Lisa Murphy BSc.(hons), PG Dip. Couns., Dip.C.Hyp/NLP

Lisa Murphy BSc.(hons), PG Dip. Couns., Dip.C.Hyp/NLP

South Lanarkshire

0791 240 8830

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South Lanarkshire

0791 240 8830

About me

Hypnotherapy for anxiety Glasgow. I specialise in anxiety & stress. Get in touch to book your free phone consultation and find out more about how I can help you. I use a unique blend of natural therapies to help you conquer your issues and break free from the stifling grip that anxiety and stress can have over you.

I work in-depth to get to the core of your problems, with a friendly gentle approach that will put you at ease.

My practice is based in Cambuslang, in a quiet residential area with easy parking.

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Hypnotherapy for ANXIETY & STRESS - four-week course

Are your negative thoughts causing you pain and discomfort?

Are they holding you back from living the life you could be living?

Wish you could just 'switch them off'?

This course allows us a safe, natural way to do just that. During this four-week program we will work together once per week over the course of a month to help you easily release any old traumas and negative thoughts that are causing anxiety and preventing you from being able to live your life to its fullest.

I help you 'rewire your brain' so that you can switch off those unhelpful intrusive thoughts and naturally think in a clear, positive way.  I also teach you natural ways to relax, empower yourself, and increase your confidence.

Hypnotherapy for INSOMNIA

Insomnia can make our lives a misery.  Getting enough sleep is vital for good health and well-being.  Can you imagine how good your life would be if you could sleep deeply and easily every night, waking refreshed and energised in the morning?

During this course I will work with you at a deep level to release any emotional blocks that are preventing you from falling asleep, and staying asleep.  I will also help you identify any practical issues that are preventing you from sleeping.

Also included is a free self-hypnosis MP3 for you to listen to at bedtime and switch off from all those intrusive thoughts that keep you awake.

VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND Hypnotherapy for Weight-Loss

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a highly effective method for natural weight loss.  The procedure is a comfortable, relaxing, nurturing process which helps strengthen your mind-body connection, enabling you to notice quickly when you start to feel full during eating, and helping you to reduce your portion sizes.

This in-depth program also includes help and encouragement in all aspects of weight loss including practical guidance and emotional support.

*Free bonus* my four-week online 'Ditch The Junkfood' course with worksheets and self-hypnosis MP3s to help you naturally choose healthy food.

Hypnotherapy for CHRONIC PAIN

I am trained in 'OldPain2Go' and 'Kinetic Shift' - cutting-edge hypnotic techniques designed to reduce or even eliminate chronic pain.

During this program I will work with you to release old emotions and traumas that are manifesting as chronic pain in your body.  We will also look at practical ways to help you listen to your body, look after yourself, and stay pain-free for good.

Discover your SOUL PURPOSE ~ Dreamscaping ~ Lucid Dreaming

This is a beautiful program designed to help you connect at a deeper level with that part of yourself that holds wisdom at a much higher level than your conscious mind can ever access.

Perfect for you if:

*You find yourself at a crossroads in your life and want to access inner guidance

*You have an important decision to make

*You want to tap into your creative side

*You are interested in Past Life Regression or Between Lives Therapy

Virtual Body Cleanse Hypnotherapy for healthy lifestyles

Ditch the junk and learn to crave healthy foods

Soothe and nurture your digestive system

Access your healing potential and detox, naturally.

Great for IBS sufferers.

This course can be online/self-supported, or you can work with me one-to-one.

Express Yourself - Hypnotherapy for CONFIDENCE, nerves, and stage performance

This confidence-building program will help you find your 'true voice' and begin to shine in public situations, whether that is giving presentations at work, performing onstage, or simply talking to other people.

As a professional singer and lifelong stage performer, I know how hard it is for people to put themselves out there in front of strangers.  It never came naturally to me - during my first performance I was a trembling wreck!  But over the years I have used a blend of holistic therapies to help me overcome my nerves and help me shine under the spotlight, and I share them with you in this course.

NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS and Healthy Eating

Stuck in the trap of emotional eating?

Everybody has their own reasons why they can't lose weight.  For some, it is an addiction to unhealthy fattening foods.  Others find themselves eating to comfort themselves, or even to relieve boredom.  Often there are long-standing emotional issues involved that stem from childhood.

Whatever your reason, hypnotherapy can help.  During this nurturing, supportive program, we will find out exactly what it is that makes it so difficult for you to release the excess weight, and then we use that information to re-wire your subconscious mind and help you easily and naturally adopt healthy eating habits so the weight easily drops away. 

