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St Austell Small Business Centre
19 Duke Street
St. Austell
PL25 5PQ

01726 69703 / 07740 190261

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St Austell Small Business Centre
19 Duke Street
St. Austell
PL25 5PQ

01726 69703 / 07740 190261

About me

Based in Duke Street St Austell, Trevor is one of Cornwall's most trusted therapists with a solid reputation for results for his clientele base.Trevor is a Senior Hypnotherapist Practitioner and Supervisor as well as an Advanced Psychotherapist practitioner working with BWRT. Trevor also works in the area of Relationship and Bereavement Counselling and is a fully qualified WSN counselor for success mentoring. 
Free no obligation Consultation of up to thirty minutes. 

Hello and a very warm welcome.
As a Mind & Body Success Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist I am very committed to helping clients with the diverse range of clinical presenting issues that they come to see me for help with. If you should happen to choose me I very much look forward to being able to help you as I have done for my other clients who have successfully experienced the benefits of the unique therapies that I work with .

Why choosing Hypnotherapy is a good idea to help you.
First of all I would just like to start off by saying that I am very passionate about what I do, seeing the smiles of relief on my clients who find the benefits and positive change that hypnotherapy has made for them.  Hypnotherapy has helped many of my clients in very empowering ways as it has done for millions of people the world over struggling with difficult personal change and challenges. 
I see all sorts of clients with a very wide range of problems and challenges and occasionally some of the clients I have helped happen to present with very difficult emotional and traumatic experiences. For those clients the therapies I work with have opened the doorway to healing and transformation enabling them to get on with their lives and simply feel better. It is a very good feeling to know that my skills and abilities have helped transformed how those clients felt when they first came to see me.

How I came to be a Hypnotherapist.
I first became involved with hypnotherapy in 2004 when I was seeking to take control of certain personal things in my life relating to how I felt about myself. When I first started working with hypnotherapy I was suffering from chronic neck pain. I had also suffered a loss of confidence from various issues in the work place in the company I had worked with for over a decade. That loss of confidence had spilled over into several other areas of my life. Discovering just how powerful a positive therapy tool for change Hypnotherapy was for me life changing.

Initially I started working with self hypnosis to help manage chronic pain as a result of a car accident I had in 2003 where I was involved in a collision in a narrow country lane with a speeding driver who it turned out was very near the drink limit. My car was a write off and the accident left me with long term severe chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. I was in so much pain I was often over medicating on paracetamol and Ibuprofen in an effort to stem the pain so that I could try to sleep well.

By chance I discovered an article in the press by Paul mcKenna which talked about hypnosis for clinical applications. I used to watch his TV shows occasionally and found them highly entertaining and like so many others who watched the show, I saw people working under hypnosis with the power of suggestion doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do. I could see from this that an altered state of mind was indeed making this possible, so I decided to buy a book on self hypnosis and learn a little and try it for myself. I did and it worked although it was cleat to me that there was much more to the subject that a self help book could teach. I was then galvanised to go and see a hypnotherapist to work on my confidence issues and that really worked too enabling me in a way I hadn't previously thought possible.
From learning a little I discovered that I wanted to learn a lot and possibly become  a therapist because of the huge difference Hypnotherapy had made for me!

In 2004 I enrolled on a course with one of the UK's leading hypnotherapy schools Chrysalis  and the rest is history. I was at a watershed in my career because of the car accident.
My life long career in the specialist Hi End Hi-Fi industry required me to lift a lot of heavy and delicate equipment which simply exacerbated my pain problem and although the early and limited self hypnosis skills I had learned were very effective for several hours short term pain relief with the knowledge I had acquired back then it wasn't permanent and not very practical for use in the work space during the working day. It needed around ten or fifteen minutes of self focus to work.

I knew hypnosis worked and had made really positive change for me and I got very excited because I knew I could transfer all of my skills in to a new career into helping other people feel better and that really fired me up and still does today! I love what I do, being able to help others stuck with their own issues is very fulfilling on a personal level and I can most likely be of help to you too. 

How I help my clients.
My clients consult me on a very wide range of issues from the minor irritations of life to some of the most challenging of difficult personal and performance issues. The therapies that I use with the clients who come to me for help are very powerful recognised transformative therapy resources with proven track records, so whatever you are looking for help with, one of the therapy resources I work with, it is highly likely that it could work for you too. Each therapy treatment is tailored and designed to your personal needs so you get the best therapy and is assessed at regular intervals to ensure  that everything is on track for results.

