Colin Demet B.Sc. (Dip Hypno-analysis. BAC Counselling)

Colin Demet B.Sc. (Dip Hypno-analysis. BAC Counselling)

Beechthorn Cottage

01290 519157 / 07551169353

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Beechthorn Cottage

01290 519157 / 07551169353

About me

I began working with Hypno-analysis in 1991, and have studied psychology at Lancaster, Keele, Durham & Edinburgh Universities; depression, anxiety and phobias are some of the problems I work with. I do not work with suggestion therapy for smoking or dieting. I am a registered PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Government Scheme Member.

Training, qualifications & experience

Psychology / Counseling / Autism

Cert. BAC Counselling

Dip Hypno-Analysis

Cert. Parapsychology Edinburgh University

Cert. CBT. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Government Scheme Member.

Working through Depression and Anxiety: Testimonial;

Colin Thank you for today.
When I first came to see you I was at my last gasp on life and to be honest had lost the will to live. (client Ayrshire)

Therapy for Children -
Trained in the ‘Blow Away’ technique, a therapy for Children experiencing
(Bed Wetting, School Phobia, Eating Problems, Fears etc.)

Relaxation & Therapy for Autism, Tourettes & Asperger Spectrum / Syndrome.


Life Between Lives

Soul Retrieval

Spirit / Attachment Release

Member of the 'Spirit Release Forum'

(Member of The Past Life Therapists Association)


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Past Life Regression

Autism, Tourettes & Asperger Spectrum / Syndrome relaxation therapy
please see my pages at

Therapy for Children -
Trained in the ‘Blow Away’ technique, a therapy for Children experiencing
(Bed Wetting, School Phobia, Eating Problems, Fears etc.)

Past Life Therapy &
Life between Lives/Soul Retrieval.

Mediumship -
While working within ‘past-life therapy’ and moving into ‘life between lives’ some clients have experienced ‘mediumship’. On several occasions I have been a passive observer whilst an individual has been in conversation with a loved one for up to a time of approximately 30 minutes. The latter is more likely to occur if there is some existing ‘unfinished business’ or problem which needs resolving.

Testimonial: I am writing to thank you for my Past Life regression session & my Life between Life session. My past life regression was very interesting, and I still have to do some research to see if I can find out more information. My life between life session was a very emotional experience. As I regressed into the spiritual realm I felt nothing but Love. After losing my best friend & my Aunt earlier this year I was overwhelmed when I had a 30 minute conversation with my best friend. The tears were flowing. I also had quick chats with my Aunt, Gran & Grandfather. I would recommend this experience to anyone thinking about these sessions. Sent from my iPhone
On 21 Nov 2015, at 11:17,

Spirit / Attachment Release Therapy  (May also be done from a distance)
House clearance of negative energy  (May also be done from a distance)


Meetings are at our cottage on the peaceful Sorn Castle estate and last for 2 hours and cost £80. 
Autistic clients 1 hour £30.

Waiting room is available if you are accompanied.

Further information

Colin and his wife Annette (a qualified Reflexologist, metaphysics teacher and Reiki Master) live in the quiet, peaceful country surroundings of Ayrshire, situated on the Sorn Castle estate, amongst some of Scotland’s most beautiful countryside from where they have their practice. They endeavour to create a non-clinical environment therefore achieving a relaxed atmosphere.
                                                        I am here to listen and share your journey.


Hypnotherapy combined with Psychotherapy in order to interact directly with inner consciousness, to find the core issues of a client’s life. Clients can examine beliefs and thought processes that are giving rise to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual problems and make changes at the core level from which the outer manifestation originates. With changes at the inner levels of consciousness the outer projection changes.


The experience I offer is unique; an experiential journey during which I will be by your side. I work with the unconscious part of the mind which is similar to a programmed computer which unfortunately sometimes malfunctions.

