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Affects Of Redundancy In The Workplace – How Hypnotherapy helps

Are you like me, and avoid listening to the news, or are you are a keen follower of current affairs?  It seems that whatever your preference we cannot avoid hearing about the proposed  massive job cuts in the public sector outlined in the recent  budget.

It is not just the public sector that are being hit. I personally know and have worked with several people who are affected by the cloud of redundancy.  It can affect the organisation on every level.

Would you agree that the average adult in the UK spends over half their lives at work?  We are influenced by, and develop strong relationships with, work colleagues and our customers.   In the western world how we earn our living still identifies who we are, what we stand for and how successful and intelligent we are.

I believe that it is our right, that every moment of our waking day is to feel fulfilled, purposeful and to have peace of mind.  To add value and to matter to others as well as ourselves is a fundamental given.  Therefore when we are affected by stress and lack of confidence at work it affects our performance, our relationships and undermines how we feel about ourselves.

How does Hypnotherapy help?

Recently I have been working with Robert, the Managing Director of a manufacturing company, who is in the process of having to make painful and difficult decisions. To ensure the sustainability of the company he is having to release long-term loyal members of the workforce.  This is clearly a difficult time for him as he faces a series of choices that are not easy to make. I was struck by how having to weigh up the pros and cons for the short and long term benefit of the organisation takes focus, vision, self belief and confidence.

Robert felt a genuine responsibility to those people and the impact on their personal lives.  As a result he was unable to switch off and leave work behind at the end of the day and at weekends.  His drinking was increasing which impacted on the quality of his sleep and his close relationships.    A series of hypnotherapy sessions helped Robert to see more clearly and look more objectively from a longer-term business perspective.

As a result he was able to view his responsibilities to his workforce and family from a more objective view-point, helping him to take control of his drinking and managing his stress levels by getting a good quality night’s sleep.

Knock on affects to the Workforce

The knock on affects of the threat of redundancy to the workforce affects motivation and increases the stress levels of already over-stretched teams.  Sarah a client, who works in sales,  told me how everyone’s working hours are getting longer.  Staff  come in earlier and leave work later, lunch breaks have become non existent.  She said for those who know that their jobs are currently safe there is an added stress that they feel empathy, sadness and uncomfortable towards those colleagues who have been notified of their redundancies.  Due to the increased work load, all of this impacts, and the air of uncertainty and de-motivation hangs heavy for everyone.

Controlling your stress at work

As a consequence employees are suffering from more stress related symptoms such as migraines, tension, irritability, flu and colds, sleeplessness and digestive issues such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and chronic indigestion.

Sarah who has used hypnotherapy successfully in the past for weight loss wanted to control her stress at work by learning how to relax.   This in turn helped control her tension. Part of her therapy included an individual suggestion recorded onto a CD, focusing on Power up Your Workingd Day  Listening to this on a daily basis helped to prevent the feelings of overwhelm and avoided her flaring up and losing her temper with her colleagues.  Sarah was then able to switch off and relax at the end of the day.

If you have recently been made redundant or are experiencing the effects of your company going through the redundancy process, I would like to hear what coping mechanisms you have found useful

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Written by Nicola Menage - Specialising in Anxiety

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Written by Nicola Menage - Specialising in Anxiety

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