Thomas McGowan Dip Hyp GHR @ Beacon Hope Therapy (Addiction Specialist)

Thomas McGowan Dip Hyp GHR @ Beacon Hope Therapy (Addiction Specialist)

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Heritage Exchange

101 Manchester Road
M34 2AF

07789 000194

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Heritage Exchange

101 Manchester Road
M34 2AF

07789 000194

About me

Alcohol, Drugs Gambling, and other issues.

I specialise in helping those that are having issues or are struggling with any form of dependency or addiction.  I run a 5 session programme to help people take control back over the thing they are struggling with.  It is not just about the stopping however, It is also about addressing the root cause and what is driving the unwanted behaviors.  Many of my clients are still functioning, holding down jobs, however, are starting to see cracks forming in many areas of their lives

Weight Control

My 4 session weight control programme is based around your specific needs. It is not a diet, it is changing your entire relationship with food forever.  We all have busy lives nowadays and with this programme, it enables you to carry on as normal and not having to start cooking separate meals.  I do encourage healthy eating, and having treats but at the same time you do not feel restricted or guilty for having some of the food that you really enjoy.

Stop Smoking

My 2 hour session will return you to be a non smoker.  Helping you to take regain control of your life in many areas.  As stopping smoking is a hard thing to do and is different for everyone, I have your back even after the session.  Staying in touch with clients in the early days is important to me to ensure that it is as easy and comfortable as possible.

Pain Relief

OldPain2Go is a methodology created by Steven Blake.  This therapy is not hypnosis, though it does use communicating with your subconscious.  It is designed to remove old diagnosed pain. That pain that the doctors say that all they can do is provide pain medication.  This truly a wonderful therapy and I use ts for many other conditions such as fibromyalgia, MS, CFS as well as for hayfever and some skin conditions.

Please visit my website for more details on my Services.

My Story and my personal experience with addiction and recovery.

I suppose I was a heavy drinker for many years from my teenage years, I was successful, I was head of department in hotels all my career. I would usually go home after work most nights and drink 1-2 bottles of wine, or other drinks, I could not leave anything in the bottle or until all the cans were drunk. On nights out I was the party animal that never knew when to stop drinking, the concept of just going out for a few did not exist. I would be the one that would be staggering and falling all over the place at family events. I never classed myself as an alcoholic, heavy drinker maybe.

When I was around 30 I was introduced to drugs, the usual clubbing ones even though I was anti-drugs before that. My confidence went through roof on drugs, and I could remember the night and was much more fun. When I was 32 (2006) I was diagnosed with HIV. Up until that point, things were just about ok. 'Functioning'. I had just bought a house. After the diagnosis it all changed, started to isolate, the drinking increased, the drugs increased much more and the different types of drugs. Falling deeper into a pit of self-pity, as well as self-destruction. The spiral downwards continued, them internal negative condemning voices getting louder, loosing more and more of myself, drinking and using more.

Within one and half years I had gone bankrupt and lost everything. I have lost my well-paid job, had to move back to my parents. Manage to find a new job, but a much lower position, that passion for work had gone, it had one purpose to fund my drinking and drugs. This continued for a few more years, I had lost several other jobs but also losing self-respect, friends, family relationships. Isolating more, loathing myself more. I did start to admit to myself even though I had been told many many times that I have got a major addiction. I would never dream of admitting I had a problem with other people. Looking back I wish I had, the self-destruction continued, unemployed, unhealthy. Actually starting to look like that perception of what society call an addict.

It continued to get worse in every respect until January 2016. When the one person in my life that had not given up on me through everything, my mum, threw me out, I went upstairs took an intentional overdose and left somehow I had found myself walking to the hospital. That was my rock bottom, and it was at that point that I decided enough was enough. I engaged with services, got myself a council flat and started to slowly rebuild my life. I had hypnotherapy early in recovery and it was amazing. So much so I decided to follow my passion that had started to come back to helping people so trained as Clinical Hypnotherapist, started my own business, old friends returned as well as new friends. the relationship with my family is the best it has ever been.

I live honestly now, no lies or cover up. I can actually say I like who I see in the mirror, I can say I am worthy.

Even though peoples stories are different, the end result is always the same. Starts as fun then become's a crotch, then the go-to ending in full-blown addiction. I truly believe that people do not have to hit rock bottom in order to recover. There is no need to lose everything in their life. Being able to look back on my life with clarity, I can there was times when I could have taken control back. There is a point of no return, once past that point hitting a personal rock bottom is something needed to encourage change. I would not want anyone to reach the dark places I went to.

