Alcohol Abuse

It is not known for sure why some people can enjoy an occasional drink or two whilst others lack that freedom. Alcohol for those people becomes a torment and an addiction, often disrupting their lives causing embarrassment, shame, and even major losses such as relationships, jobs and so on.

The Chinese have a saying, 'loss no bad thing' and it is certainly one of my favourites. Many forms of loss have a silver lining, and when it comes to alcohol, loss of an alcohol-driven lifestyle brings nothing but benefits and gains.

My clients have reported huge improvements in self-esteem and a sense of being in control over their lives when they are alcohol-free. One of my clients I will call Adele, had suffered immensely through alcohol dependency. Her husband finally asked for a divorce because he could no longer stand her drink-fuelled flings with other men. These were always short lived and she came to regret them deeply. Or Maureen, normally the soul of kindness, who turned into a vindictive and spiteful woman after a few drinks. 

It has also long been surmised that alcoholism may run in families, but now neuroscience offers insight into the biological processes that take place in some people's brain functioning when they drink alcohol, which make them vulnerable to addiction.

A good hypnotherapist can provide an understanding atmosphere where people can reflect on the possible causes of their addiction, which can be many and various. There is never one cause for all. Clients may have had inadequate, low achieving parents or at the other extreme, felt that they never quite lived up to the very high expectations of their parents. Or there may have come from a warm and loving family. The result is the same - no matter the background or the exact reasons, they have become alcohol dependent. With me, clients also consider triggers in their current life, such as being criticised at work, feeling stressed and overloaded, or lonely, or wanting to be popular.

Through deep relaxation, visualisation and accessing the immeasurable resources of the unconscious mind, my clients have freed themselves from the terrible burden of alcoholism - and often surprisingly quickly.

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Written by Marian Barry - GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year 2019 East of England

I am an award-winning hypnotherapist and open and approachable person. I offer a professional, caring and safe service in a comfortable private environment. I work  either in the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, or Finsbury Park, London N4, or Great Abington, Cambridge as well as ONLINE sessions.
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Written by Marian Barry - GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year 2019 East of England

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