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Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 8DB
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Hypnoassistance offer a unique selection of hypnotherapy solutions for a wide range of issues, to help break down mental barriers and allow you to live the life you want. We are based in Mansfield and provide specialist focused treatments bespoke to your specific requirements and situation.

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I have trained with Robert Mckinnon at Transformations Hypnotherapy
Freddy Jacquin
Anthony Jacquin
Justin Tranz

We have verified that at least one professional at this organisation is registered with the relevant professional body.

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Information about health conditions (*)

Hypnotherapy can enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting hypnotherapy.


Virtual Gastric Band (single session) £75

Full Weight Management (3 sessions including the Virtual Gastric Band in session 2) £180

Smoking Cessation (2 hour session) £135

Anxiety/Depression £65 (if 3 are booked and paid in advance discounted to £180)

General single sessions £65

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Lisa Eardley  recommends Hypnoassistance.
Diane is amazing! I would fully recommend her. She is extremely professional and caring. I really enjoyed my first session and will be returning. Thank you again Diane ????

Maryanne Holmes  recommends Hypnoassistance.
I went to Diane in June for an initial consultation i was very impressed with her there was no pressure and even though i booked my gastric band session i cancelled at the last minute not sure why. I eventually plucked up the courage to have it done 3 weeks ago Diane was lovely made me feel totally comfortable and at ease.
3 weeks in iv lost 13lb and found that im not picking or snacking in between meals iv not had a take away or fast food trip. Not craved chocolate crisps or snacks even during the dreaded week a month.
Im no longer scared about eating out or eating worrying about what i will eat all the time. Im eating normal food what i fancy but just making sure its on my blue plate. Can honestly say visiting Diane has totally changed my view and relationship towards food and im enjoying everything i eat with no guilt involved im totally 100% satistied with my portion and not been hungry in between meals.

Emma Louise Potts reviewed Hypnoassistance – 5 star
So, last Wednesday I went and got the virtual gastric band 'done'. I was a tiny bit sceptic if it was going to work, but it really bloody has. My portion sizes are smaller, I'm fuller for longer AND my self esteem and confidence has soared. So far in 4 1/2 days I've lost just under 4lbs All thanks to this wonderful lady Diane at Hypnoassistance. I feel wonderful and for the first time i actually feel like I'm going get my weight under control. Next is smoking but that's further down the line! Cannot thank Diane enough

Nicky Carlisle  recommends Hypnoassistance.
Iwould highly recommend, i visited 6 weeks ago,i no longer snack,my portion size has really changed, i eat 3 meals a day ,drink 5 to 6 pints of water a day which i never imagined I'd be able to do. i have more confidence & feel more relaxed.

Hannah Cripps reviewed Hypnoassistance – 5 star
Just want to say thank you to Diane!
I had my virtual gastric band 6 weeks go and I have lost 10lbs!
My relationship with food has totally changed as I was a massive chocaholic and now I still eat chocolate but not half as much as I did!
I worked out that I did slimming world for 2 months and lost 7lbs and i stuggled so this is by far the best decision I have done and a permanent way of being healthy and staying thinner!
I reccomened it to everyone!

Sioban Pointon  recommends Hypnoassistance.
Good evening all!!..
Mine is a longer read but I really hope you read it ,as I think I have really tried to ‘test’ as many different eating scenarios as possible before I wrote my testimonial.
Firstly, my sister went to see Diane + I started to note how quickly she had cut down her portion sizes, (which were always massive) but now had been cut down to the ‘ blue’ plate size.
She seemed more in control + happier in herself + had lost 18 lb over an 8 week period.
As a result, I asked for Diane’s contact details.
I was still dubious, I admit, as like my sister + a number of other sisters, we had struggled throughout our lives with weight issues.
Firstly, on going ( nearly 4 weeks ago) to see Diane, as soon as I met her at her front door, I felt ‘comfortable’.She was warm, friendly + it just felt right.
The extensive questioning aspect before the Hypnotherapy commenced was indept , which again gave me confidence.
Afterwards, the blue plate + wrist band were a relief as I was panicking about where to get them from!
As soon as I left, I felt calm.
I hadn’t eaten all day as so nervous, but was now really hungry.
We went to a supermarket on the way back to get tea but as you would do when normally hungry, look at all the ‘ fatty’ things + make bad choices, I didn’t.I bought 2 pieces of fruit instead + was happy + ‘ filled’ after them.
I felt ‘ calm’ + made the right food choices as a result.
So since then, I have completed a number of ‘tests’ !!!!.