Some of the therapy techniques I use
Before commencing any therapy work I take a full case history and run two essential personality tests because these tests give me a unique focused insight into how my clients think and how they may process experiences and information.This helps give a more targeted approach significantly increasing the chances of success.

In my practice I work with the following.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy.
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.
Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.
Suggestion Therapy.
Regression to cause.
WSN Counselling

Many of my clients come to see me as a result of referrals from satisfied clients who have benefitted from the way that I helped them create those changes. My testimonials bear out that I am good at what I do and I work in a professional and discreet way.
Your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed. I am highly commited and dedicated to help you get the results you want. You are the most important person when I am helping you to create those changes you want to make.

I offer one to one  therapy appointments at my clinic and at practice locations in Bodmin and Truro. I also offer home visit appointments where suitable and I am also able to offer appointments by Skype and Zoom Video link which is a very effective and convenient way of working for many clients.

Free initial telephone consultation (Up to 30 minutes )
A free phone consultation helps you to find out about how I can help you and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about hypnosis and explore just how hypnotherapy can help you. A free consultation is also very helpful to find out if you feel comfortable working with me as your therapist.
You can call me on 01726 69703 or 07740190261

Once you feel confident enough that hypnotherapy can work and that I am the right therapist for you, the next step is to choose and book a full fact finding consultation with me so that I can expand discussion further and gather valuable information to tailor your personal treatment sessions. Your first session includes a cd or mp3 of a guided relaxation hypnosis primer,value £35.00 completely free of charge.

I often receive very good feedback from clients who I have helped over the years and many of my clients leave very positive testimonials which are on my website.
There is also a small selection  which you may like to read in the 'Any Further Information section' below.

My professional qualifications
I im a fully qualified, professional full time therapist and a licensed practitioner, working with Hypnotherapy, Brain Working Recursive Therapy ®, EFT & NLP. I have over fourteen years experience in working in the field of Cognitive Mind Based Therapies. I am a senior practitioner member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and registrant of the Complementary and National Healthcare Council, I am also a founder member of the British Brainworking Research Society and a member of the Institute of Brainworking Recursive Therapy.
I undertake regular continued professional development and supervision and I am also a GHR recognised Clinical Supervisor for hypnotherapists.For more information, please refer to my training and qualifications below.
I am  also covered by full liability insurance

Why people come to see me
People who come to see me do so because I have a solid reputation for helping people to get what they want, whether it's getting over a fear of flying, managing pain, quitting smoking or any of the other areas I in I can help you.
You will find me very friendly, easy to talk to, working in a highly empathic way, I work in the most positive way to help you achieve what you are consulting him for. Where there may be underlying issues that I consider may be a part of the problem I will make you aware of them and if you wish to discuss them further and work with them I am happy to help you.

My areas of specialisms
The following are key areas that I have a special interest in and where I have built up a good reputation for success which clients regularly consult me on. For other areas I work with please see the section 'Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with' further down the page

  • Anxiety,Panic attacks,Anger and Stress
  • BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® Level 1 & 2 advanced practitioner
  • Bereavement
  • Fears and phobias, particularly Fear of Flying
  • Gastric Band hypnotherapy and general weight management
  • Pain management
  • Past life regression
  • Quit smoking. [I use the easy quit smoking hypnosis method which is the only quit smoking programme to receive recognition for clinical excellence from the Hypnotherapy Society ]
  • Relationship mediation
  • Success coaching for personal and business
  • Work life balance coaching
  • Working with Children and adolescents

A little about my information on the Hypnotherapy Directory.
Many people who are considering hypnotherapy,perhaps even for the first time will no doubt have questions, perhaps even a few reservations that they will want to know the answers to and so considering that placing your trust into a therapist's hands will in all probability be a fairly big consideration for you and a big step forward, I am certain that you will wish to find sufficiently clear easily understood information ahead of whatever decision you make.

With this in mind, I have provided a comprehensive amount of information to give an idea of what Hypnotherapy can help with along with video content, testimonials and information about sessions and fees here  and also on my website.

However, I believe that the best way to find out if hypnotherapy is for you is a phone call.
I am always happy to talk and you can reach me on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261.

