one doing this to themselves, it can be heart breaking. It's hard to understand that what you see is not the image that the person suffering sees, their body image can be severaly distorted. It is almost like the hall of mirrors in a fun house, except its not fun. For every one involved it can be a living hell, but it is possible with professional help and inpatient treatment to beat the demons.

During this time the family may require help with education or stress management to understand why there loved one is doing this to themselves. In reality it's not really them its part of the illness that they are suffering with.

It's a long journey to support a loved one, but it can be amazing when they get to the destination and become the person they should be.

So, if you think someone you love is suffering with this illness, the best thing to do is to ask for professional help. It can be beaten and the sooner the diagnosis and treatment, the less damage to the person’s body.

Hypnotherapy could help you or the person suffering with this illness, obviously if the person suffering it would be part of a multi-disciplined team. 

There is always hope and the people that suffer with this are generally very strong willed and independent but they require support through the journey. It can be very hard during this time and while you support them, you may also require help. This will allow any issues that occur not to build up, as you are looking after some one else you don't want to become ill yourself.

So, wether it's  just someone to talk to outside your normal circle of friends or hypnotherapy to help deal with the issues that you incur, please don't suffer in silence and try to remain strong for too long. Asking for help is one of the major steps. Maybe talking to someone that has been through it and can explain the signs and symptoms for you both.

It's a tough fight, don't get me wrong as sometimes they are fighting for their lives but once all the darkness has been dispelled, it can allow a very bright future. You may ask how I know all this I was very fortunate to be part of a friend’s recovery journey, so I know first hand the effects and what it can do to you as a loved one.

But as with the toughest of fights, we win the biggest of prizes.

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