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Lucy Ann Waterhouse - AdvDipHyp, AdPr, DipHyp, CMH CPNLP

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West Midlands


About me

I believe that each of us should strive to be the best we can be in all areas of our lives, and that includes giving ourselves the gift of proper treatment for our physical, emotional and mental health. I believe that I can offer you that standard of care that you deserve in all areas of my work.

I am an Clinical Hypnotherapist, qualified to Advanced Level and currently training in CBT to further my learning and skills. I love to learn and read about the subjects that I enjoy so much. I am an avid reader of articles, books, academic research and strive to be the best that I can be.

I treat a wide range of complaints- from physical complaints such as bruxism, blushing, problematic skin and chronic pain, and emotional/mental health issues such as phobias, OCD, anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Sleep Disorders such as insomnia or night terrors both for adults and children. Night time Enuresis, fears and issues around almost anything from Animals, Buttons and Closed in Spaces to X-Rays, Yawning and Zoos! (And all of the letters in between!)

I have worked with children of all ages, from 8 to 80 to help people to deal with all manner real and perceived problems from low self esteem to smoking cessation, hypnotic gastric banding, exam nerves, motorway driving fears....The list is endless. I see at least 7 different issues a week and even those people who present with the same sounding issues I treat completely differently depending on their personal beliefs, processing techniques- whether you process your environment through sound, sight, smell, how you feel, all of this is relevant and I take everything you say (and don't say!) into account!

I have had specialist training in micro-facial expressions so am able to tell much of what you are feeling usually at least a few seconds before you even realise what you are feeling! I am able to use these skills to help us work together to unpick the root of your problems and address it in the best way for you as an individual to gain the best results.

I am very interested in working with sufferers of chronic pain, having suffered with it myself for most of my life and only having found relief through the use of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Using the skills that I have developed both through my extensive training and through the wealth of experience that I have gained, together we will be able to figure out what resistance you have to change that has brought you to need hypnotherapy and also how best to approach your ability and willingness to change in order to give you the best and long lasting results that you want and deserve.

I have a deep and grateful love of past life regression sessions which seem to happen a huge amount of the time... I think with the world consciousness being so threatened by war and politics and so much hate, that people are turning more and more to spiritual leanings to comfort themselves during trying and frightening times.

I love doing past life sessions and they NEVER fail to amaze me. I have worked with one on one clients, groups and pairs of clients too, and am passionate about bringing what I have learned to other hypnotists and groups of clients in workshops which I will be running with colleagues very soon! These group sessions, workshops and training sessions will be detailed on my website which is updated regularly and are available both to members of the public and training sessions for already qualified hypnotherapists in areas such as past life regression, effective meta-questioning and pain management.

In the new year my colleague and I will be running groups to help you stay on track with your goals for the new year, whether that be motivating yourself to move about more and exercise, lose weight (and feel great!) or to manage your pain better as well as gain the confidence that you want and deserve! Keep an eye on my website's 'Upcoming Dates' Section for details of groups that we are running or if you prefer sign up to my newsletter and I will keep you updated via the interwebs!

I have my own set of spiritual beliefs mostly based around the universe and nature, although I would not describe myself as being a religious person, at least in the typical sense, though I do hold strong spiritual beliefs and am open to discussing these as well as hearing about others. I am by nature inquisitive and curious and open minded to pretty much any possibility that presents itself. I am very much a ‘go with the flow’ type of person, though I can be a very passionate, hot headed fireball when I am in the face of injustice, regardless who it is being played out against, man or beast.

I have led a very colourful life, both in my art, my language and my experiences and I think that it helps me to bring a lot of life experience to the table when I am treating other peoples’ issues.

Essentially, life is beautiful, scary, wonderful, awesome, challenging, exciting and a real roller-coaster! I have lived with and recovered from my own mental health issues throughout my life, using a range of different therapies, but a special interest in hypnotherapy that I have had since I was a teenager and the success that I experienced myself in managing my symptoms, both physical and mental led me into the career that I am now pursuing, bringing the same high level of care and commitment to change for my own clients as an advanced hypnotherapist. I use my experiences to bring the best of myself to the people I treat and the people I choose as my friends. My previous disability has turned into a positive tool for me to use and for that I am truly grateful. In fact I am truly grateful for many things in my life. My dog, my partner, the roof over my head, the food in my belly, my loved ones, my passion and talent for being creative and loving and empathic…  Life is good!

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Fully Qualified To Advanced level (AdvDipH, ADPR, DipHyp, CMH, CPNLP)
  • Registered as an Advanced Practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).
  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Master Hypnotist
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP
  • In addition to this I am also a Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, and I am studying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • Specialist Training in Micro Facial Expressions
  • Specialist Training in EMDR (treatment for PTSD)
  • Specialist Training in working with Children- I also hold a current Enhanced DBS Certificate through the counselling centre where I do my charity work bringing Hypnotherapy to adults and children.
  • Specialist Training in Weight Management Hypnotherapy INcluding Hypnotic Gastric Banding
  • Specialist Training in Street and Stage HYpnosis
  • Specialist Training in Rapid Induction Techniques
  • Specialist Training in Past LIfe Regression Hypnotherapy both in a Clinical and Recreational setting.
  • Specialist Training in Meta Questioning Techniques

I have had a special interest in working with clients who are at the end of their lives in a palliative care setting helping them to manage grief, pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, working with anxiety and fear around death and letting go.

