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It's that time of year when everybody is getting excited at the prospect of a holiday in the sun. Well, everybody except you, that is, because you have a fear of flying. Instead of getting excited, you may have started to worry, started to have nightmares or started developing other anxiety symptoms. It’s true that accidents do happen, but did you know that according to ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), more accidents happen at home than anywhere else. Check out the below link for further details.

Fear of flying is a very common anxiety and l would like you to consider this if you are an anxious flyer. Some of the words that you are going to come across as part of your journey may not be that helpful.

Let me explain further. First of all of you have to turn up at the “terminal” building, where you will be asked about “your final destination”. You wait for you flight in the “departure” lounge. When you do eventually get on board, you are given a safety brief on what to do if the plane crashes. Of course the safety brief is very important, but if you are an anxious flyer, it could just confirm your fears instead of reassuring you that your safety is taken very seriously.

The majority of us today travel around in cars, up and down motorways etc. Your car ideally should be checked thoroughly before every journey - tyre pressures, water, oil, screen wash etc - but not everybody does it. A plane will be checked before each journey. Unless you are employed by an airline or travel a lot then the majority of us don’t travel by air every day, so when we do travel by air, it’s outside of our everyday living experience, outside of our habits and comfort zone; that can make it exciting for some or frightening for others.

Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching are very effective techniques for helping you to get over the anxiety associated with air travel. Before you visit a hypnotherapist and/or coach, it’s worth considering what scares you most about flying. For example, for many people it’s the take-off or landing; for others it’s just simply being on the plane.

Although it’s possible to get relief from just one session, it’s best to allow for two-three sessions, so it’s well worth seeking help for your anxiety well before you are going to travel; that way you can start to enjoy the lead up to the holiday like everyone else.

Another tip to help with anxiety is Bach Rescue Remedy. This can be bought from health shops and chemists, and is usually available at the chemist in the airport after you have been through security. It’s available in sprays, drops and pastilles. Because of security with liquids etc, pastilles are probably the best bet.

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