Mark Gosbee MSc; Anxiety, Stress & Addiction Specialist; Fellow ACCPH

Mark Gosbee MSc; Anxiety, Stress & Addiction Specialist; Fellow ACCPH


West End Medical Practice
6 Bendall Mews
Bell Street

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West End Medical Practice
6 Bendall Mews
Bell Street

About me

"He has helped me gain control again and I am extremely grateful to him." C. K., Maidstone

Clients describe me as an experienced, understanding and effective hypnotherapist, who gets to the heart of your problem quickly, in order to achieve the most beneficial and lasting results for you.

As an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist, I can treat most issues. However, I specialise in three areas:

  • Anxiety
    Cant cope? Nervousness getting you down? Feeling exhausted? Tired? Tearful?

    Whether panic attacks, workplace stress, anger, fears, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), physical, emotional and sexual violence or general anxiety, I can help you recover.

  • Addiction - picture gaining control over your habit or addiction WITHOUT going into rehab.

    Be it drinking, gambling, drugs, sex, pornography, hoarding, internet or food, I can help you regain control.

    Finally tired of the real costs? The lies? Sabotaging your health? Impeding your career? Spoiling your relationships? Wrecking your happiness? About time you dealt with it now, while there is still time.
  • Weight loss programme - isn't it time to quit making excuses and stop the vicious boom and bust cycle of yo-yo dieting?

    Start smiling in the mirror again, having finally slipped into that 'ambition outfit' you bought ages ago... For best results, benefit from your very own bespoke 12-month ongoing support programme to keep you on course, for lasting success and happiness.
    Please ask for details.

Moreover, you may simply want to achieve more at work, in life or in sport:

  • Success coaching - sports psychology, sales skills, public speaking, confidence, memory skills, leadership, mindset, mindfulness, business coaching, speed reading, self-esteem, life-coaching, motivation, time management, and exam performance.

You benefit from a raft of the most modern, safe and powerful techniques from the complementary fields of psychological, neuroscientific and behavioural change.


Your sessions take place at my Penzance area clinic.

London clients seen at an off-Harley Street private medical centre, in a discreet mews setting, in central London, near Marylebone, north of Oxford Street.

For absolute discretion, you may also be seen in the familiar comfort of your own home.

Chaperones always welcome. Please ask.


As for how soon you may feel the benefits, my clients' experiences convince more than I ever could:

"I have been struggling with something deeply personal for a good number of years now, since the death of my mum, which led to destructive behaviour. Mark has helped me gain control again and I am extremely grateful to him."
C. K., Maidstone

"In the week since my first session for depression, I have already enjoyed more 'good' days than I used to get in a year on anti-depressants." P. J., London

"This guy seriously helped me with something that was very upsetting, very emotional. It was all at once holding me back and motivating me in the wrong way. In a very quick, logical and woo-free session, he helped me. If you have one of those 'things' you're aware of and keep thinking you need to resolve but never get round to it, speak to Mark. He fixes people." S. B., Bristol

"Good news Mark, for the first time in a year and a half I drove myself to the shop today. I shopped at leisure and even stood in front of a wall of different perfumes whilst waiting to pay. I used the technique every time I was triggered and only needed my inhaler and antihistamine once! Happy days... The reaction was definitely less violent, and there was no fear or even thought about the traffic around me. The technique worked well when that side was triggered also. Thank you for a great session yesterday. Onwards and upwards!" L. P., Gwent, Wales, 2016

What to do next:
Email via this site - to book your complimentary, no-obligation 10-minute initial telephone consultation. We will talk sympathetically, confidentially, and without judgement about your issue(s) in more detail, and discover how I can help you achieve your best result. Limited appointments available each month.

Training, qualifications & experience

Professional, accredited, security checked and insured
It is important you feel safe and relaxed in my care, as your practitioner. To that end, my training is accredited by the following respected authorities:

  • Advanced Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, trained at the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) accredited Cressingham Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Fellow and Member of the Board of the Association of Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH) accrediting and standards body.
  • CRB Enhanced checked (for working with children and minors) for your complete peace of mind, from new DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service), since Oct 2013
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner - NLPA, and British Institute of Hypnotherapy (BIH) accredited.
  • Diploma in NLP Leadership (INLPTA)
  • GHSC accredited training in Clinical Hypnosis, Responsive Hypnotherapy, Rapid Will-Stop Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy and advanced Eye-Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR Accelerated) for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and rapid alleviation of traumatic memories and bad feelings.


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

  • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma and PTSD
  • Hypnotherapy for children
  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBT)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI); treating mind and body as one system
  • Applied Neuroscience Coaching for business executives, leadership and sport
  • Pain management including hypnobirthing, post-operative and phantom limb
  • Sports performance psychology with hypnosis - discover a winner's mindset
  • Gastric Balloon Hypnotherapy - a less restrictive variant of the hypnotic gastric band
  • Stress and anger management for executives, individual employees, and teams.
  • Sales persuasion skills for business executives, non-sales people, and sales teams

Photos & videos

  • The West End Medical Practice, Marylebone, London
  • Waiting room, West End Medical Practice, London
  • West End Medical Practice, London
  • Ingles Manor clinic, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2RD


Scale of fees for 2018: your sessions are as unique as you. Your sessions are created bespoke. I don't operate a one-size fits all approach. You deserve better.

We'll discuss the likely number of sessions needed to achieve your best result during your complimentary tele-consultation.

Choose from THREE pathways to your optimum result: 

1) Clinical hypnotherapy, which typically takes 8 to 20 sessions to fix your problem, is 50 minutes long. This may include elements of counselling, EFT, psychotherapy and insights.

2) Rapid Change Hypnosis, preferred by the majority of my executive clients. My premium service can shift your problem in far fewer sessions, typically 2 to 6. These exclusive 40-minute appointments benefit those most in need of rapid relief.

3) Half-day/Full day/2-Day 'Mind Spa' Session (3 / 6 / 10 hours) Rapid Hypnosis available for gastric band hypnotherapy, public speaking for delivering a compelling Keynote, Best Man's or Father of the Bride speech; or a 'Mind Spa' where you select several areas of your life you want to improve.

Discover the advantages of my powerful, yet gentle Rapid Change techniques by emailing me for your complimentary tele-consultation.

Penzance, TR20
London, NW1 6SN

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Email for your complimentary, no-obligation teleconsultation to talk about how I can help you. Appts available Mon-Sat.