Dionne Sheen DIp hypnotherapy Dip counselling Dip CBT MBACP

Dionne Sheen DIp hypnotherapy Dip counselling Dip CBT MBACP

Bridge House
Harrow Road
Greater Manchester

0754 282 0678 / 07542820678

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About me

Hypnosis is one of the most misunderstood psychological treatments today, possibly because the general public associates it to ‘stage hypnosis’ seen in theatrical performances, were clients are ridiculed and made fun of. Hypnosis is an effective treatment that can be used to treat many different illnesses and issues quickly. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Hypnosis for adults
Can help with issues such as depression to help lift mood, confidence and increase motivation, smoking, weight loss, addictions, phobias, fear of flying and confidence building and driving test nerves, to name a few..

I have had excellent results working with clients who wish to stop smoking. Please call 0754 2820678 for more information.

Fears and phobias: "Dionne, just to let you know, I got on the flight to South Africa and felt fine. The only thing I felt was bored, it was great thanks for your support and help, Diane".

is a common problem thought to regularly affect around one in every three people in the UK, and is particularly common in elderly people.

If you have insomnia, you may:

  • find it difficult to fall asleep
  • lie awake for long periods at night
  • wake up several times during the night
  • wake up early in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep
  • not feel refreshed when you get up
  • find it hard to nap during the day, despite feeling tired
  • feel tired and irritable during the day and have difficulty concentrating

http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Insomnia/Pages/Introduction.aspx for full article.

Hypnotherapy can help with many more issues please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Concerns about hypnotherapy
Hypnosis typically involves a person experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their concentration focused on appropriate suggestions made by the therapist.

These suggestions help people make positive changes within themselves.

In a hypnotherapy session you are always in control and you are not made to do anything. Hypnotherapy is about empowerment. It does involve the induction of a trance-like condition; the client is actually in an enhanced state of awareness, concentrating entirely on the therapist’s voice. The therapist is able to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adjustments to the client, the seeds of which become firmly planted.

The practice of promoting healing or positive development in any way is known as hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy aims to re-programme patterns of behaviour within the mind, enabling irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be overcome.

What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

The first session starts by discussing the problems you are experiencing and setting goals around how to move forward. Full hypnosis will not take place during the first session as a full assessment needs to be taken to ensure that the clients needs are met. The therapist will suggest the kind of treatment that she feels is best suited to you. Subsequent sessions will be tailored to your need and If you have any queries or concerns around hypnosis these will be answered in the first session. Before any hypnosis takes place a full assessment must be taken.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Hypno-psychotherapy.
  • Counselling Diploma & Counselling Skills Certificate.
  • Over 17 years experience working with children, young people & adults
  • CBT Diploma & certificate in CBT.
  • Certificate of Theory & Practice in Couples & Relationship Counselling
  • Current member of the BACP
  • Current member of British Association of Play Therapists
  • Current insurance
  • CRB checked
  • Committed to ongoing professional development
  • Engage in the recommended monthly supervision.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

I used to have a terrible fear of flying and had hypnotherapy to help me to combat my fear.

I am now a firm believer in hypnotherapy and can understand how it can help someone to overcome a fear or phobia.A mixture of Hypnotherapy and counselling can help with many issues and phobias. Call for more information 07542820678.

"Dionne, just to let you know, I got on the flight to South Africa and felt fine. The only thing I felt was bored, it was great thanks for your support and help, Diane".


£45.00 Full assessment/consultation.(one hour)
£45.00 per subsequent session. Each session will differ and will address the needs of the individual. (one hour each)
Smoking cessation usually an assessment and one session are enough.

Free parking available
Late evening and Saturday appointments available.

Further information

Hypnotherapy is also useful for children and young people for a variety of issues. go to http://www.hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk/hypnotherapist-articles/hypnotherapy-for-children    for more information.

As always choose your hypnotherapist carefully. This is particularly important when choosing a hypnotherapist to work with your child. Look for someone who is fully qualified and who has experience in working with children as well as adults; the right person will be very happy to talk to you and answer your questions. It is very important that both you and your child can feel comfortable, confident and at ease with the therapist that you choose.

Fast phobia cure.

This technique is used to help sufferers put disturbing events behind them by stopping distressing and unwanted thoughts and images intruding during their day to day lives

The sessions will be 'content free' which means that the therapist can use the phobia cure without having to know details of the incident. This is a huge relief to clients who often find it very difficult to discuss their experience. The client does not have to discuss any details around their traumatic incident and does not have to experience all the upset and distress that this may cause.

Bolton, BL1 4NH

Type of session

Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Monday to Friday appointments available 8.00 till 8.00 Sat 9.00 till 5.00