All you need is love!

One of the questions I may find myself asking a client is, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the strongest, how much do you love yourself? This usually follows with a grimace or, I don’t understand, when the client needs to go deep inside to find the answer to this one.

Loving yourself may sound a bit weird, and this could portray an image of someone admiring themselves in the mirror, a little self-obsessed, arrogant and self-opinionated.

Obviously this is not what I mean when I ask the question do you love yourself. People who have a good level of self-worth and believe in themselves have a calmness about them, and have time to listen to others, and have no need to seek validation from others. These are the people we are talking about, who have an inner love for themselves. In cognitive hypnotherapy terms we say they are ILOC have a sense of Internal locus control, and have no need to seek external verification for all they do in the world.

With cognitive hypnotherapy we can using simple techniques get to the bottom of unconscious beliefs, get to the root cause of someone’s problem, which may be causing them to feel “I’m unloved" or “I’m unlovable" (this also could translate to I’m no good, or I don’t deserve).

This feeling of I’m unloved or I’m unlovable can lead to anxiety, and can show itself in many different ways, a person could present limiting beliefs and those beliefs may be holding them back from utilising their full potential.

So it's 2016 the start of a new year, are you going to spend the rest of 2016 feeling anxious, not good enough or unloved?

Why not consider really getting to the bottom of this freeing yourself of these limiting beliefs,and enabling you to make 2016 the best year ever?

Have a lovely 2016 and above all learn to love you!

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Written by Robert Donnelly Anxiety Specialist

Rob Donnelly is a qualified cognitive hypnotherapist and loves helping people to be the best they can,
overcome anything that may be holding them back, and help them to live more full and complete life.… Read more

Written by Robert Donnelly Anxiety Specialist

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