Jayne Raven D.Hyp.Psych. BA(Hons) Cert.G.O.M. Dip.Hyp.(Paediatrics)

Jayne Raven D.Hyp.Psych. BA(Hons) Cert.G.O.M. Dip.Hyp.(Paediatrics)

The Wilbury Clinic
64 Wilbury Road
E. Sussex

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About me

"Jayne is a professional hypnotherapist with the unique ability to engage your subconscious in a conversation that is powerfully healing. She does not use other people's scripts and she tailor-makes each of her sessions to individual needs. Her sessions are truly incredible. I have never experienced hypnosis like this before, so personal, caring and compassionate as well as creative. I would recommend Jayne to anyone who has some deep rooted issues that they wish to heal, such as traumas and addictions or lighter issues such as smoking or weight loss."

For many years, hypnotherapy has been esteemed as a valuable tool for healing and growth. It works well alongside other therapies and its versatility means that it can be adapted to help almost any problem.

Your first step towards change is simply to get in touch for a relaxed, down-to-earth chat when I'll be happy to explain how hypnosis works and how it can help you. We can meet up for a free first assessment, discuss things via email or just talk on the phone. After you've identified what you want to achieve, I can assess how to help you do it. A first session will last between 60 and 85 minutes. Your hypnotic trance induction will be recorded and then sent to you as an MP3 audio file or even a CD so that you can use it again and again to maximise the benefits of your session.

People often ask, 'What does it feel like to go into a trance? And what if I don't do it right?' I am happy to reassure you that hypnotic trance is a natural state, very easy to achieve. You know it well because it happens to you every day - and your experience of it is unique to you. You'll often have noticed that what your mind imagines, your body responds to (ever experienced a jump scare during a horror movie?). It's this mind-body connection we use during hypnosis, which is no more nor less than what your brain does when it creates immersive dreams for you at night. We all have a natural ability to learn deeply, imagine richly and adjust emotions whilst accessing this REM or dream state. It's precisely because hypnosis deliberately guides your brain into REM activity that it is such a powerful agent for change.


IBS requires a medical diagnosis before it can be treated hypnotically, as it shares symptoms with other conditions. Once you have seen your doctor and been thoroughly checked, you may find that hypnotherapy helps your symptoms. It has a high success rate and uses gut-oriented metaphor to ameliorate discomfort.

Children and young people, 12-18, often struggle with anxiety issues related to excessive reliance on social media ('Social Comparison Disorder', 'Obsessive Comparison Disorder' or cyber-bullying) which cause great distress. These are relatively new areas of practice, but hypnotherapy is proving truly helpful in putting things in perspective, building confidence and adapting coping skills. Sessions for children last normally up to 55 minutes and include a recording of the hypnosis.

Menopause can be a fraught time and we can find ourselves dealing with a loss of confidence, changes in appearance and even a loss of identity and purpose. Many women have benefited from hypnotherapy in dealing not only with the physical effects of menopause, such as hot flushes, but also the emotional and psychological fall-out from this profound experience.

I'm pleased to announce that I'm currently putting together a short course for small groups to learn about using the 'magic' of hypnosis to help themselves cope at this time. It's an important step across one of Life's thresholds. Believe me, there is renewed creativity of life after The Change. Do feel free to email me for further information or if you have any questions.

What happens in a session.
We'll aim to set clear goals for each session and to monitor progress in the following weeks via telephone, email or further sessions. Although solution-focused hypnotherapy does not place an emphasis on delving extensively into the past, it is particularly effective at deconditioning trauma memories and learning calming and coping techniques to deal with our modern high-stress lives. Impossible as it is to predict how many sessions an individual requires, a general change will often be noticed after one session. We can meet for a maximum of ten sessions, working within a clear, solution-focused treatment plan.

After a session, it's quite normal for people to find it hard to remember details of what happened or be surprised at how time has flown by. This simply shows that you have been in a natural healing trance. The effects of hypnosis are 'unconscious' and designedly so. It becomes easier to reach a deep, productive trance state with each session.

Of course, therapy requires commitment from you - after all, the change happens inside you and you have to want that change to happen. And since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, it can never rob you of your free will. I cannot 'make' you change - you'll bring your wholehearted co-operation to the process. You may get a bit of 'homework' too,  in the form of tasks designed to reinforce the changes you've begun to explore in trance.

Training, qualifications & experience

DHypPsych(UK) - qualified in 2000.




B.A.(Hons) First Class

I've taken part in the following courses as part of my continued professional development:

Diploma in Paediatric Hypnotherapy;
Integral Eye Movement Technique (IEMT) Practitioner Training;
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy;
Effects of Substance Abuse on Families;
IBS Treatment by Gut Orientated Metaphor;
'Children and Adults Talking Together', a course on supporting children in substance-abusing families. I am particularly aware of the impact of addictions on the lives not only of the substance user but of their extended social network.
I've had personal counselling as part of my on-going commitment to professional development.

Fully insured.

Member of the Hypnotherapy Association.

Member of The International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapists.

Registered by the CNHC.

Member of the Guild for Stress Management and Trauma Specialists.  

Diploma in Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Certificate in IBS Treatment by Gut Orientated Metaphor.

Practitioner Certificate in Integral Eye Movement Technique. 

Diploma in Paediatric Hypnotherapy

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

        Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with



        Fees for Hypnotherapy.

        You are unique and so your session will be unique, within the well-tested framework of a Brief, Solution-focused, Human Givens approach to psychotherapy and an Ericksonian approach to hypnosis.

        Adult Sessions (85 minutes) @ £80.00.

        Adult Skype Sessions: £65.00

        Child Sessions (55 minutes) @ 60.00

        With proof of benefit, concessionary adult stand-alone sessions @ £55.00. Please note: limited availability.

        You're always welcome email me for a callback and a friendly discussion about how hypnotherapy can help you.
        Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ravenhypnotherapy
        Follow me on Twitter @ravenjayne

        Further information

        Hypnotherapy takes place in the comfortable consulting rooms at the peaceful Wilbury Clinic, 64 Wilbury Road, Hove BN3 3PY. www.thewilburyclinic.co.uk or the Brighton Therapy Rooms, 9a Princes Street, BN2 1RD.

        Skype sessions.

        Online video sessions via Skype have increasingly been found to be suitable for psychotherapeutic hypnosis – and this is why I can now offer this service. It can feel a little odd at first to be talking to your computer screen, but by ensuring that you won’t be disturbed, settling into your own private space and truly giving your attention to our exchange, the situation soon begins to feel perfectly normal. It also means we don't have to be in the same town or even county to work together and that I can pass onto you, the client, savings in clinic room hire. It's not suitable for trauma therapy, however - for that, I'd prefer to support you in person.

        Hove, BN3 3PY

        Type of session

        Home visits: No

        Practical details

        Sign language: No
        Other languages: None


        Accessibility information
        Wheelchair access: Unspecified


        I'm available Monday to Friday in Hove. Weekend appointments by arrangement.