Wendy Hughes MHS, Dip.Hyp (Paediatric)

Wendy Hughes MHS, Dip.Hyp (Paediatric)

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9 Odhams Walk
Covent Garden

Banbury Therapy Centre
69 Oxford Road
OX16 9AJ

07581 260507

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9 Odhams Walk
Covent Garden

Banbury Therapy Centre
69 Oxford Road
OX16 9AJ

07581 260507

About me

Hello, and thank you for taking a look at my profile.

I have always believed that the body, mind and spirit worked in harmony.If we think about it for a moment, when we are born our bodies and minds know exactly what they need to do to work, we are not born feeling negatively about ourselves in any way. We are amazing, our human needs are being met, everything is working as it should, we are happy, confident, awesome individuals, who believe everyone loves us and we love everyone. Then something is triggered to make us realise we no longer feel this way. Hypnosis is a safe, tried and tested therapy which can bring about the positive changes we are looking for.

I see myself as a facilitator, I believe all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. There is nothing magical about hypnosis, it is not a process by which you see me and I wave my magic wand and you are cured. I am able to take down the firewall, if you like, between your conscious thoughts, things that are going on right now that you are thinking about or aware of as you read this, and your unconscious mind. I work with a wide range of issues, and I also specialise in certain areas having taken additional training in them, you will find more info on these in my Other Areas.

I include other tools within the sessions, including Faster EFT, Spinning, NLP and Self- Hypnosis.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile, you have made such a positive step forward in considering Hypnotherapy. I really do understand how difficult it can be to reach out to someone for help, I offer a confidential, non judgemental and safe place for you to take further steps to make life changes. I look forward to hearing from you so you can see how together we can make the changes you are looking for.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Chrysalis Cert Hyp CS
  • Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy (Toronto) - 15 month course
  • HypnoBirthing - Louise Baker, Marlow Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced HypnoBirthing - Louise Baker, Marlow Hypnotherapy
  • Hypno-Gastric Band - Lorraine Gleeson, Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnoslimmer Consultant
  • Diploma in Paediatric Hypnotherapy - The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Blowaway Technique for Children - from creator Neil French
  • Rapid Inductions - Joanna Cameron, The Trance Lady, Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy
  • Mindscaping - from creator Dr. Mike Mandel
  • Training Workshop on Adolescent Self-Harm - Selfharm.co.uk
  • Assessment of Core Knowledge and Practice Skills Certificate, National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) - This qualification is needed by all who work with smoking cessation in the National Health Service / NHS.
  • Hypnotension Practitioner
  • Community and Civil Mediator
  • Currently working as a Samaritan
  • Ongoing course in Fertility

As a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register I abide by their rules and code of ethics. I have supervision from Louise Baker, Marlow Hypnotherapy.

Enhanced DBS ( was CRB ) allowing both parents and carers to feel confident, knowing that I have been passed to work with those under 18.

Samaritans trained member of Regional Schools and Higher/ Further Education team. I go in to let pupils / students know about us, what we do as listeners, who we can signpost to. Basically, if a child is having a problem the people they can turn to, including family, friends, teachers and others.

Member organisations

Hypnotherapy Society

Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

- Self Harm
- Fertility
- Paediatric - Children and Teenagers aged 5-16 (An extensive list)
- Hypertension / High blood pressure
- Unwanted habits ~ nail biting, thumb sucking, hair pulling, bed wetting, etc
- Post Natal Mental Health Care for both Mums and / or Dads / and Siblings
- Mindscaping

Children. I've worked with children nearly all my life, firstly in Child Psychology, though finished a lifetime ago, then teaching both here and in Asia. Our children are our future and we invest so much of ourselves in them. Sometimes we need to stand back and take a hard look and see that they need help that we ourselves, alone can not give them. I understand how slow moving and frustrating it can be, waiting for help through the National Health Service. If you have concerns for your child or teenager and are unsure of which way to turn, please call me and share your thoughts and feelings and make an appointment. Every child is seen with a parent or primary carer. Please be aware that if I feel the young person should be referred on to a Medical or Psychological Specialist then I will tell you, however there are many things that I can help with, ranging from unwanted habits and exam nerves to self- harming in different ways. I truly believe that Hypnotherapy is a way of achieving that help. Please don't wait or put things off, the sooner you contact me, the better, the longer you leave things the longer your child will live with what they are experiencing.

Fertility. I work with all areas of Fertility, including male infertility and loss. I can help you with so many things, including building appointments around IVF treatments. I offer sessions via Skype for Fertility as well as face to face. This is because I want it to be as useful and helpful as possible to you. If you have never considered hypnotherapy for Fertility please call me, we can talk about it and see if its right for you. Hypnotherapy has been shown to help both men and women and there are a number of studies that support this.

