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Specialist in Autoimmune Disease and Depression

About me

Hello, I’m Yamari and I am a Clinical RTT (Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist), and hold a certificate in Personal Performance Coaching.

I help people to overcome anxiety and depression without medication so they can find freedom, feel confident, and live a fulfilled life (within 4 weeks or less).

My Speciality

I work with clients who suffer from anxiety,  and depression. The results that I have achieved for my clients have been extraordinary. (See Testimonials)

Expected Outcome:

* Get rid of anxiety, and depression and you can get control over your emotions, reactions (fast and permanent results).

* Release self-doubt, fears, chaos, and overwhelm of being judged, not feeling enough.

* Unlock that sense of self-worth, feel enough, confident, and more motivated as you will overcome limited belief, old behavior, or phobias.

* No more Panic Attacks, Apnoea, Panic Attacks, and gritting teeth. Your breathing will improve.

* Regular bodily function will return -No more pain or sort of by-product symptoms such as IBS, Gastritis, Irritable Colon, Reflux, Fibromyalgia, and more.

* Hair loss alleviated.

* Boots your metabolism – Hormone Balance – feel more energetic and happy.

* Feel more relax and enhance your sleeping patterns (Insomnia will disappear) and no more migraines.

* More control in your life (you will be the role model for your family)

* Find yourself free again and in tune with your inner being, more in control of your life.

Outline of Service: The length of the program vary depends on the case. Some cases might need 2 or even 3 sessions. Normally one session is more than enough to heal for good.

Book a Free Strategic Call https://calendly.com/yamari-ovalles/discovery-call

There are 28, 60, and 90 Days Transformational Program.

If you need more information related to any program do not hesitate to contact me.

I have also had remarkable results with:

Lack of Confidence, Low Self Esteem, and Fears.
Panic Attacks and IBS                                                                                    Sleeping Disorder                                                                                                Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)                                                                Fears & phobias.                                                                                          Alcoholism                                                                                                    Diabetes
Graves disease and Skin problems.

If you change the belief and you fix the problem, you can unlock Powerful Transformation.

All sessions are totally confidential, whether it is personal or business information.

For more information please visit my website www.yamariovalles.com

Training, qualifications & experience

I hold the following qualifications:

Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT)
Clinic Hypnotherapy Diploma (CHD)
Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis (DipCAH)
Diploma in Personal Performance Coach

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Information about health conditions (*)

Hypnotherapy can enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Grave Disease

Skin Problems

Money Block


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From £300.00 to £1,200.00
Free initial telephone or online session

Health Insurance/EAP

  • Health Assured

Additional information

28 days Program Package

  • A powerful assessment to map out your dream life.
  • An amazing 3-hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Session
  • A Personalised Success Recording to upgrade your old beliefs and unlock your full potential.
  • A relaxation recording to prime you for greater success, reduce stress or anxiety and balance your sleep.
  • 2 x phenomenal coaching sessions with specific strategies that you can implement immediately.

60 days package ( Depending on the issue)

Some clients may need more than one RTT session on a particular issue. Depending on how deep it is, it can take up to 3. Discounts are available for multiple bookings.

When I work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Monday – Friday         7 am – 8 pm

Saturday                       8 am -6 pm

Sunday (on request)

Further information


I was referred to Yamari by my wife who knew her. I was not sleeping, drinking heavily and I was in a suicidal state.  I am bi-polar and I have been suffering from depressions all my life. I was stuck in negative thoughts. I am so glad that I took the 90 days program, it really changes my life.  I feel alive again, my sleeping patterns have improved and I found sense of purpose. - M-

’ When I sought help from Yamari, I was suffering from anxiety and sadness. I decided to work with Yamari because I hear about hypnotherapy and when I spoke the first time to Yamari she seems to know what to do. I’m so glad I did because with the therapy I have gained a different level of confidence, I am not afraid to speak up when another person might say something that I do not like, and definitely, I am not pleasing others. My self-esteem is improving every day, and I am glad that Yamari has worked with me. I thought I meant to live with that condition for the rest of my life. Now I know it can change and I am a faithful witness‘’. Thanks, Yamari, for helping me. - Suzanne -

