Jacqueline Dower C.hyp, D.hyp, CNLP, GQHP

Jacqueline Dower C.hyp, D.hyp, CNLP, GQHP

74 Upland Way
Epsom Downs
KT18 5ST

07900 024372 / 07900 024372

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74 Upland Way
Epsom Downs
KT18 5ST

07900 024372 / 07900 024372

About me

My name is Jacqueline, I specialise in weight loss, anxiety, confidence, depression, addictions, and smoking. Repour is very important between client and hypnotherapist, in order to move forward with the clients change. I have a very good relationship with clients and they always feel relaxed when they come to me, because I have taken the time and spoken to them before they come to the appointment.

I really enjoy being a hypnotherapist, after receiving hypnotherapy in the past; I know what benefits you can receive from hypnotherapy, and see positive results with my clients. It changed my life for the positive, and I know it has changed my client’s lives for the positive too, helping them gain back control with their problems.

I specialise in Anxiety, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Confidence Boosting, Weight Loss and Stopping Smoking. Y

Stopping smoking is usually 1 session with a follow up a few weeks later.  We look at why you started to smoke, your triggers and want is need to stop smoking. The process can be immediate or gradually over a few days. You realise that the desire for smoking is less and  the desire for not smoking is stronger then ever. Its finally be released from the prison of smoking.

My weight loss programme is tailored to each person over 4 sessions. We talk about how you got to the point with your weight, triggers and relationships with food. What you are actually eating and drinking through out the day and talk about they type of food you are eating and how it has affected you. You will then have a session of hypnotherapy to reconfirm what we have spoken about, with positive behaviours and actions. Along with the programme you have 1-2-1 consultation, gift package to use throughout the programme, 4 tailored hypnotherapy sessions for you and on going support over the 8 week programme.  You will also receive a recording of your hypnotherapy that you will need to listen to 3-5 times a week also.

Hypnotherapy is about making changes to you. Think how different you will view life with your problems solved, so much more confident, positive and fitter. As long as you want to change it can and will help you move forward.

So it does not matter if you are fed up with being fat or you lack confidence, hypnotherapy will help you gain control of your life back and dump the demons that are not letting you more on.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy C.hyp
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy D.hyp
  • Certificate in NLP CNLP
  • GQHP
  • Safeguarding children level 1
  • Safeguarding Adults level 1
  • Nutrition and Health Level 2

Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.


  • Free 15 minutes telephone consultation
  • Hypnotherapy £50 per session which is approximately 60-90 minutes first session, This includes an in depth consultation and hypnotherapy, additional sessions 1 Hour
  • Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session is approximately 90-120 minutes for first session and 60 minutes follow up appointment £150
  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme £180 4 sessions
  • Gift cards available
  • Hypnotherapy gift card £50
  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme £180
  • Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Gift Card £150

At Uplands Hypnotherapy Clinic, I don't charge by the hour and get you out the door on the 60th minute of your appointment. I value that you want to make positive changes and these may take a little longer, and that absolutely fine. My fees are per session which allows you then to relax and not worry about the time you are there, and to focus on you, getting the right help for you.

The first session always includes a comprehensive consultation and hypnotherapy to reinforce changes. If you only want talking therapy we can do that also. Follow up sessions are usually shorter in time as we would then be targeting on a particular problem.

Further information

I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs confidentially and to see how hypnotherapy would help you best and personalise you session regarding your needs.

Based at Epsom Downs, Surrey, home base hypnotherapy makes you feel more relaxed than making an appointment in a building based clinic, it has the advantage of comfort and relaxed atmosphere before you begin.

I treat a wide variety of clients, from nail biting to drug addiction. It does not matter how small or big the problem that is bothering you is, if it bothers you then let hypnotherapy help you take back that control.

Each session is approximately 60 - 90 minutes long with the exception of stop smoking hypnotherapy which is 90 - 120 minutes. Within these sessions I takes full details of what the clients would like help with and tailor each session to their needs.

The first session you will have with me is an in depth consultation and hypnotherapy, the follow on appointments are a smaller consultation time, to see how you are feeling and hypnotherapy session. All sessions are fully confidential between hypnotherapist and client.

Testimonial (Reviews can be verified on Facebook Page)

Karen A - Fear of flying/anxiety August 2018

Had my session today for fear of flying had a lovely experience would highly recommend

Elena C -  Hypnotherapy July 2018

I can highly recommend Jacqueline , I was very sceptical when I heard about hypnosis, however this has defiantly helped me turn things around. Jacqueline is extremely approachable, made me feel completely relaxed about everything. Easy to talk to and very understanding. I can not thank her enough for everything she has given me and supported me through. Xx

Hayley C - Weight Loss July 2018

I recently visited Uplands Hypnotherapy clinic to help me loose weight and I experienced amazing service. I was made to feel very welcome and at ease. Jacqueline was amazing we talked through all my eating habits and she helped me identify where I was going wrong and then put a plan in place for me to achieve this. I would defiantly recommend Jacqueline.