I also have had a huge amount of experience working with weight management clients using the hypnotic gastric band and other tools to help them gain the best outcome. I personally lost a great deal of weight and learned body confidence through the implementation of hypnotic techniques and can now confidently and honestly provide others with the same level of care and expertise that I was afforded by my mentor.

I have a special interest in anxiety management and grief and complex grief management helping many, many clients overcome their demons and lead healthy, productive lives.

I also have had over 200 hours excluding specific training; working with groups, pairs and individuals just working with clients to discover their past lives! something that absolutely fascinates me every time I do it! This is something that seems to be a recurring theme in my work both clinically and recreationally. I also offer current life regression clinically in order to lay old ghosts to rest and help clients to move on with their lives. In addition to these hours I see a number of clients both as one off sessions and continuing treatment averaging private and charity work around 6 clients per week for the last 5 years.

Using current life regression and other techniques such as Gestalt Chair Work and NLP I have found working with adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse in particular but also survivors of other types of abuse in childhood to be exceptionally rewarding.

I am also qualified to offer both group supervision/peer support and one-to-one supervision to other hypnotherapists, acknowledged supervisor by the GHR.
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Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

  • Palliative Care
  • Grief Management
  • Childhood Abuse Recovery
  • Working with Children
  • Past Life Regression
  • Group Peer Support for Qualified Hypnotherapists
  • One-to-One Supervision for Qualified Hypnotherapists.


In Kings Norton:

  • 30 Minute no risk, no commitment consultation either over the phone, but preferably in person (excluding past life regression hypnotherapy) absolutely free.
  • If you decide that you want to go ahead with the course of hypnotherapy then you will be charged £60 per session.
  • Past Life Regression Sessions are £50 each

I accept preferably cash, but bank transfer is ok too, you would need to do this either prior to the session or while you are with me, you can use my computer if you need to. I also accept paypal but there is a 5% surcharge to cover their fees.

If you have a series of sessions about a single issue- for example weight loss, 4-5 sessions is the norm- then decide after 6 months that you need to come and see me again for THE SAME ISSUE then there will be a 10% discount on each session regarding the same issue that I see you for. If you decide to come and see me for a separate issue then original fees apply.

I also offer longer sessions of 2 hours each, These are great value at just £95 and will include in depth life improving NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques combined to meet your individual needs and will be tailored to you. I would need at least a weeks notice from you for these sessions in order to make space in my diary for you and we would need to have a more lengthy discussion preferably via email, or by telephone in order for me to work out a program that suits you best. Sessions are ALWAYS more effective when done spread out over a few weeks, so booking several sessions would be recommended as with any of my clinical services and of course if you were to book several of these two hour sessions there would be reduced rates for block booking and paying up front. Although these are advertised as 2 hour sessions, in reality once all the work is complete each session lasts typically longer than this.

If you refer another person to use my services then you will get a 10% discount on your next session either as a refund if you have paid up front or as a discount of you pay on the day.

My practice hours take place in Kings Norton, though this is easy to access with me being on a major train line and within walking distance from both Northfield and Kings Norton Train Stations and on the 47 bus route which stops outside my road. Parking is available on street for clients wishing to drive.

If you book a session and need to cancel as long as you do so within 24 hours of the session starting then there is no charge, if you cancel within 24 hours it will count as a missed session (except for exceptional circumstances, and we can discuss these privately over the phone) there will be a 50% fee of the total for that session missed and I will not continue to provide treatment until this fee is settled.

If you wish to book a session with me then please take a look at and fill in my Standard Intake Form. You can find this via my website. You can download it onto your computer and use word or use word online then email it to me.

This form contains all of my terms and conditions, a standard medical intake form and our contract. It is important that you get this back to me PRIOR to meeting with me as it saves a lot of valuable time during our consultation if I can read it prior to our session.  If you print your name on the signature strips in word format I will accept this as your electronic signature and it will be binding as such.

Further information

I work for a Non-Profit Counselling Organisation called 'Openminds Therapy Centre' Providing them with my hypnotherapy services. This centre is based in Great Barr. You can reach them by contacting me through my contact page: I have also done many sessions through Skype so if you are not in the country then feel free to contact me to arrange this.

I facilitate peer support groups for practicing and qualified hypnotherapists, which counts towards your essential Continual Professional Development, both with a colleague and by myself once a month or more regularly if demand is high. This is £15 per session for 2 hours, and you can find updates on the upcoming sessions on my website here:

I also now am able to offer one to one supervision in line with the requirements of one to one supervision by the General Hypnotherapy Register. I am able to offer this at a rate of £39 per hour to professionals in the field. PLase find details of this also at y website above.

Birmingham, B38

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


MON-FRI 9.00am - 8.00pm Weekends on Application