‘I’d been suffering on and off from insomnia for several years. My anxiety levels were uncontrollable because of work overload. I was so desperate that I sought help from hypnotherapy I’d not slept for more than 2 or 3 hours per night I can have unexpected panic attacks. My personal and professional life was crazy and I was at the edge. A friend told me about some success stories where people with anxiety disorders were cured by hypnotherapy and decided to do it. After two sessions my whole world changed! I can’t believe it – such a relaxing therapy is so powerful! - Zoe

''It’s now 3 weeks ago since you did the RTT-session on me. And I am super happy with it. Your voice is so clear and powerful and guided me easily through the session. I really enjoyed the session. You made me feel very comfortable and safe. You quickly helped me find my issues regarding anxiety and helped me solve them. I sometimes used to procrastinate to not have to start a task. And the procrastination would bring me a little anxiety. And since our RTT-meeting I don’t have that anymore.  After only 3 weeks, I feel fantastic. I love the recording you made for me, and every day I made time to listen to it, and sometimes I listen to it twice.   I have learned how to keep the focus on myself, and feel great about doing that. And now, I feel very strong: “I have moved forward!” and "My past does not define my future.” and also “I listen to my inner voice”. Thank YOU so much for reminding me I can (should) keep the focus on myself. It’s so much easier for me to tell others, then saying that to myself.
I feel successful and determined. And am smiling all day. Thank You again so very much, - Annette L, Columbus Ohio

‘’ Dear Yamari. Thank you so much for the great session you did with me about my issue (self-confidence and decision-making). You really gave me incredible deep insights into myself, my belief-system, and especially into the root cause of my issue! I feel much more empowered and self-confident now and I feel, too, that I am free now to be the person I always wanted to be and to do whatever I want to do! ‘’     I highly recommend you as a therapist! - Britta Beer

‘’Yamari has coached me through regaining more energy in my life and gaining a confident "can do " attitude in my life. The first session that I had with Yamari was to find out how I was feeling at the time. I wasn't sleeping very well and this impacted on me. I felt sluggish throughout the day and irritable at times. I was finding it difficult to finish tasks, particularly on computer and was beginning to feel overwhelmed and "out of sorts". Yamari used her hypnosis techniques and sent me a tape to listen to before I went to sleep at night. The first night, I listened carefully, thereafter I began to fall asleep much quicker. I realized I wasn't getting up at night and was getting a good night's sleep! I'm focused and getting on with tasks now. I can finish the tasks I begin. I feel collected and in control. The time and session have been very effective and quick! I would recommend Yamari. She was friendly and welcoming and made me feel at ease throughout the sessions. I've got great results! Thank you Yamari! - Krystyna Trybula -

Talking with Yamari helped to raise my awareness about wanting to focus my hypnotherapy session about finding a life partner.

I have never had this type of therapy or hypnosis before and I felt nervous at first but Yamari soon helped to make me feel relaxed. She was so warm and welcoming, which helped to put me at ease and feel comfortable with opening up during my session.

The session was such amazing value on so many levels and I really enjoyed the immediate feeling of release and realization that I felt during and after the session.

I realised and found out during the regression that I had some deep-rooted self-limiting beliefs from my childhood, and I managed to understand and release these beliefs, which has helped to change my perception with regards to being worthy of sustaining and maintaining a lifelong relationship.

If you are interested in finding a coach who specializes in RTT or hypnotherapy then I would definitely recommend Yamari.
- Lorren -

I have worked RTT with Yamari on money blocks and deserving money. I was feeling that I have to be very successful to deserve money. She helped me to find out why and how I made these beliefs and to transform them.

Realizing the limiting beliefs and how I made them was very surprising. I couldn't be aware of them normally. Yamari's questions and guidance was so powerful.
It was an amazing session, I have felt empowered and worthy after the session. Yamari is a great therapist, she made me feel safe and secure and supported with her knowledge, wisdom, therapist skills.

Now I feel freedom because limiting beliefs have gone. I feel worthy and aware of my skills, knowledge. I feel enough and successful. I don't need to work more and more to be able to deserve money. I know that I am already enough and money doesn't have anything with deserving.

Thank you very much Yamari!

- Ayse L -

Ground Floor Flat, 85 Pepys Road, London, SE14 5SE

Type of session

In person

Additional languages

English and Spanish


Yamari Ovalles De Leszczynski

Yamari Ovalles De Leszczynski