During my lifetime I have found that a lot of treatments are directed towards the symptom and neglect the cause; ‘you may take pain killers, but all in all, the root of the problem needs to be found’ ... and always remember, there exists a ‘nasty gremlin’ of transference whereby, one may think a symptom is cured ... and often is ... and yet as one celebrates the termination of a persisting stammer, phobia, fear etc; within the shadows the gremlin ‘takes root’ elsewhere to become an obsessive compulsive disorder or other such negative symptom.

Sometimes someone may be told something a thousand times, and even agree with the judgement screamed at them from the realms of desperation, which sadly often succeeds in reinforcing defensive walls/barriers within the mind ... and yet it is often only when a ‘realization’ occurs that a permanent change takes place.

When you tell someone something ... you knock on a door.
When someone realizes something ... the door no longer exists.

Past Life Therapy ... Déjà vu.

Past Life Regression is experienced using altered states of consciousness via Hypnosis. Past Life Regression is a journey which you may simply be curious to experience, or have some deep and meaningful purpose. The journey will often involve enlightenment through ‘parallel’ self-realizations and understandings from the past, which are often beneficially life changing. Sometimes trauma from our past lives may remain unresolved in our current life, and as such bring negative psychological or physical symptoms.

Soul Retrieval

An experiential journey of self-awareness and discovery.

‘Life between Lives’ or ‘Soul Retrieval’ is an extension of Past Life Regression. We will have travelled from the womb into your past life, and the next part of your journey will take you through your passing over and into the realm of spirit, for many people this spiritual experiential journey will be both profound, enlightening and life changing.

Spirit Rescue - Spirit Attachment Release - Negative Energy Displacement

Spirit Attachment Release: is a holistic therapy practiced by psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, mental health professionals and energy healers who have found it effective sometimes when a person dies/passes over and traumatic events, often relating to abuse or murder result in a malfunction of the transitional process of rebirth from the material world into the spiritual dimension. Sometimes spirits may attach themselves to a suitable host for a variety of reasons, often through some kind of emotional traumatic fragmentation you experience / experienced. These spirits are not always 'bad' but confused and feel a compulsion to re-experience some materialistic addictive / obsessional need. Have you ever had the feeling that you are 'not yourself', often the problem is no more than a lost soul seeking a suitable host. Such trauma may cause an emotional confusion which demands attention and recognition. Such troublesome haunting situations may be understood and the spirit helped through catharsis: sometimes even spirits need to be listened to and helped.

An Earthbound Spirit is not to be confused with Poltergeist activity which often surrounds adolescent developmental processes, resulting in material manifestations re- Psychokinesis. An Earthbound Spirit is not a repeating ghostly shape/figure such as seen in historical buildings which drifts along a corridor repeatedly: such are like a video recording from the past which many people may see at certain times. You may recognize an earthbound spirit by the energy used to attract your attention: the energy is angry, disturbed or very demanding.

Spirit rescue can often be achieved without being at the location.

Please contact me for more information.


Earth bound spirits, Ghosts, Lost souls.

Thought forms, Entities – Dark energy clusters.

Negative energy, Psychic attack, Curses.

Past life attachments and ancestral patterns.

Inner child fragments, karma, Soul retrieval.

Satanic influences, Dark force, Demons, Collective unconscious.

Elementals, Earth energies, Hybrid. ET.


When moving into a new home it is important to re-establish your own energies throughout the property. You may clean, decorate and refurbish to make your new home your own. But what about any negative energies which may frequent the property from the past. Possibly there has been past unhappiness leading to a divorce; violence; even a death or negative energies remaining from the ground where the house was built. A clearance may be done from a distance, or if stronger negative energies or entities are sharing your home the property may require on site clearing. Or possibly you have been in your home for many years and are living with shadows from the past! Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the clearing of your property.

Spiritual clearance can often be achieved without being at the location.

Please contact me for more information.


I offer counselling from my cottage on the Sorn Castle Estate, or by phone if required.

Mauchline, KA5 6JQ

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: No


Situated on the beautiful Sorn Castle Estate. I am available for appointments from 10am to last appointment 4pm 7 days a week. Waiting room is available if you are accompanied.