A better you. Resolving to change.

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is upon us and the New Year beckons. The fun and festivities are in full swing and all too soon they’ll be at an end. By the time you read this, the New Year might well have been and gone, leaving us all gazing into the future once more. It’s the traditional time to start afresh, reviewing our lives and adjusting our course with all those usual New Year resolutions. It’s a time to give up smoking, eat more healthily, lose weight and join a gym.

For many this fresh start injects a new verve and vigour and people sail happily away charting a different course, exploring new activities, meeting new people, getting rid of old and unwanted habits.

For many of us however, our New Year’s resolutions fade away into best intentions and we carry on just as we were before. Sometimes even worse.

The difficulty comes when your journey into the New Year is uneasy, arriving from a life whose pressures and difficulties feel beyond your control and somehow you’ve ended up living a life that just doesn’t suit you. The traditional New Year opportunity can push you to look forward to yet more of a life that you didn’t plan and don’t enjoy. The trials and tribulations of modern living are proving too much and the way out needs more than a just simple New Year resolution.

Looking into the future can bring many benefits, but if you are already stressed or anxious, the future can be a scary place. This traditional emphasis on trying to make your future better forces you to stare full faced at your problems, magnifying them out of proportion. A time of resolutions can end up giving you yet more stress and anxiety.

Don’t worry. Help is at hand. Hypnotherapy is amazingly helpful and not just with giving up smoking, getting fitter or losing weight.

Cognitive hypnotherapy is highly effective at engaging with your unconscious mind to help you uncover the sources of your stress and anxiety. It guides you to reframe the triggers that fill you with negative emotions and teaches you practical skills to help you manage your emotions on a day-to-day basis.

In a surprisingly short time you can find that your outlook on life shifts and almost without noticing, you realise that you’ve managed to put your stress and anxiety behind you. You’ve moved on.

In many ways the best New Year resolutions aren’t the ones where you successfully change old habits.

They’re the ones where you change your life.

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