Addiction - regain your authentic self

Begin to take control of your addiction and lead a fuller more authentic life.

The sign of addictive behaviour could be a sense of loss of control. This loss of control affects other aspects of your life. It stops normal social behaviour and limits your personal development. When people lose control through addiction, they also lose time to do the things which they identify themselves with. So, you may identify yourself as a caring person but an addiction to alcohol limits your ability to think for others and care for yourself. You may identify themselves as an artist, but your addiction to gambling takes up so much time that you do not have time to practice your art. 

Slowly, your authentic self slips away as the addiction takes hold and a sense of not knowing yourself can take hold. The good thing about hypno-psychotherapy and recovering from addiction is that the sense of self is reclaimed as control over the addiction increases. 

In one sense going through an addictive episode can have a negative double whammy. Firstly, it is difficult because not only is the addiction wasting resources, whether that be financial or lost time, it could affect health as in consuming drugs like alcohol. And secondly, it can cause the loss of a previous life. 

The benefits to undergoing hypno-psychotherapy is that not only will the collateral damage of addiction stop, but that sense of authentic self emerges and acts as a confirmation of success. These moments are special during the therapeutic process. The authentic self develops a mastery over the addiction and life can become rich once again.  

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