Achieve Your Dreams

Firstly, allow yourself to relax, get comfortable and make sure you have no distractions. Take a few nice easy breaths in through your mouth, allowing your stomach to move outwards, taking the air right down to the bottom of your lungs. This is called diaphragmatic breathing (do a Google search) and if you master this skill alone and practice it daily, your life will be filled with more peace and happiness than you thought possible.

Now imagine you are sitting comfortably in a magical place, surrounded by all the colours, shades and hues that allow you to feel calm and resourceful, hear some gentle music in the background and feel the comfort of your magical chair.

Imagine in this beautiful scenario that you have been granted a wish that it was now impossible for you to make any mistakes, any problems you face along the way will be met with you unconsciously becoming aware of the solutions and you will continue forward until you reach your goals and dreams.

As you allow your mind to wander, what dreams would you choose to pursue?

When you have allowed yourself to return back to full awareness, write these down immediately in as much detail as you can.

Now write them as if you have achieved them, i.e. “I am slim, healthy and fit”, “I enjoy working for myself as a…”, “I have a beautiful relationship with…”.

It’s important not to focus on achieving your goals constantly and consciously, otherwise apart from suffering burnout, you will suffer ever diminishing returns. It is like planting a seed, if you watch it every day the progress is slow, but if you plant it in the knowledge (visualising the outcome) that it will turn into a beautiful flower, you will notice the stages of development along the way until it brings what you intended. This is often referred to as “Intent and Surrender”, you fully intend your goal or outcome, visualise it, get excited about your desired outcome, commit to it happening and then surrender the thought knowing that it will be delivered to you.

Repeat this process each morning, this will help programme your goals and dreams into your unconscious mind so your resources can be organised in a way to best help you achieve these easily and effectively.

The only caveat with this is to make sure your goal is not too big or distant. It’s important to break your goals down into smaller incremental steps so your unconscious mind is able to utilise the skills and resources you have and bring into your consciousness any you need to develop along the way.

Below each one of your written goals, I would write the answer to these four important questions:

1) What pleasure will I achieve from achieving this goal?

2) What pain will I avoid from achieving this goal?

3) What MUST I do to achieve this goal?

4) What MUST I stop doing to achieve this goal?

Then I would ask myself a final question, to ensure this goal fits in with my values and beliefs.

5) Is there anything negative that could happen when I have achieved this goal, for me or those people who are important to me?

Obviously the answer to this question will tell you if you should set out on the journey towards that particular goal.

Then the most important step of all TAKE ACTION!

Remember every journey begins with a simple step. I wish you all the very best on your journey!

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