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Do you want to change your life for the better? I am an Accredited Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, Trainer and Thrive Consultant. Come and see me for a free initial chat and together we can work out the way forward for you.

I can offer something for everyone including Suggestion Therapy or Clinical Hypnosis (to help achieve your short term goals), Cognitive Processing and Integrating (a talking therapy designed for you to re-visit some past experiences which may not have been processed adequately before and could be holding you back) Stopping Smoking with the Rob Kelly Thrive method, Treating Children and teenagers, The Thrive Programme (teaching you about yourself and helping you to develop self confidence, increase your self esteem and lower your social anxiety and to become more resilient, empowered and self reliant) I am also a licensed Hypno-Band practitioner (the virtual gastric band weight management method). Also I offer a Relaxed Childbirth programme.

A selection of symptoms that I can help you to overcome would be weight management, comfort eating, anxiety, stress, physical problems, pain management, chronic illnesses, sports performance, pregnancy and childbirth relaxation, shyness, compulsions and obsessions, smoking, drinking, sleep issues and so much more.

Training, qualifications & experience

Diploma in Cognitive Processing and Integration with the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapists (IAEBP)

Thrive Consultant Practitioner and Thrive Consultant Trainer (IAEBP)

Advanced Diploma of Hypnoanalysis, Psychoanalysis with the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts (IAPH)

Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner

Hypnotension Consultant

Relaxed Childbirth Consultant

I have been in practice now since 2004. During my career I always worked face to face with clients and had a natural curiosity to find out more about what makes people tick. Why, for example when siblings have been brought up in virtually the same way they would display different traits and have differing abilities or problems? My training in both Thrive and
Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy developed my insight into why people get into difficulties in life and provided a way for me to help them help themselves.

My commitment to my clients is paramount and I keep up with and add to my skills and knowledge on a regular basis, attending many training or refresher courses each year. That is not hard because I love what I do and embrace change.

Member organisations


International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts

All IAPH Members have undergone a certain amount of 'hands - on' training and reached a certain standard of proficiency and experience before they are eligible to join the organisation.

This is based around three main areas of competence: firstly, they have successfully passed the Successful Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, secondly, they have undergone a specified amount of hands-on training and experience and thirdly, they have undergone their own training therapy.

All IAPH Members are committed to Continuing Professional Development and are bound by a Code of Practice and Ethics.

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Information about health conditions (*)

Hypnotherapy can enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Hypnotension - relaxation and techniques to help you de-stress and have a positive effect on your blood pressure


Additional information


Fees are payable at each and every consultation. Fees are subject to change.

Initial Consultation - FREE

Suggestion Therapy - £75 per 50 minute session
A single powerful session for nerves, nail biting, slimming, fear of flying etc.

Stop Smoking in one powerful session - £190
amazing success rate 

Thrive as a Non-Smoker - initial session £190.00. each session thereafter £75.00 (usually completed in 1-3 sessions)

Cognitive Processing and Integration - £75.00 per session
Allowing you to re-process past experiences in a helpful and empowering way

Treating Children - £75
per 90 minute session
Gentle, positive, enjoyable and empowering experience for your child or teenager

Pregnancy relaxation and Childbirth programme £75 per session.
4 sessions total (includes a set of 3 CD's for home relaxation and labour), give birth easily and comfortably

The Road to Health Cancer Programme - £75 per session tailor made to individual needs

Hypno-Band Weight loss Course - £450 payable in advance, 5 sessions includes 2 CD's

Thrive Programme - £75.00 per session 4-6 usually required, plus workbook (currently around £20.00 to purchase)

NB. Methods of payment, cash, Paypal or cheque only, except for the stop smoking session which is cash only

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Pat Harland

Pat Harland