10 simple hacks to combat anxiety

Anxiety is so common in today’s world. You may experience it in small doses, perhaps there are certain things that trigger it, or you may be debilitated by it daily.


Wherever you feel like you are on the spectrum, you are not alone, and when the anxiety bubbles, it’s so easy to forget this!

There are many things that you can start doing that will help the symptoms. It’s the small things we do that lead to the big things.

What is anxiety?

Let’s simplify what anxiety is: a lack of being in the present moment. When you are in the present moment, connected with what you are doing, it’s difficult to think about the past or the future. 

So, to connect you to the present moment and reduce anxiety, follow these tips:

1. Feel to heal

Rather than ignoring the symptoms, feel them, get comfortable with feeling discomfort. 

2. Body scan

Close your eyes and scan the body, from head to toes. Focus your attention on the sensations as you move through. Locate areas of tension or tightness and just let go.

3. Focus on your breath

The breath is the bridge between mind and body, awareness of breath gives your mind something to focus on. 

4. Lengthen the exhalation

Inhale for a count of four, exhale for a count of six. The exhale is linked to your parasympathetic nervous system, which is what influences the body’s ability to be calm and relaxed. 

5. Ragdoll pose

This relaxing forward fold will soften tension through the body. Visualise every worry and stress falling out of your head and onto the floor beneath you. 

6. Mini meditations throughout the day

Whenever you get a little break, YouTube a free meditation rather than watching TV or going on your phone.

7. Turn your phone on airplane mode

If you’re someone that aimlessly scrolls, or uses every break to text friends, turn your phone on airplane mode. The smallest thing can trigger you on your phone that could impact the rest of your day. Avoid this by switching off! 

8. Affirmations: "I am calm", "I am relaxed", "I am in the present moment"

Affirmations are positive, powerful, in the present moment. It’s not, when I’ve done that presentation, then I will feel relaxed. It’s right now. Affirmations are a great way to replace unhealthy, negative thoughts. Choose one and say it over and over. 

9. It’s not ‘my anxiety’ it’s the anxiety

Be careful with how you label the anxiety, don’t call it yours because then it belongs to you and is more difficult to get rid of. It’s just the anxiety. 

10. The anxiety is part of you it is not the whole you

The anxiety is just a tiny, small part of you, you are so much more than it - stronger, more powerful and knowing this will help you overcome it.

Start small and implement one or two of these today. See how it makes you feel, then build from that good feeling. Most importantly, be patient and kind to yourself.

With love, Grace x

P.S. Here is a little meditation for you to enjoy in your own time.

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Written by Grace McGeehan, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Hypnotherapy
Kingston upon Thames KT2 & London SW16

Grace is a hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist from The Marisa Peer School - a method predominantly based on hypnosis with elements of CBT. She also teaches yoga and meditation.

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