Addiction therapy

"After seeing Kathy 15 years ago to stop smoking, followed by my mum and my partner (both long-term smokers for many years) all with 100% success.

Years later I suffered the worst thing a mother can have, the sudden death of my 21 year old son. The devil on my back became alcohol. It very quickly got a grip of me and I weighed less than five stone and had months to live, did I stop? No! Then I thought of Kathy. I have no idea why as I had not seen her since the day I had my smoking therapy. Anyway, long story cut short, after one session with Kathy I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since. Even following the death of my lovely mum and 12 months later, the decision I had to make which broke my heart to put my 17 year old yorkie to sleep, the desire to drink was not there. I cant begin to thank Kathy enough, she literally saved my life. So please, if you think there's nowhere left to turn, give Kathy a call." - Janice Gill. Allerton, Liverpool.

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