Round 1

Firstly, date night with my hubby,
I ordered my normal choice, Chicken Gyros ( flat bread,chicken + salad etc)+ there was a portion of fries.
Straight away, It looked like too much food for me so I ‘off’ loaded 4/5 s of the fries to hubby!!...
I ate slowly + sipped my water.
For the first time ever, I finished after my hubby!!...I found I savoured the food more + my tummy was telling me when to stop.I ate probably 4 fries, just for a taste really rather than a ‘need’.
I drank less wine!!.....I knew when I’d had enough. Again savouring the flavours etc.
So round 1 was won....????????????????

Round 2.

Night out with the ‘girls’!!!
Food + drinks
We met for pre dinner drinks + happily +bizzarely for me , instead of wine, went for a slimline G + T.
We went to a ‘ Turkish restaurant + the plates were side plates so perfect!!
All I had to do was envision it ‘blue’!!!.
It worked!!....A couple of pieces of flat bread with a little bit of each dip was more than enough.
The main was a shared platter of meats, rice salad etc.
Again used my side plate + no seconds or thirds as I would do normally!!
Lots of food left, which you all know, is alien for us to leave!!!.I had a treat of a glass of 175 ml white wine + afterwards, another couple of G + T’s.
I had a fab night, not too much drink, lovely food + ‘savoured’ everything!!..

Round 3

So now the biggy!!!
3 nights all inclusive in Portugal!!
At the airport, a skinny Americano, + a brown wholemeal egg sandwich at 289 cals.
I bought 2 pieces of fruit too.
All else tucked into bacon panini etc.
I wasn’t bothered in the slightest + again felt ‘calm’ + confident when choosing my food.
So food wise at the resort.
When eating again I went for the side plates usually used for desserts etc.
I had one trip + thought about what I was putting on it.
Proteins, salad, veg, fish.....Carbs, although I have become used to really cutting these down.
I drank what I wanted to a degree but noted that I had drank less than normal.
Also sugar, I have cut down by half + now using Silverspoon’ Half spoon’ for my tea + Silverspoon sweeteners for my coffee.
I drink at least 8 pint glasses of water a day.

Round 4

I came bk + never put any weight on!
By this stage ( the beginning of this week) I had lost 10 lbs in weight .
So the day after I got back, I usually find it so hard to get bk into it.
Straightaway, it felt ‘normal’ to eat as I had done prior to going, All Bran for brekky, salad, soup or if not really hungry, fruit for lunch.
A healthy tea, curry, fish etc etc using my side plate.
I am back excercising.
I have more energy + am running, biking + start bk at my Boxing club in the nxt 2 weeks after my nxt holiday this week, for a week in Marbella!!
The same principals will apply!!..????????????
So now for the the not so ‘glossy’ bits!!!......If you can even call them that!!!...
I did have 2 occasions where I ate too much of the food I shouldn’t have. I drank too much +got an headache BUT the difference is , I CHOSE to do that, I said in my mind that that was what I was going to do so effectively, ‘ TURNED OFF’ my subconscious which was clearly telling me when eating normally, YOUVE HAD ENOUGH etc etc.
The good thing was, I was straight bk to normal the nxt day.YOU WILL GET CRAVINGS......It’s normal, you aren’t going to become ‘ PERFECT OR THE SIZE YOU WANT TO BE OVERNIGHT!!!!.........
That’s where the RECORDING that Diane’s sends you comes into play!!!....It DOES WORK......It keeps your mind + subconscious on track .
You know those beautiful days that we had + were perfect for a BBQ???
Well when popping to the supermarket, the urge to pick up some wine + sit in the sun was overwhelming!!!........So, I ‘flicked’ my wrist with the band + that was it, the thought had gone + I was onto the next item on my shopping list!!!!.
So my summary is that, this definitely works!!!!...
If you want it enough, that subconscious will kick in if you let it!
I feel so much better!!
I feel ‘ calmer’ + no where near as ‘ panicky’ about going out.
I have a ‘small piece’ of what I want , like puddings + it’s enough for me now.
I will have chips etc but a lot less but enjoy + savour them.
I ‘chew’ for 20 times or more!!!...No more ‘bolting’ it down me.
Remember, it’s not a race, the weight will come off for all of us differently if half a pound etc etc , it’s all about changing your life + the ‘ long’ game!!!....
I hope I haven’t ‘bored’ you ???????? + you have found this testimonial helpful!!!!
Good luck everyone + Thank you so much Diane!!!........??????????????