Smoking. You may be wondering about Quitting Smoking - I was a very heavy smoker myself buying 3 packs a day, at today's prices about £25 a day. After three sessions with a hypnotherapist, I became a non smoker and I am now qualified in the same way as people who work with smoking in the NHS, so I know all about the different methods that are used. When you reach the point that you no longer want to smoke, that's you and not your other half, kids, boss, doctor... then call me so we can work together in one session - not three.

Pain management and relief is another area that Hypnotherapy excells in, I love helping people with pain management and relief, as having control over your pain can be so empowering, I love being able to show people how they can achieve this.

IBS. You may have been diagnosed with IBS, struggled with it for years, but if you think about it, you were not born with IBS, it started much later on, maybe in your teens or 20s. Is IBS all about the food ? Probably not, at least in my case it wasn't. What if you have tried everything over the years and nothing has really helped ? Hypnotherapy is often the last thing we consider, after we have tried everything else, but it really can help, with IBS and so many other physical and mental debilitating issues.

Hypnobirthing. I think my love for children led me down the path of being trained in Hypnobirthing, to be able to help a woman " enjoy giving birth in a calm, comfortable, confident way " Is such a privilege. Many mums to be have fears, misgivings, and to be able to help her overcome them is terrific. I do 6 sessions, one being with her birthing partner , its a 2 way street and the birthing partner can help her with her weekly preparation homework and also when in labour. Yes, there is homework, and there are MP3s or CDs to listen to. The emphasis is on being calm, comfortable and confident. I am not a midwife and mums to be must listen to and act upon the directions of their medical support. Its also very important for the birthing team to be aware that mum to be is using hypnotherapy techniques for the birthing. If Kate Middleton has used it twice now, then I think its safe to say give it a try. You will also receive my support until baby is born.

Post Natal Depression. Most people think of post natal depression as being something that happens only to mums, but did you know that 1 in 4 new dads and partners also suffer from stress, anxiety and depression ? Also, siblings can suffer from all sorts of emotions which may result in both negative behaviour and feelings, especially when they are unable to understand what is happening within the family . If you are a new parent , or have even been a parent for some time and feel you may need some help, then call me. A 30 minute phone consultation is free.

Mindscaping. An innovative stand alone tool which can be used alongside Hypnotherapy, NLP, TimeLine and EFT, to create huge shifts in peoples lives. It can be content free, meaning you don't need to tell me what it is you want to change. I myself have undergone a Mindscaping session, via Skype, it caused me to make 2 huge shifts in my life, with things that I had not fully taken onboard until I brought them up in the session.

High blood pressure. Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Hypnotherapy is used as part of an innovative and effective help for most cases of hypertension, where there is no underlying medical condition that has caused it. Over 90% of those diagnosed with hypertension don't know why they have it. Together we can explore the X Factors which are contributing to your condition. An average course of 4 to 12 weeks will help you to reduce your X Factors and lower your blood pressure. There is a commitment between sessions for you to complete a weekly assignment and each week your blood pressure will be read at the beginning and end of each session. I am not a medical doctor, please do not stop taking any prescribed medications, the onus is on you to see your GP or Specialist who will assess your condition and change or reduce your medication based on their medical expertise and findings. To find out more about reducing your high blood pressure, please call me.


  • Free Initial telephone consultation. Skype sessions available.
  • Your first session fee in Covent Garden is £180 please allow up to 1.5 hours. Banbury is £90.
  • Any further sessions in Covent Garden will be £120 please allow up to 1 hour (if needed). Banbury is £60.

  • Quit Smoking £350 please allow up to 2 hours.

  • Hypnobirthing please ask - course of 6 sessions

  • Hypnoslimmer Courses -  Gold   £450
                                              Silver   £350
                                              Bronze £275
  • Children and Young People - £60 - £90 depending on age. Between 1 - 1.5 hours session, please call me to have a chat about how, together, we can help your child.
  • Mindscaping £90, please allow up to 1.5 hours. This is a combination of techniques including hypnotherapy, NLP, and timeline therapy, and will help you to realise what is stopping you moving forward.
  • Pure Relaxation £45 - please allow 45 minutes per session.

Please note all fees are payable in advance, paypal accepted . 24 hours notice is necessary when cancelling a session otherwise fee or partial fee will be charged, this is because I have a waiting list and would be able to see another client if sufficient time given. Courses of sessions, ie Weight loss and Hypnobirthing are booked at the first session and may be paid for weekly in advance.

Further information

My Covent Garden service takes place at my home. Easily accessible, almost opposite Covent Garden Underground Station.

The Banbury Therapy Centre has parking available and is a few minutes walk from both bus and train stations.

I will also home visit, this can be especially helpful for people who are in severe pain or have conditions which mean they are unable, at this time, to leave home. An additional fee of £10 is charged.

I am not a qualified medical doctor and do not hand out cures. You must stay on the medication you are on, if any. There may be times when I need to consult your doctor or consultant, before therapy takes place. .

Covent Garden, WC2H 9SA
Banbury, OX16 9AJ

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Monday to Friday 9am - 9pm. Saturday 9am - 1pm Weekends by arrangement, for Skype calls.

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