My website can be visited at

Established in  St Austell,Cornwall since 2011.
My Therapy Clinic opened in St Austell,Cornwall in 2011 but overall I have been working with hypnotherapy since 2004. Since opening the doors of my therapy practice it has grown steadily in popularity with many of my clients coming to him from referrals from friends.

Since receiving my qualification in Hypnotherapy in 2006 I have successfully helped individuals from many backgrounds and walks of life with a wide variety of life challenges from difficult personal issues such as Insomnia, Anxiety, Panic, Bereavement, Stress and Anger Management issues, Depression, Fears and Phobias, Weight loss and  helping people to Quit Smoking.

I have also empowered people to improve their Self Confidence to assist in areas such as interviews, public speaking and overcoming shyness with social engagement.

Additionally I have helped clients find performance improvement through developing their potential, through success coaching.This is typically in areas such as sports improvements where clients may well wish to relax and focus more and improve their game.
It is a fact that Golfers use hypnosis to develop their skill and improve their handicap.
Hypnotherapy can also help to overcome issues such as a condition known as 'Yips' that sometimes affects sportsmen and women. Success coaching is also very effective in the world of commerce and business.

Since qualifying and establishing my therapy practice it is not only many individuals I have has helped, I also offer my therapy and coaching services to businesses to improve their efficiency and performance.

How clients can access my Therapy Service.

At my practice clinic in St Austell
I am based at The Small Business Centre in Duke street, St Austell.
Alternatively appointments can be arranged at clinics in Bodmin and Truro.

Home visits
Home visits are available across Devon and Cornwall for people who prefer therapy in the privacy and comfort of their own homes, and for clients and business who are unable to travel.*Please enquire as over a five mile radius of St Austell a call out surcharge applies.

Skype and Zoom video link Sessions
I have worked successfully for several years with people via Skype and Zoom, both nationally and internationally. The video platform of Skype and Zoom is a service I use more and more these days for the convenience it offers to clients. If you wish to find out more please contact me for further information.

Clients with disabilities
For clients with disabilities who are unable to travel to my therapy locations I am able to travel to you

My personal outlook on the human mind and Hypnotherapy.
I personally hold a fundamental belief that everything starts in the mind and our minds can either be our greatest enemy or our best asset. Our personal beliefs and the things we tell ourselves and how we react to situations determines our personal outcomes in our lives.
I also hold a view about physical pain, one borne of personal experience and that is  whenever something happens to us that causes pain we tend to hold onto those original emotional messages of pain that over time may no longer be relative at all.
Those old messages can cause frequent and long term pain. Negotiating with the subconscious mind people can be helped to manage and release pain leaving them feeling much more at ease.
Hypnotherapy can be a great transformative therapeutic tool to help people feel better and improve their lives. I help people to be the best they can be through the therapeutic resources I work with.

Training, qualifications & experience

My Qualifications & Experience:

  • Diploma Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2006. Senior Practitioner and Supervisor
  • EFT & NLP Practitioner since 2006
  • BWRT ®, Level 1 since 2014
  • ASIST :Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 2015
  • BWRT ®  Level 2 advanced practitioner since 2017
  • Relationship repair practitioners course 2016
  • M.A.G.I.C! Personal development and success coaching practitioners course 2016
  • Broad Band For The Brain Practitioners Course. Essex Institute 2017
  • Warriors Settlers and Nomads Self development coaching practitioner since 2006 and 2017
  • S.T.E.P.S Pain management and Dreamscaping content free therapy practitioner 2018
  • Anger management advanced practitioner 2018
  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council validated practitioner
  • Experience working in both the private and public sector
  • Full professional liability insurance

I am a member of the following organisations:

  • General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) Senior Practitioner.
  • Central Register of Stop Smoking therapy
  • Member of the institute of Brain Working Recursive Therapy
  • Member of The British Brain Working Research Society

I am also an Acknowledged Supervisor for the General Hypnotherapy Register:2017

And a registrant of:

  • Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)



Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

  • Bereavement. Bereavement is one of the most intense personal experiences that one can experience. The grieving process is absolutely essential. Some people find it very hard to grieve which can cause many difficulties with trapped emotional trauma whilst others find it very hard to move past the grieving process blighting their lives in many ways. The therapies I work with are very gentle and supportive and can help people heal and as a consequence get back to living their lives to find fulfillment  in life and acceptance of their loss of a loved one.