Dannii Hudson reviewed Hypnoassistance – 5 star
Diane is fantastic, and the hypnosis was well worth it. I'm currently on my second week after receiving the gastric band hypnosis treatment. I've now lost a stone!!! My portions are a fraction of what they used to be, and my cravings have completely vanished!! I can't wait to see more results thank you for kick starting my new life!!! 

Steve N Marina Cocker  recommends Hypnoassistance.
I came to see Diane not long ago, she is so nice & pleasant. But in all fairness I didn’t think that hypnosis would work for me but oh my god how I was wrong my portion sizes has dropped, I don’t feel guilty about throwing away leftovers that the kids have left. I’ve become more aware of foods in general. Also since seeing Diane I’ve lost a total of 10 lbs & overall 8 inches.
Thank you so much Diane ??

Jo Clark reviewed Hypnoassistance – 5 star
As a former weight watchers leader I know about healthy eating and weight loss but over years and doing an office job my weight crept up. I went to see Diane about 5 weeks ago, after a colleague who's doing fantastically recommended her. I had the virtual gastric band and very soon my mindset changed. I've cut my portion sizes by half and only have treats a couple of times a week. I get full much quicker and I go for healthy food instead of pastries or cakes. I definitely recommend Diane.

Pat Walsh reviewed Hypnoassistance – 5 star
hi..just want to say I visited Diane yesterday morning for help to quit smoking, I have tried everything and this was my last resort..I was a little apprehensive but on arrival Diane made me feel relaxed and calm.I know it's early days but I haven't had a cigarette or craved one since..and I know deep down in have cracked it (gave up the dirty habit ) with the help of Diane...Thank you so much will keep on posting updates on my success

De Gibson  recommends Hypnoassistance.
I had my gastric band fitted a year ago and can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made after years of yo yo dieting with slimming world . I have lost 3 stone and would definately recommend having this done.
Diane is lovely and explains everything to you clearly and makes you feel at ease

Michelle Forbes reviewed Hypnoassistance
Thank you so much for your help in making me become a none smoker. I have tried everything and this was my last resort, you are very welcoming and made me feel at ease right from the get and now I have achieved my goal. Brilliant service x

Alice Ward reviewed Hypnoassistance – 5 star
Well Diane you did it!! Thank you so much for this life changing experience. I recommend anyone who is thinking of going through with it, don't wait any longer. Diane is so friendly, makes u feel very much at ease and always there if u need help afterwards. Xx

Endevour Victoria King  recommends Hypnoassistance.
I went to see Diane nearly 4 weeks ago.
My problem was CHOCOLATE. Spending £50/75 a WEEK of my wages on the stuff, (£2/300 a month wasted) and have done so for the last 6 years.
To be fair, I thought, there's no way this is going to work. How wrong was I. No chocolate in 21 DAYS!!!
And Diane is so lovely to talk to.. actually listens .
So yes..give her a go.
I'm now spending money on driving lessons instead of chocolate.

39 Cavendish Street
Mansfield Woodhouse
NG19 8DB

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Hypnoassistance Ltd - Diane Brown Dip.Hyp

Hypnoassistance Ltd - Diane Brown Dip.Hyp