Maria W - Hypnotherapy Session May 2018

I have been to see Jacqueline twice now, and what a fantastic experience.. Jacqueline is so welcoming and friendly, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.
I would highly recommend uplands hypnotherapy to anyone. Thank you Jacqueline for everything. Maria xx

Ann A - Weight Loss Programme June 2018

I recently used Uplands Hypnotherapy Clinic to help with weight loss and have obtained amazing results, with the help of Jacqueline Dower I managed to lose a stone and a half in 9 weeks and have continued to lose around 2 pounds a week since, Jacqueline is very easy to talk to, I explained truthfully my eating faults and she tailored the programme to suit me, was always very supportive and available to talk to if I had any problems, I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to lose weight and struggling contacts her, it was worth every penny I feel so much better in myself.

Diane L - Hypnotherapy June 2018

Great service received and very effective way to kick start change. If you want to make positive lasting changes to your life, it’s well worth investing in hypnotherapy therapy with uplands.

Natalie K - Anxiety  & Confidence May 2018

Having suffered from varying levels of anxiety for many years, a friend recommended I visit Jacqueline after I got particularly bad recently. After just four sessions, my anxiety levels have reduced significantly and I'm feeling so much better. She was always warm and welcoming and I had no problem opening up to her. It's a very relaxing and positive atmosphere. Jacqueline has also helped me to build my confidence and be more positive. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting help with anxiety.

Jessica H - Nail Biting February 2018

I have bitten my nails for over 20 years, since I was a small child. I have tried every stop nail biting remedy or recommendation available on google, some of them several times, and nothing has been able to stop me from biting my nails. I came to Jacqueline to give hypnotherapy a try and was a little sceptical that it would work, as nothing I had tried before had. I had three sessions of Hypnotherapy with Jacqueline and one month on from my first session I haven’t bitten my nails and am so happy that my nails are finally growing to be long, strong and healthy. Jacqueline is friendly and professional; at every session she made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I left each session feeling positive and ready to beat my habit once and for all. I still think about biting my nails from time to time, but Jacq has provided me with the skills to realise what I am doing and to stop myself from biting them and ruining all my hard work. I would highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone considering hypnotherapy and can’t thank her enough for finally helping me kick my habit!

Emma H - Anxiety February 2018

A friendly and warm environment. Jacquie listened to my problems and fully understood my anxiety issues. I was sceptical at first about how effective hypnotherapy would be for me but my anxiety reduced week by week. I would recommend this to any one suffering with anxiety

Caroline S - Driving  Test Anxiety February 2018

Jacqueline was recommended to me by my driving instructor. I had taken the test a couple of times recently but had trouble overcoming the nerves on the day which affected my performance. During the session Jacqueline helped me to visualize a more positive approach towards the test and helped me to put my mind into perspective. After the session I felt very relaxed and less tense. Jacqueline gave me a taped version of the session to play at home as I had the test in 6 days time. The tape was played at home whilst in lying in bed a further 3 times including once on the day of the test. There was a definite improvement to the intensity of my nerves which allowed for a clearer head on the day and I ended up passing my test to my relief

Keir S - Stop Smoking February 2018

Came to uplands hypnotherapy clinic two weeks ago to quit smoking. I used to smoke at least one pack a day. As I turned up she was extremely welcoming and professional and made me feel comfortable ready to receive the treatment. I have never tried hypnotherapy before but It definitely changed my mindset towards smoking. After having this treatment I have not wanted to touch another cigarette since. Could not be more thankful to Jacqueline and would recommend her to anyone.

Amy M - Anxiety February 2018

I have been going to Hypnotherapy for 2 weeks now for anxiety and confidence. As soon as you walk through the door you feel welcome. Jacque creates a cocoon of relaxation that you can't help but melt into. I was sceptical to be honest as I'm a bit of a control freak and didn't think I would allow myself to be put under but Jacque has such a soothing reassuring way is which she conducts the sessions that you can physically feel yourself melting into the chair. All the visualisations she gave me within the sessions were as clear as day to me and stay in your head afterwards to remind yourself what you're working for. I always feel like my confidence will be kept with her. You wake feeling revitalised, refreshed and determined. Definitely recommending her

Clara W - Nail Biting January 2018

Jacqueline helped me with my nail biting habit and after three sessions they're longer and stronger than I've ever seen them. Jacqueline is a true professional and makes the whole experience a relaxing and enjoyable one. I would recommend her to anyone.!

Stella M - Nail Biting January 2018

I am 60 years old and since childhood I have always bitten my nails . Following just 2 sessions back in January I no longer have this habit and for the first time in my life my nails are now a length I am comfortable with. I thoroughly recommend Uplands Hypnotherapy!

Sara T - Nail Biting November 2017

I've been a nail biter since I was a very young child and with 4 sessions my nails are looking great and I'm no longer a nail biter! Jacquie is professional, calming and personable - highly recommend.

Cheryl D - Confidence November 2017

First time having hypnotherapy so was a little skeptical, but Jacquie was warm and friendly and made me feel very relaxed and I came out feeling fresh with a positive attitude. Will definitely be coming back to conquer my fear of flying.

Epsom Downs, KT18 5ST

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Wheelchair access: No


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