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Claudia Binder - RTT Specialist for Anxiety and Self-Sabotage Issues

About me

I am a versatile, talented and certified Mindset Transformation Coach. I empower my clients to lead a holistically balanced life, find self love, revive their relationships and overcome limiting beliefs which are holding them back from harnessing their full potential. My aim is to support my clients to live a powerful, pain-free and abundant life. Since 2004 when I opened my first Preventive Health and Coaching Studio, I have been obsessed with constantly learning about how to holistically improve and empower myself and my clients. From many years of working one on one with my clients I concluded that the root cause of almost all issues, mental and physical, comes from experiences in the past which left us feeling not “good enough

Neuroplasticity has proven that we can actually rewire the way we think and feel. The brain can and is happy to change if you help it develop new thinking pathways. Rapid Transformational Therapy Coaching is unique, it helps my clients to unlock the root cause of their issues. It creates unforgettable lightbulb moments which frees my clients from old outdated beliefs. Understanding the root cause gives unbelievable powers and understanding why a certain Issue was manifested makes it easy to let it go too. My clients overcome their issues in as little as just one to three sessions, depending on how complex the process of understanding the issue is. Working with me is an enlightening and an enjoyable process and success is guaranteed. Sometimes the transformation is immediate, sometimes retrospective and sometimes accumulative, but with the willingness to change, there is always success.

Our Past experiences influence how we think, feel and behave in life. It affects our ability to cope with stress and overcome challenges, build relationships and how we recover from life’s setbacks and hardships. I help people to overcome self sabotaging habits causing success blocks, anxiety, stress, limiting self-beliefs and lack of motivation. For myself and to overcome various physical and mental issues, I have tried every promising solution available, from diets, to medication, to tree hugging. I followed every advice I was offered from various professionals to overcome my constant lows, physical pain and complete loss of direction.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) has changed my life. I was suffering chronic pain, depression and anxiety and through RTT I learned why I had all these issues, and also when and why I acquired them. All these self-sabotaging beliefs I carried with me, some since early childhood, caused me so much pain, and most of all, stopped me from living my full potential and become really successful in my business and have true and meaningfull relationships. I have spent more than 15 years of constant trial and error and a lot of self development trainings until I stumbled over RTT.  I have tried it, it changed my life - and now I'm changing the life of my clients.

After countless experiments with my own body, I stumbled upon Marisa Peers Method online as I was searching for ways to deal with a chronic pain condition, for which no one I have ever consulted seemed to have a cure. My first RTT session was a life changing moment for me!

Back in 2004, I had established Health First, my own preventive health studio/consultancy, which focuses mostly on physical conditions. But this breakthrough into the world of RTT made me realize that a lot of physical issues are caused by low self respect and feelings of low self worth. Then COVID-19 changed the world, and I knew that I needed to return to my initial ambitions of helping people to become physically and mentally stronger and to help them learn to love and trust themselves, their mind, and their body -  and so,

ROOM TO TALK INTERNATIONAL was born! The fact that I can transform lives online via zoom or google meet, especially during this pandemic, gives me and my clients the opportunity to meet each other from the comfort of our homes. I also have an office in Kuala Lumpur where is spend a couple of month every year and where I offer Coaching sessions especially for Expatriates.

Alongside my background in business, sales, marketing, and concept design, I have also studied and practiced various alternative health techniques including EAM (Energy Alignment Method) and Reiki. I am a qualified Physio Trainer, Fitness Trainer, and Preventive Health Coach, and have worked with clients across Asia and Europe, achieving significant success helping people to eliminate limiting self beliefs and self sabotaging habits. Currently I study Holistic Health with “Akademie der Naturheilkunde (AKN)” in Switzerland as this empowers me to be up to date with the latest research on how to prevent and reverse health issues based on Nutrition. I believe all these experiences and practices have centered me on my current path.

It is hugely important to me to have a connection with my clients, as this plays an important role to the outcome of my sessions. Therefore, I always offer an initial 15 minute online meeting, which is an important way to acquire a gut feeling, and be sure that my clients and I enter into a positive and successful therapy session.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (hypnotherapy - Marisa Peer UK)
  • Holistic health Coach (AKN Switzerland)
  • Mindset Transformation Coach
  • Physio trainer
  • Holistic health practitioner
  • Preventive Health Coach
  • Back Exercise Specialist

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Information about health conditions (*)

Hypnotherapy can enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Self Sabotage Patterns

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GBP £300 per session (28 day package, 30 min intake session, 2 hours full RTT session, personal bespoke NLP recording, relaxation recording, 28 day email support, 30 min final assessment session

Further information

I work very successfully with people who struggle with anxiety, self sabotage and limiting self worth.  I have worked with people/coached people in person for more that 15 years and also offer online hypnotherapy services. My clients love the online options because that means no traffic and related hassles.

Type of session

In person
Home visits

Practical details

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Monday to Saturday 7 am to 1 pm BST

Claudia Binder - RTT Specialist for Anxiety and Self-Sabotage Issues

Claudia Binder - RTT Specialist for Anxiety and Self-Sabotage Issues