In our life time each and everyone of us will have come across situations, behaviours, our own and others that have not been as we would have liked. We then become emeshed in re-hashing, re-living and dwelling on the past. This holds us back from reaching our potential in all aspects of our lives.

We all want to live rich, full meaningful lives and come to terms with where we are in the here and now.

Living in the here and now is so important: to stop, ground ourselves and remind us that what has gone has gone. We can live by accepting what has gone before, by using active tools and techniques to change what we can and accept what we cannot. This in turn does not mean that we accept the behaviour, but we find peace within our minds to live it without it ruling our lives.

Living in the here and now is key. Life runs along at hundred miles an hour and it is so easy to lose sight of the only moment we are in, which is right now.

Acceptance and commitment therapy combined with hypnotherapy can be hugely beneficial.

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