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Nr Sandy

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Nr Sandy

01767 641326 / 07866 836154

About me

How does hypnotherapy work?
The success of hypnotherapy is manifested once the unconscious and conscious mind start working together in harmony. When a therapist stops inner conflict and gets the whole of the mind wanting the same thing it motivates the person to reach their goal. A good example of inner conflict is the smoker who consciously knows the dangers of smoking and desperate to stop yet continues smoking. Only using half of your mind just does not make sense after all you would not try to walk only using one leg!

Weight loss example
The person who wants to lose weight can regain control and stop the mental fight of being desperate to be slim (a conscious desire) while at the same time always wanting to overeat (an unconscious habit or addiction). Under hypnosis the therapist can reprogram the overweight person for their desired outcome. When both parts of the mind want the same thing it is a very powerful force. During analysis the hypnotherapist finds out what the person wants on a conscious level. For a weight loss client this could be a simple as wanting to stop comfort eating so they can become slim. Under hypnosis the unconscious is reassured and then asked to help fulfil what the person wants i.e. to take control of comfort eating.

Hypnotherapy does what pills cannot do for phobias.
Hypnosis gets to the root of the problem and reassures the unconscious mind , you can overcome phobias of almost anything. Simple phobias like spiders, snakes, mice or even flying can be dealt with naturally under hypnosis, after all people were not born with phobia's they are learned. A bad experience can convince your unconscious mind you are in grave danger and no matter how hard you try to rationalise the phobia remains. Once your unconscious mind is reassured you are not in danger the phobic reaction stops. Furthermore there is no need to "face your phobia in a terror" as shown on TV. Phobias can be treated calmly and gently using clinical hypnosis.

Reach your potential
The mind and the body are intricately connected we need both a fit body and a fit mind to be happy and fulfill our potential. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to keep the mind healthy and be in harmony with the body. Consider learning self hypnosis so you can take back the control. Studies have shown that people who practice altered states of consciousness are happier they do not suffer from anxiety depression or have panic attacks. When these subjects were brain scanned results showed that the front lobe cortex (part of your happiness centre) was slightly larger than average.

Is hypnosis is it safe?
Hypnosis is a natural phenomena because we all go into hypnosis every night (a hypnogogic state) and again each morning. (a hypnopompic state) It is a lovely relaxed yet aware state when we feel really peaceful. We all realise the importance of keeping keeping our bodies fit but to reach our goals we need to keep our minds fit too.

Treatments available

There are many issues that can be treated with hypnosis if you would like to discuss if any of our treatments are suitable for you why not book a free half hour consultation.

Weight Loss
We have weight loss treatments for those who just need to lose a little or for those needing to lose more weight we recommend the non surgical hypnotic gastric band. Allow three to five sessions for weight loss depending on how much you need to lose.

Trauma past or present
In addition to clinical hypnosis we specialise in EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) suitable for treating past and present trauma.

About Your Hypnotherapist
I work mainly with individuals many covering many issues but have also worked with groups.
Recently relocated to Moggerhanger (near Sandy) in Bedfordshire from former private practices in Essex. One practice was at a doctors surgery within a health centre and two others both in Essex.

I am able to coach individuals or small group’s teaching various things like Self hypnosis, Havening, Meditation, Stress management, confidence, smoking cessation and weight loss.

If you would like to find out if I can help you please book your FREE 30 minutes consultation.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and have an honours degree in psychology. I trained at the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and I am a full practising member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. This is a highly respected organisations of clinical hypnotherapy who adhere to a very strict code of ethics. I am also a licensed practitioner of Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP) and trained under Doctor Bandler a founder member of NLP. I have qualifications for life coaching and public speaking.

Honours degree psychology Open university.
Certificate Hypnotherapy British medical examination board.
Diploma in clinical hypnosis "British medical examination board.
Diploma in clinical hypnosis London college of Clinical Hypnosis.
Practitioner diploma for clinical hypnotherapy by the London college of Hypnosis.
Certificate in NLP Richard Bandler (a founder member of NLP)
Certificate in life coaching Newcastle College (NCFT)
Life coaching skills and practice
Silver Medal Public speaking.

Master classes taken: Treating depression with hypnosis, neuro-semantics, personality restructuring, working with children,emotional freedom technique, maximising performance through hypnosis, weight loss, dealing phobias and stress management.
Full member of British society of clinical Hypnosis.

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.


FREE half hour session for initial consultation.

Simple phobias 1-3 sessions.
Private treatment sessions   1 hour       £40 or 90minute session £ 60
Stop smoking 1 session                         £60 (under 40 per day free back up Cd)
Stop smoking 2 sessions                       £120 ( over 40 per day free back up Cd)
EMDR 90minute session.                       £90
Weight loss gastric band 5 sessions       £300 (includes 2 Cd's and information pack.
Weight loss per session                           £60   (includes free back up Cd)        

The hypnotic gastric band is suitable for those wanting to loose more than 2 stone in weight.

Further information

If you have symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and/or if you feel powerless, worthless have fear of abandonment or feel out of control. Consider a free consultation with me to discuss the benefits of EMDR. This therapeutic methodology does not block the memory but allow's you to think about it in a more detached way. So that you become released from the emotional hold of negative past experiences.

EMDR's successful results with trauma victims have lead to its application to a wide range of disorders. Indeed any event that has a lasting negative effect on the self or psyche is by its very nature "traumatic" Caused in a whole variety of ways such as accident, rape, sexual abuse, combat, bulling. In addition to treating past or present trauma EMDR can be used for body dimorphic disorder and phobias. Please ask for a free half hour confidential consultation to discuss any issues to see what help is available for you.

Nr Sandy, MK44

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