No fad diets or strict exercise regimes are required - you will simply be re-learning a way of eating that is ideal and nourishing for your body.  You will increase your self-esteem and learn to love yourself again, so that your body feels safe and ready to naturally release the excess weight and lead you to your optimal healthy weight.


Are you a fan of the 'raw food' diet?  I have followed this way of eating for many years and have found it to be enormously beneficial to my health in many ways.  If you would like help and support in adopting a raw food diet, or you would like to learn how to increase the amount of fresh, whole foods in your daily diet, then I offer coaching and support for this. 

Video Tutorial: How to make your own delicious probiotic drinks:

To sign up for my FREE raw food newsletter, with tips, recipes, and special offers, please visit:
In this newsletter, I will also soon be sending out details of online courses, which offer ways to work with me at a highly reduced cost.  So be sure to sign up so you don't miss out :)

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4 natural ways to relieve anxiety

How to use mindfulness to stop overeating:

How to deal with heartbreak:

Eating a healthy diet: 7 easy ways to get motivated:

7 ways to cut down on Facebook:

9 ways to get healthy and save money:

Wishing you health, peace, and happiness

Training, qualifications & experience

I am fully qualified, insured, and registered with the BACP and the GHR.

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling
  • BSc. (hons) Degree in Health Science
  • Reiki Master
  • Yoga teacher
  • Holy Fire Reiki
  • Kinetic Shift (hypnotherapy for trauma release)
  • OldPain2Go (hypnotherapy for chronic pain reduction/elimination)
  • Dreamscaping (lucid dreaming, past life regression)
  • Member of BACP & GHR
  • Experienced in working with all age-groups, and many different issues including: anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, relationships, bereavement, weight management, etc.

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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

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  • 4 natural ways to stop feeling anxious
  • How to use mindfulness to stop overeating
  • How to cut down on Facebook
  • Eating a healthy diet: 7 easy ways to get motivated
  • 9 ways to get healthy and save money
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I offer a range of programs, with fees that reflect the amount of support you require.  Please get in touch on 0791 240 8830 to discuss which option is best for you.

Over the coming months I will be bringing out online courses that will give you the opportunity to work with me at a highly reduced rate, or even for free.

Further information


I use CORE outcome measurement tools to measure the effectiveness of my therapies.  An overwhelming majority of the people who participate in my hypnotherapy programs report a significant positive change in their lives.

"Dear Lisa

I wanted to let you know how very effective our sessions were for me and how much I value the time you took to talk everything through.

Your skill took me far beneath the surface and right to the root of the issues, which you gently loosened for me with your soft, calm, relaxing voice, speaking just the right words at just the right time.

I’m an experienced (though intermittent) meditator, yet I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed and receptive to your suggestions. I love that I have the audio files to listen to at home too, to reinforce and anchor the work we did in the sessions.

I’m seeing profound results now, thanks to your unique set of skills and the care you take in using them. You are a beautiful gift to me and, I’m sure, to all your clients.

Much love to you"  ~ Cheryl S., Edinburgh

Hypnotherapy for anxiety:

"Sessions helped me to stop and be present.  Reduced anxiety."

"Relaxing and helped overcome some other fears that I wasn't aware connected.  Thank you." ~ Alison, Glasgow.

Hypnotherapy for healthy eating:

"I agreed to 4 sessions of hypnotherapy with Lisa on a weekly basis.  This was to be my first experience of hypnotherapy and its use for a healthier eating lifestyle.

I felt safe working with Lisa in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  I personally liked the pace of each session and never felt pressurized or judged by Lisa.  We explored my past eating habits and my relationship with food which was helpful for me to talk about with an experienced practitioner.

The hypnotherapy I experienced as a fascinating process.  I would say I’m becoming more mindful now of what, how and why I’m eating.  I’m noticing I’m making small changes and I like that I’m not obsessing with thinking about ‘a diet’ on a daily basis.  This is not a quick fix and for me is more of a gradual process of change in my eating habits and lifestyle choices.

Having recorded my hypnotherapy with Lisa I’ve found listening to them on a regular basis useful and relaxing.  They help me to stay focused in a gentle way and I very much like the fact that the recordings are personalized to meet my needs alone.

I would definitely recommend giving hypnotherapy sessions a try if you’re thinking about adopting a healthier long term relationship with food.  I felt understood, supported and encouraged by Lisa and have no hesitation in recommending her for healthier eating hypnotherapy sessions"   ~ Lynne C

"Liked the visualisation of current and future self" ~ Jacqueline, Glasgow

Glasgow, G72

Practical details

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Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Flexible days/hours, by appointment