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About me

Is anxiety making you unhappy?

Do you worry all the time?

Is there a constant, heavy, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that never seems to go away?

Maybe you’re getting panic attacks or other physical symptom like dizziness, tiredness, palpitations, trembling or shaking, dry mouth, sweating, feeling like you can’t breathe, pins and needles. These symptoms are so real and strong that it can be hard to believe it’s anxiety and it feels like there’s something really wrong with you.

You might have trouble falling asleep or you wake up in the night or early morning with racing thoughts and a horrible feeling of fear for no reason you can think of.

It can also affect your moods and emotions so perhaps for you it shows up as restlessness, feeling constantly on edge, not being able to concentrate, procrastinating, being irritable or a feeling of dread that never seems to go away.

Some people develop phobias such as a fear of flying, spiders, snakes, lifts, escalators, confined spaces or open spaces.  They all have their roots in anxiety.

Then there’s social anxiety, dreading everyday events such as meeting strangers, conversations, dating etc. This is more than shyness and it’s much more common than you think.  It can make you blush and stammer, make your heart pound and your palms sweat and even trigger panic attacks.

Maybe you avoid going out or going to new places and miss out on some great experiences because of your anxiety. Some people binge drink to overcome social anxiety but this just leads to more anxiety the next day when the embarrassment, self-hatred and remorse kicks in, never mind the hangover.

I expect that you’ve already tried lots of ways to get rid of the feeling such as comfort eating or alcohol, to try to stop that gnawing feeling in your stomach but that just means you put on weightwhich makes you even more anxious.

Perhaps you exercise like mad and keep busy to stop the racing thoughts going round and round in your head and switch off the feeling for a while.

But none of it really works, does it, not in the long run? The anxiety is always there, holding you back from being the person you want to be, doing the things you really want to do.
If you suffer from anxiety of any kind you’re not mad, silly, ‘highly strung’ or different from anyone else, you just get frightened at the wrong times. For some reason your survival system is kicking in too often.

If it’s is a problem for you then why not speak to me about how you can manage it better and tackle the unhealthy behaviours that often go along with it.

I’m an anxiety expert.  I suffered from anxiety, chronic worrying and lack of confidence for many years not realising what it was.  I thought there was something inherently wrong with me or that I simply didn’t have the capacity to be happy.  I was nervous all the time, agonising about anything and everything.  I tried to control people and things too much because that made me feel more secure, for a short while.  But it was exhausting.  Anxiety is exhausting.  It wears you out because you are constantly thinking, worrying, second guessing what’s going to happen next, frightened that you won’t cope with it.  It makes you scared and very unhappy.  Since then I’ve learned so much about anxiety and trained in it and I know now what works for me and for other people.

There are so many ways to manage anxiety which means that you can be free of these constant upsetting feelings, it doesn’t have to be like this forever. Working with me you can learn to be free of anxiety and let go of any unhealthy coping habits.  So you might want to stop smoking lose weight, get over a phobia, be more productive and focused or drop whatever else has been holding you back so that you can live your life in a much happier, confident way.

I combine coaching with cognitive hypnotherapy to help you make powerful changes at your pace, supporting you all the way. You won’t be alone, I’ll be there to guide you.

Some of the benefits of my Life Beyond Anxiety Package includes my support for a full four months not only with our one to one sessions but with text support if you need it, breakout calls between sessions to keep you on track and answer any concerns or questions you may have and written and recorded instructions for any techniques we use so that you can continue to practice them.

I have an online booking system which makes it easier for you to schedule your sessions and to cancel and rebook if you need to.  I offer evening and Saturday sessions as not everyone can take time off work.

We can work face to face or we can work online. Online works just as well as face to face and has the added advantage that you don’t have to travel, you save time and you can work from the comfort of your own home.

Full details can be found on my website so why not take a look or book a complimentary Beyond Anxiety Call via the ‘Easy Booking’ link on my website or email me to discuss.

Contact me now or visit my website at hazelmccallum.co.uk for more details or to arrange a complimentary Beyond Anxiety Call and take the first step on your path to a happier, healthier and more confident future.

Just imagine for a moment how different, how amazing your life could be free of anxiety.

So call me now for your free consultation, what do you have to lose, except anxiety?

Training, qualifications & experience

Member of:

  • The National Council of Hypnotherapy
  • The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
  • The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants
  • The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
  • Institute of Occupational Health and Safety

Relevant Qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic programming
    NLP Practitioner Certificate
  • Diploma Personal Transformational Coaching
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Health Trainer
  • Mental Health First Aid Trainer

What else you may want to know about me:
I have a solid therapeutic background and diverse life experience which has given me wisdom, patience and empathy.

As a registered nurse for many years I practiced in high care areas of cardiac and neurosurgery, both very stressful environments and so I know what it is like to work under immense pressure. I worked in Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Lebanon, South Africa, Australia and the UK.

I taught English as a foreign Language in Beirut, Lebanon which means that my communication skills are very good.

I held a senior post in a corporate consultancy for many years, again in a high pressure environment, so I know what it is like, for over six years before retraining as a Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

I once came first in a race riding an ostrich competing against a dozen men!

I used to sky dive and scuba dive as a hobby but now I am a little more sedate and enjoy reading, walking, park runs, writing, being with friends and I love my work.
I’ve never been happier.

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Therapies offered


My fees vary according to the type of service you would like and the issue you would like to work on.

Please contact me to discuss this as this is a bespoke service and I will tailor the pricing and package to suit your needs.

Don't be shy about asking, it may not be as expensive as you think!

Further information

I work mainly with anxiety based issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, binge drinking, sleep problems, confidence issues but I can also take these as a single issue and work with you on, say simply smoking cessation.

My smoking cessation package is set out on my website. It is a four step process that starts with some preparation from you, a single session when we would work together on what is keeping you smoking and use powerful techniques for you to finally and completely let go of smoking and a relaxing hypnosis. This package offers support for you for a full four months after our session in case you have any challenging events or situations come up for you when you may be tempted to smoke. You can come back and have a 'top up' session free of charge at any time during this period.

Cardiff, CF14
Coulsdon, CR5

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I have very flexible hours. I can work in a therapy room in Central London or Cardiff or you can work online from the comfort of your own home. You can easily book via my online calendar.