I understand addiction and thoughts and behaviors that we have, the denial, the fear. I also understand recovery and turning my life around. I use everything I have learned from my journey and use it to help my clients take control back.

The word addiction conjures a picture of an unkempt person highly dependant on alcohol or drugs. Everything is on a spectrum and that picture is the latter stages of addiction. Before that, however, there are many more people that a functioning, they are still working, keeping to responsibilities but are not fully in the present, they always thinking about their next drink, next drug or gamble (to name a few). Their moods change, they are just about function, do what they have to do to get through a day. Full of denial, I prefer the terms 'miss using' or 'abusing'.

Our sessions will be focused on YOU, I will be honest with you and only have the best intentions for you. I see working with my clients as a partnership. I do not offer a "golden cure" to everything but there is always some form of relief. Through the sessions it is not only about providing therapy, it is also helping you to see things from a different perspective which in itself can offer relief.

Deal with the root cause. In most cases, this is reducing the feelings and emotions attached to past events.
Due to the ever-changing world we live in, in cases such as anxiety and depression, I provide tools that you can use for the rest of your life to help you deal with life on your terms.

Training, qualifications & experience

Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. - (Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis)

CPD Accredited Specialist Training

Weight Control Certificate

Addictions & Smoking Cessation Certificate

Law Of Attraction Practitioner Certificate Levels 1 and 2

OldPain2Go Certified Practitioner

Certified Mental Health First Aider

Member of following registers and accrediation:

General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)

Compliamentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Photos & videos

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All my session are personalised to your requirements.  No Charge Consultation for Addiction Therapy and initial consultation for the general session. 

- Addiction Therapy: £600.00

4 x 1.5 hour session then 1 x1.5 hour session 1 month after

Take Home Therapy Audios.
24 Hour SOS Phone Support.
Complete discretion.
(Full pre-payment or installments during the programme)

- Make Food Your Friend Weight Control: £300.00

4 sessions. (1 x 1.5 hour plus 3 x 1 hour)
Take Home Therapy Audios.
Personal Workbook.
Facebook Support Group.
(Full pre-payment required to confirm the booking)

- Smoking Cessation:£200.00

1 x 2 hours session.
Take Home Therapy Audio.
If you fail within 4 weeks I offer a NO CHARGE second session as standard.
(£50.00 deposit required to confirm the booking)

- OldPain2Go £60.00

This a talking therapy helps delete old diagnosed pain, I also use this therapy for issues such as Hayfever, Migraines to name a few  Full details about OldPain2Go are on my website. 

- General Sessions (1 hour) £60.00

Prepay for 4 sessions for a reduced price of £220.00.

Further information

Testimonials: (To uphold client confidentiality some posts will not be named)

"Thomas came to see me when I was at my lowest points.  I was stuck in what felt like a hole.  Struggling with addiction, and ruining all my relationships with those close to me.  With his help and the help of hypnotherapy, I was able to this unhealthy cycle and find myself again.  Can't thank him enough for his help"

"This wonderful man has helped me become a non smoker.....after 17 long years of a heavy 65 and no looking back. Without the session with Tomas I know I would never have stopped smoking. I am so thankful to you Tomas and wish you the very best."          S. Hussain

"The most simple and effective treatment. I have something I need to share. I have really sensitive skin .2 weeks ago I met Thomas who used the treatment Pain to go. I have been using a cream on my face for the last 3 to 4 days ......... that I haven’t been able to use ever. There’s not any irritation to my skin what so ever." K. Marsden

"Had a half hour session with Thomas to get rid of old pain. I’ve two disc problems in my lower back, I’ve had for 8 years. Definitely feel more flexible than I’ve done for years! Thank you Thomas xxx N. Hart

"5 minutes in Thomas’s company and you feel like you’re best friends he puts you so much at ease you forget what you’re there for I’ve had hypnotherapy before to stop smoking but it didn’t work so i didn’t hold out much hope this time either I was fully aware of what was going on I just felt relaxed but could see images so vividly I had 1 session and don’t even think about having a cigarette at all. I don’t want one or need one I’ve had no withdrawal symptoms at all and saved so much money I also feel a lot healthier and don’t miss having to stand outside in the cold and rain thank you Thomas for literally saving my life let him save yours too" C. Amanda

Huddersfield, HD3 3HR
Manchester, M34 2AF

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Yes


I will always try and work with times that are best for my clients, that also includes early morning and late evenings.

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