365 new chances to make change

365 new days means 365 new chances.

So, it’s the beginning of a new year and a chance to make positive changes. If there’s something you’d like to improve or change then now is the ideal time.

If you’re in a job that leaves you feeling less than fulfilled and means you wake in the morning feeling unmotivated then perhaps you can muster up the confidence to look for a new challenge. Perhaps work left you feeling burnt out and stressed and you know you need to manage your time better? Maybe delegating tasks to other people could help?

Many of the people that make New Year's resolutions break them quickly but if you set yourself realistic achievable goals and keep to them making small changes daily then you’re more likely to keep to those resolutions and achieve the goals you set.

If however the changes you’d like to make cause you stress and angst then visiting a hypnotherapist can help motivate you:

  • A hypnotherapist can help relax you and give you the positive suggestions needed for change.
  • Working with you over a predetermined time frame the therapist will tailor their program to meet your individual needs.
  • They will also ensure that you are comfortable with the progress and the contents of the program they offer.

Quite often a variety of hypnotic techniques are used from cognitive hypnosis to Eriksson. The therapist may also use a range of other therapies to construct a program, therefore, you may learn neuro-linguistic programming techniques (NLP) or your program may include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Preferably you’ll be given a recording to listen to between sessions to enhance the results and perhaps a literature pack to refer to.

It may be that you want to overcome a fear/phobia in 2019 so that you can live your life without limits a hypnotherapist can help you to do so and hypnosis is an effective gentle way to overcome things that cause you anxiety.

We aren’t born with fears or phobias. With hypnotherapy, they can be removed and you’ll find yourself able to do things that have caused you stress and upset. Furthermore, each time you overcome something you’ll have a huge sense of power and satisfaction.

Overcoming a fear or phobia can be life-changing and open up the world to you. There’s no embarrassment in admitting something is fearful to you.

Whatever changes you commit to try and stick to them as it will fulfil you and make you feel good about yourself. Ask a family member or your partner to help you stick to your goals by motivating you, keep a diary and log your goals and achievements as you reach them. It will give you a reference point to go back to if there are days when you lose motivation.

Sometimes it’s good to set goals with friends you can then motivate each other and work towards the goals together. Perhaps reward yourself along the way.

A new year brings 365 days and 365 new chances for change!

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Written by Mary Burgess Dip(HE) DCHP MSBST Multi Award Winning Clinical Hypnotherapist

Mary offers a modern friendly approach to therapy, always expanding her business to include more specialised treatment programmes for specific disorders. Constantly completing new training. One of the UK's leading therapists having been in practice over 20 years. Always use a therapist with recognised qualifications. Fully confidential service.… Read more

Written by Mary Burgess Dip(HE) DCHP MSBST Multi Award Winning Clinical Hypnotherapist

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