  • Chronic Pain.
  • Chronic Fatigue.
  • General pain management. My journey into the world of Hypnotherapy started with a car accident in 2004 and chronic pain.This is an area that I have had considerable experience and success with since 2004. In February 2018 I successfully completed Martin Rothery's Future House Therapy Centres 'STEPS ' Rapid pain elimination practitioner training.

  • Past life Regression Work.
    I havetwo sides to my personality. There is the clinical logical analytical side and a deeply spiritual side. Since my teenage years I have always been interested in Spiritual matters and in particular reincarnation.

    There are number of renowned American psychologists and therapists who have written extensively about past life hypnotherapy regression work they have used in therapy and how that they have found clients of theirs  finding life changing resolutions to inner conflict through exploring the idea of past life therapy.
    Dr Brian Wiess is one of the most influential teachers whose work has both interested and inspired me.

    Although the whole notion of past lives is scientifically not possible to prove, there has been much anecdotal evidence to heavily support the idea of past lives and as an aviation enthusiast with a serious interest in the second world war, the book Soul Survivor about the experience of three year old James Leninger is for me personally one of the most convincing books on past lives that I have ever read. Clients of mine who have stepped onto the experience of past life regression have found a deeper understanding of who they are and why they do what they do and they have often found their own solutions to the questions and challenges life has given to them. A typical past live session lasts around three hours. 
  • Quit Smoking. As a former smoker of many years who quit smoking in 1999 I have a special interest and passion in helping people to quit smoking. I have worked with numerous clients successfully helping them to quit smoking.

  • Relationship Mediation. Relationships can be very difficult and when everything goes wrong and communication breaks down this is when relationships can start on the downward spiral to ending. Some people find the ending of relationships very hard to come to terms with whilst some people in difficult relationships find it difficult to walk away whilst other couples lose trust and find forgiveness very hard and other couples just get angry and rail against each other and others just stop communicating. As someone who has experienced the painful effects of relationship breakdown and the fallout and impact on the family unit I believe that it is possible to heal and move forward to enjoy life once again.
    The therapies that I work with have not only helped me move forward with my life but also my clients too. Part of my training has been in the field of relationship repairs helping clients to understand one another better and find resolution whether it is reconciliation or parting of the ways.
  • Wedding Day Nerves. This is an area that also I work with. Without doubt there are bound to be many worries about that big day. Worries about getting to the church or registry office on time and worries about if everything is in place and organised. Worries about what happens if the nervous Bride or Groom stutters or worries that perhaps they dont feel as if the look the best.
    Why let these issues get in the way of probably one of the most important days in your life? You dont have to. I will work with you to create a feeling of calm confidence on the all important wedding day.   

  • I am also a Gastric Band hypnotherapy Practitioner.

  • I also offer workshops in various venues across the county for success coaching, weight management and quit smoking workshops for groups of five or more individuals.

  • You may also be very interested in some of the other therapies I work with such as BWRT, EFT & NLP and STEPS pain management.

Photos & videos

  • Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions Diploma
  • Brain working Recursive Therapy Certification
  • The importance of discovering and working with original sensitizing events in hypnotherapy
  • BWRT Level 2 Practitioner
  • Steps Rapid Pain Elimination Practitioner
  • Steps Rapid Pain Elimination Practitioner
  • BWRT Level 2 Practitioner
  • British Brainworking Research Society
  • British Brainworking Research Society
  • BroadBand for the Brain success coaching
  • M.A.G.I.C Practitioners Certificate
  • Warriors, Settlers and Nomads Practitioners certificate.
  • Trevor Wales Dip Hyp. LP, GQHP, BWRT, GHR, CRSST, CNHC, MIBWRT image 1
  • Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions Advert
  • GHR Acknowledged Supervisor
  • General Hypnotherapy Register
  • Brain working Recursive Therapy
  • BBRS logo
  • BBRS Registered Practitioner logo
  • The subconscious mind versus the conscious mind.
  •  Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions
  •  Paradise Park Trevor Wales
  • What is BWRT and how can it help you
  • Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions
  • Confident Ed


Step 1 - One to one Fact Finding Initial Consultation

This will last approximately 120 minutes at a reduced rate of £65.00 instead of the normal two hourly rate of £110.00 ,saving you £45.00.

At the end of the consultation session you will receive completely free of charge a copy of my personally recorded expanded 'Guided Relaxation Hypnosis' CD & MP3 to use in the interim whilst I work on your personalised hypnosis session.

This relaxation session is designed to prepare the clients mind in advance of future sessions so that you may easily enter into the hypnotic state quickly and efficiently.

