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Weight-loss is a subject that wherever you go, you will find people talking about - whether chatting with friends and family, work colleagues, acquaintances, the woman in the corner shop etc.

There is always somebody telling you how they have been trying to lose weight, and finding it difficult. Maybe saying they need to lose weight, have to or must do, and how it’s making them frustrated that they just can’t do it… Maybe that person is you?

Well, those words – need, must or have to lose weight - are all demands, and demands cause stress, frustration or anxiety. And this is why many people fail at the first hurdle because putting those demands on ourselves doesn’t give us a good feeling.

What about thinking of losing weight in a different way - a more relaxed way - by swapping those demands for choices? Demands can give feelings of having a lack of control whereas choices, means having control. Choosing to lose weight, making a decision to lose weight, feeling excited about losing weight gives a much better feeling.

So now you’re in a better frame of mind and looking forward to losing weight, you can start doing some practical things to make your choice to lose weight easier!

Practical tip one:

Depending on who is in your household will depend on how this works – plate size. You have probably heard many times about eating from a smaller plate and this is a brilliant way of cutting your portion size down. All goes well until you make an amazingly delicious looking meal and there seems to be lots of it, and the large dinner plates surface again.

If you choose to go to a smaller plate size, ask your family if they want to too. If not, leave only the amount of larger plates for people who don’t want to participate then remove the others completely out of the house.

Out of sight, out of mind…

Put them in the garage, in the loft, completely out of sight, and you will find that in a few days your small plates become your normality. You will have developed a new habit.

Shrink your plate… shrink you!

Many people don’t want to throw away or waste any excess food because we have been told all our lives, from childhood, that wasting food is wrong. Sadly, even if we don’t eat the food, it is not going to help people less fortunate than ourselves.

Practical tip two:

Swap the goody cupboard…

Most of us have a cupboard where we keep our stash of goodies - a cupboard where we go to if we want a reward or perhaps if we have had a bad day, to make us feel better.

What we are searching here is a feeling, so by changing the use of the goody cupboard for something that gives us a good feeling – this could be anything you like – pampering products, art cupboard, hobby cupboard, so when you open that cupboard and see what’s inside, it can still give you that feeling of reward or comfort that you desire at that time…

Without the calories but still the goody cupboard because it gives you good feelings when you open it.

Practical tip three:

As well as a small plate, shrink your cutlery. Swapping your normal fork for a smaller one will help you to eat slowly because you will be putting smaller amounts of food into your mouth.

If you think of your meal as a garden and your fork is a garden rake, if you had a large rake to rake your garden it would be raked in no time. But with a small rake it will take longer to do and you will stop when you have had enough.

And that’s what will help you lose weight… Stopping eating when you have had enough!!

So by now you have made your goal of losing weight easier.

More tips for a relaxed approach to weight-loss to follow, but in the meantime you might want to read up on why hypnotherapy can help with weight-loss. 

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Written by Sandra Glover, Weight-loss, Anxiety, Phobia and Panic-attack Specialist
Cullompton EX15 & Exeter EX1

As an experienced and advanced Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, I have over 12 years experience dealing with a wide range of issues for both adults and children. I have worked extensively to help people with their weight-loss, anxiety, phobias and eliminating panic attacks - all achieving very po...

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