Anger - discussing ways our subconscious hides anger in plain sight.

Do you, or know someone who does these things?

Jokes at the expense of others?

Constantly criticises their partner about silly things?

Complains about everything?

Is depressed?

All of these things point at concealed anger issues, and as such can be as damaging as stress- causing any number of physical symptoms from gastric reflux to high blood pressure and can cause addictions to alleviate or reduce the emotional pain caused by it.

Let me explain further- anyone making jokes at someone else's expense is actually a form of passive aggressive retaliation to something the joker has experienced related to the person they joke about.

Constantly criticising a partner- and example being "My husband hangs the washing out, but the clothes aren't straight and are the wrong way up"- when asked if they dried ok "Oh yes, they were nearly dry when I rehung them!" The clothes were drying no matter how they were hung up-but the wife still interfered, making her husband feel bad.

This shows a control issue as well as anger.

Someone who finds no joy in anything and constantly complains may be angry at things that they feel "should" have happened or feels that they are owed something from life. Having a negative outlook invariably only reaps disappointment and more resentment.

All these signs are that of underlying anger- how can hypnosis help?

The key in any session is to accurately pinpoint the Initial sensitising event (ISE), with concealed anger it may take time- but a therapist will be able to spot certain phrases and behaviours which will then enable them to treat accordingly.

Anyone with concealed anger may find the cause for their troubles surprising- or have a hard time admitting it, it is this that needs careful handling, using positive suggestions in trance time along with helping the subconscious to address the issue through parts therapy, inner child, hypnoanalysis and confidence boosting- depending on the root cause.

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