(This free CD has a retail value of £35.00)

Step 2 - Hypnotherapy /Therapy Sessions

My session fees are commensurate with the national average and I am often quite generous with my time. I believe that my clients benefit from a very high level of personal service which offers very good value for the benefits that my clients gain from investing in themselves.

Session prices

Each session is charged at £55.00 per hour. An average therapy session lasts around 90 -120 mins and includes progress assessments and planning strategy at each session

Further information

Hypnotherapy. Is it safe and effective?

Both as an experience and a helpful powerful therapy tool hypnotherapy is very safe,with very few contraindications. It is also typically a very gentle experience based around deep relaxation and beneficial positive suggestions and,or regression to cause or analytical therapy. There is a huge amount of solid testimonial evidence online and in print to confirm the positive benefits of hypnotherapy.

Can a person who finds it difficult to relax or who feels anxious benefit from hypnotherapy?

Some clients who come to therapy with heightened states of worry and anxiety may express the belief that they can't relax enough to enter hypnosis. However even clients who tell me that they can't possibly relax find that with the appropriate understanding of how their unique personality needs to be worked with along with applying the correct hypnosis techniques find they have no problem relaxing and working successfully with hypnotherapy.

Can people who have reservation and doubt about hypnotherapy find that it works for them?

Like anything in life you only get out what you are prepared to put in and patience, commitment and perseverance are key elements. Hypnotherapy has worked for millions of people globally but its not always for everyone, however it's a good idea to look on the positive side and consider the benefits of it working for you.
Occasionally some people may say that they dont believe hypnotherapy can work for them but actually go on to find that they were wrong and are not only relieved but pleasantly surprised.
Follow up contact with my clients several months or years down the line with very few exceptions shows that hypnotherapy has been a lasting positive change.

How do I work with you?

When working together with clients I take a very detailed case history and  I use a variety of personally tailored therapy resources to gauge progress of his clients. I use two personality tests to accurately gauge my clients personality. At the end of the therapy Journey clients are very often surprised to see what the data analysis  shows of the before and after progress.
When working together with clients I take all medical history into consideration and only with my clients express permission  will I contact my clients GP to inform them that I am working with their patient. I will give your GP the option to advise me within a fortnight of any contraindications that may indicate that therapy may be unsuitable. In this way I ensures client safety is paramount.


Below is a small selection of feedback from satisfied happy clients, Please see my website for more client testimonials.

From 2018

"I cannot recommend Trevor highly enough. I have a son with food phobia brought on by issues with his tonsils at a very young age. We decided to give hypnotherapy a try and I am please to say that the results after a few sessions are quite astounding. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a fear or phobia or just about any hurdle you would like to get over in life. I was initially slightly sceptical but I am very pleased that I have been proved wrong."
S. E. Cornwall . January 2018

October 2016
A client who Trevor started working with late last year came to see him in November 2015 presenting with Anxiety, depression and lack of confidence. After successfully working through those issues They then went on to work with weight management which has also been very successful.
Trevor received this lovely testimonial in the post one morning not long after finishing working with his client. Proof that Hypnotherapy works!

"Dear Trevor.
For your portfolio in my words.
The hardest thing you will do is write down the phone number.
The rest, to change your life for the better is easy. Well worth doing. Can you afford to wait any longer to get your life back on track?
Thank you very much for your help.
James "

From 2012

"Trevor has been a very caring, supportive and professional practitioner and I would recommend him if you are struggling with anxieties.”

Also see please see Trevor's reviews from his facebook pages.

T. M from the Midlands reviewed Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions – 5 star 3 April at 17:22.

"Trevor helped me in the grieving process when my brother in law passed away.
I didn't get a chance to say goodbye in reality but under hypnosis, I was able to say the things I wanted to say. it really helped me to be able to do this guided gently by Trevor.
Trevor is a true professional with such a kind heart and an amazingly soothing hypnotic voice. I can highly recommend Trevor Wales."

From 2017 : Georgina McKinnon reviewed Cornwall BWRT – 5 star 5 April at 18:23.

"I am pleased to recommend Trevor. I have known him for some time in the role of hypnotherapist but now he has added BWRT level 1 and 2 to his repertoire and this will add greatly to his practice. If are lucky enough to live in Cornwall and need help, get in touch with Trevor Wales."

St. Austell, PL25 5PQ

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

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