A terrifying journey - a fear of flying!

When it comes to a fear of flying, this is no trivial story for the person or the family involved! It causes misery and mental distress, usually to the whole family.

Even though we logically know that air travel is far safer than car travel it makes no difference at all to that person. It causes havoc with people's travel plans and makes people ill to boot, sometimes even causing people to take sedatives or drink excessively/get drunk to get through the flight.

One person even had to have a holdall bag under their feet to separate them from the aircraft to feel safe for the complete flight.

The fear of flying is a phobia inside someone's mind, as a phobia is classed as an irrational fear. Generally there are various stories that are at the root of the fear, and these can and often do include:

  • The plane crashing.
  • The plane falling out the sky.
  • The person being trapped inside the plane.
  • Even how does it stay up there with all that weight and people in it?

I have heard many of these stories singularly or joined together to form a terrifying journey that hasn't even been made yet by that potential flyer.

If you are reading this then you probably want help for yourself or someone that you care about, so you or they can experience relaxation and freedom when using air travel. Please read on as this is important.

So what's the upside, if any?

The story or stories that are causing this terrifying experience can be deleted, changed or rationalised permanently so the fear does not exist anymore. Imagine not being able to feel that fear in your body! What would that freedom be like for you?

Hypnosis can be life-changing when it comes to a fear of flying, as many hypnotherapists can attest to having seen the faces of many people that no longer have a fear of flying.

It's noteworthy to also mention that the fear of flying can be comfortably removed without hypnosis if hypnosis is not your thing. Many people are wary about hypnosis, so it's important to mention this.

In many cases this fear can be removed for good in just one session, and it can also be done over Skype for the added convenience of not going to an office.

Knowing that it's possible, where would you love to go on holiday once the fear of flying is gone for good out of your life?

Thanks for reading and good luck on your future travels.

Best wishes.

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Written by Mark Pettigrew, Dip Hyp, NLP Master Practitioner. OldPain2Go Practitioner

Mark is an unconscious change coach, hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner who has helped many people to be able to fly successfully again.

He is from Paisley near Glasgow in Scotland.

He works face to face or via Skype/facetime with many of his coaching clients who live outside of his hometown area.… Read more

Written by Mark Pettigrew, Dip Hyp, NLP Master Practitioner. OldPain2Go Practitioner

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