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A light bulb moment? Key messages that kickstart change

Although every hypnotherapy client’s issues are different, there are some key messages that can help them better understand their experiences and difficulties. They’re messages that often result in a ‘light bulb’ moment – realisations that suddenly help everything else make sense.

These messages cut across the particular issues that clients are experiencing, and really seem to help them begin the process of change. If you’ve got an issue, fear, or anxiety you’d like to overcome, these key messages may help you to look at your situation in a slightly different light, and help you on the road to finding solutions.

Much of what you feel is ‘normal’

Clients often feel that there’s something ‘wrong’ with them or that they’re not ‘normal’. However, it’s usually the case that what they’re experiencing is pretty ‘normal’, and that there’s a clear, logical reason for it (this might be patterns that they’ve established over months or years, or something more hard-wired, linked to how all humans have evolved to feel, think or behave).

It’s important to remember that there are clear consistencies in terms of the way that human beings tend to think and behave, and that even if you’re experiencing things more intensely or more frequently than most people, that doesn’t mean that there’s anything ‘abnormal’ about you. After all, normality/abnormality is a continuum rather than a binary concept, and we’re all sitting somewhere on that line.

You’re not the only one

Everyone’s experience is individual, and when we’re having a tough time it’s easy to feel that we’re the only one who’s ever felt the way we feel. An important part of understanding that your behaviour, or thought patterns, or the way you’re feeling isn’t ‘abnormal’, can be realising that many other people are experiencing, or have experienced, very similar things. Most importantly, many of them have successfully overcome their issue.

If you’ve got an issue that you’d like help with, or a change you’d like to make, ask yourself, “Is there anybody anywhere who’s experienced something similar to what I’m experiencing?”. The answer is, undoubtedly, yes. Then ask yourself if there’s anyone who’s overcome or successfully dealt with that issue.

Again, it’s likely that you’ll be able to think of specific examples, or at least understand that in a world of 7.5 billion people it’s very likely that many, many people have experienced the difficulties you’re going through, and successfully dealt with them.

This change of perspective can be pivotal in you understanding that it’s definitely possible to make positive change, whether your issue is a specific phobia, a fear, an anxiety, or a general life circumstance.

Habits and patterns explain a lot

Established patterns or habits often underlie the issues that people come to see hypnotherapists about. These might be ways of thinking, patterns of behaving, or the beliefs that are held. Realising that your issues may be related to these, or at least maintained by them, can be fundamental in moving forwards.

If this sounds like you, you’ve probably built up these established habits/patterns over a long period of time, so they’re likely to take a little undoing. Yes, it is possible to make significant progress very quickly - for instance in a single, hour-long session - but it’s likely to take a little longer to establish great, long-lasting change.

Repetition is key, and whatever we do over and over again has a massive impact on us. Appreciating the role that patterns and habits might be playing in your life can really help you along the road to addressing your issues.

There is probably a way through this…

The final, overarching, key message is that there is likely to be a route through the issue or problem you’re experiencing.

Gaining a clearer understanding of the issue you’ve been grappling with, the likely reason for it persisting, and the way that it can be addressed, can immediately lift some of the concern that you’re feeling. After that, it’s about working through the issue with some help, guidance and the right tools and techniques. Depending on the approach your hypnotherapist takes, this might include relaxation training, hypnosis, and/or some cognitive behavioural techniques to help change habits or behaviours.

Whatever the right approach is for addressing your issue, keeping in mind the key messages outlined above will hopefully contribute to you making the change you want.

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