Natalie Harris BSc. ADHyp. N.L.P, Mindfulness, Holistic, Practitioner

Natalie Harris BSc. ADHyp. N.L.P, Mindfulness, Holistic, Practitioner



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01706 224882 / 07866 552629

About me

I'm Natalie Harris, a fully qualified Advanced Hypnotherapist plus Shamanic, Reiki and Holistic massage practitioner.

Having 20 years relevant experience, I have successfully delivered many courses and classes on Hypnotherapy, holistic healing and meditation techniques as well as providing  courses of Hypnotherapy and healing techniques to individual clients.

I have practiced and studied various mind therapies for many years independently and as part of a Psychology degree; and I remain passionate about the power of the human mind, and its ability to enable anybody to live free from any issue which maybe holding them back in life.

There are any myths about Hypnotherapy due to unhelpful stage Hypnosis which has a sole purpose to entertain the audience. Hypnotherapy is completely different to stage Hypnosis as it is a perfectly natural relaxed state of mind which we enter into countless times every day. Its biological purpose is to allow the mind to rest in order to make sense of information and process it appropriately, clearing the mind of anything unnecessary or unimportant. It is rather like a daydream state, where it feels like you’ve had a few moments of peace away from everything else. As it is perfectly natural,

I have never come across a client who hasn't been able to achieve the natural state of Hypnosis.

Although it’s perfectly natural and something we all continually achieve on some level, at times it doesn’t always appear easily accessible. This is due how busy  and demanding life can be, plus constant unnatural stimulation from TV's, computers, and phones. Our minds seem to be constantly occupied, and there appears to be very little time for rest, reflection and recuperation. With all clients I reestablish the connection with this natural ability to relax, rest and replenish the mind which is within everyone.

When issues, can be seen clearly in perspective, whether they are fears, phobias or habits, they can be addressed effectively, and if required be changed permanently, allowing freedom.

All clients are taught Self-Hypnosis techniques and given personalised recordings, allowing  access to this natural state of mind quickly and easily, and manage their own well-being effectively long after the therapy is complete.

Although just one session of Hypnotherapy is beneficial, I advice all clients to allow for a course of 4 to 6 sessions, in order to address any underlying issues should they arise, allowing the therapy to be extremely effective.

In my experience every client who has committed to a course of Hypnotherapy has achieved their goal of letting go of the habit, fear, phobia, pain issue, limiting belief, or trauma which has caused life limitations.

Most clients also recognise a marked increase in confidence, happiness quality of sleep and well-being, and reduced pain, discomfort and anxiety, regardless of the reason that they engaged with Hypnotherapy; which illustrates  how it is a perfectly natural, holistic  practice.

As Hypnotherapy is effective with any issue that has an emotional basis; whether psychological, physical or emotional, it can help with any issue including the following:

  • Pain management, including Pain Perception and fear of pain in Childbirth
  • Addictions including Smoking, Alcohol, Gambling and Substance Use
  • Stress, Tension and Anxiety including Panic Attacks
  • Confidence, Self-esteem and Shyness
  • Grief, Depression, Sadness, Negativity, and Guilt
  • Intolerances and Allergies including IBS, Psoriasis, Eczema, Arthritis, Asthma and Hay Fever
  • Compulsions, Habits, Stammering Nail Biting, Bed Wetting, OCD, and Overeating.
  • Migraines, Nightmares, Neurosis, Headaches and High Blood Pressure
  • Exam Nerves, Learning Barriers, Amnesia, Memory and Work /Sports Performance
  • Phobias, Fears, General Nervous Symptoms, Indecisiveness and Lack of Direction
  • Clumsiness, Twitching, Sexual Problems and Lack of Control
  • Eating Disorders, Self-Harming Lack of Self- Worth and Relationship Issues

What's holding you back?

Choose a life free from...

Choose Freedom!

Choose Soulsense hypnotherapy... healing from within!

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Fully Qualified Advanced Hypnotherapist.
  • BSc in Biology and Psychology
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Holistic Massage Therapist
  • N.L.P Practitioner (with Corporate experience)
  • A member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy (CAH)
  • Registered with the Complimentary and Natural Health Council (CNHC)
  • Member of The Spiritual Workers Association
  • Certified Accountant and Business Adviser

I have an extensive academic background, and among other subjects, I have studied degrees in both Biology and Psychology, gaining extensive scientific experience, including as a research Assistant for Cancer Research, at Christies Hospital, Manchester. More recently I have studied mind based practices including Mindfulness, N.L.P, Shamanic Healing, plus Massage Therapy  and various other natural healing techniques.

Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

- Reiki
- Natural Spiritual healing / assessments
- Shamanic soul retrieval / healing
- Workshops
- Meditation classes
- Group sessions including within a corporate/business setting (I am a Certified Account with twenty years corporate experience)
- Past life regression

Photos & videos

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  • No obligation, free initial consultation either in person or over the telephone.
  • £60 per session when booked individually.
  • £220 for four sessions of Hypnotherapy, when paid in advance, any further sessions £40.
  • £300 for a six session course (this can be a combination of Hypnotherapy and other healing techniques including Shamanic healing
  • Holistic Healing sessions also available. Please see website for details.
  • Self Hypnosis courses in group setting are also available and ongoing. Please check my Facebook page for current details.

The Hypnotherapy techniques I use vary from Mindfulness breathing and meditative practices, regression, past life regression, inner- child, time line and N.L.P, along with exclusive techniques, and are hugely empowering and life changing. 

Different therapy techniques can be either be used solely, or combined to increase their effectiveness, and enhance the healing process and create a completely unique experience for each client.

I practice extremely powerful natural healing techniques including Shamanic Healing, and this has proved extremely successful with all clients, in particular where there is past trauma and/or substance miss use. This combined with Hypnotherapy is always highly effective., and I am proud to say that my unique approach and techniques have enabled clients to achieve outstanding, life changing results.

Further information

Please contact me for details on any of the above or for a free no obligation initial consultation.

To be kept informed of classes, courses and workshops, please visit my Facebook page.

Bacup, OL13
Rossendale, BB4

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Day, Evening and Weekend appointments available Group Sessions for Self Hypnosis and specific issues available