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About me

Andre is a Internationally Renowned and Acclaimed Hypnotherapist with many years experience in many areas of Hypnotherapy.
He specializes in Weight Loss.
With his weight loss reprogramming system the weight stays off for life not just for a few months,unlike Diets.
He is a member of The British Institute of Hypnotherapy and abides by their professional code of ethics at all times.
worked for many years in the past in the Fitness Industry, as a Personal Trainer, Gym Owner and Instructor.
Have you tried everything to lose weight,nothing seems to work?Hypnotherapy is the answer!!
are no more then training courses and programs in How to get Fat and feel like a failure.It has been scientifically proven that whatever weight you shift on any diet by starving your body you will gain triple that amount of weight when you stop dieting,as the body thinks that there is a famine on the way and hold on to all fats.With Hypnosis the Weight will simply just melt away as you learn to let go of old eating habits and start forming a healthy balanced relationship with food and not see it as the enemy as your body and mind starts working together.Helping people shaping their bodies and making them feel more positive and confident about their physical appearances and the difference it made to their mental state, of mind,so did his interest in the mind grow stronger.His interest in Hypnosis was triggered off due to a personal tragedy that occurred in his life.He trained in Hypnosis in 1995 for personal use only to overcome the negative after affects that was left in his mind that nearly killed him emotionally.
Seeing the results he achieved by reprogramming his own mind, he took it to another level.Every habit began as a choice and through repetition becomes just another bad habit.With Hypnosis undesirable habits can be broken.New desirable habits can be created with positive suggestions.For many years he practiced part-time on weekends only with no charge

671.JPGHypnosis gave him the change and the tools to help others.
is very Modest and a true Professional.
Andre helped many clients to gain control and live a more fulfilling life.
Hypnosis is very much like daydreaming,very Safe and very Simple.
In this state the persons conscious mind becomes quiet or passive.
This bares the the subconscious mind so that the Hypnotist, can introduce positive suggestions into the powerful subconscious mind.
With Hypnosis you can pump powerful suggestions directly into your subconscious.
You cannot be hypnotized and made to do things against your will.
You will always be fully aware what goes on around you.
Andre is Friendly, Caring and Affordable.
He has built his reputation from providing specialist Hypnotherapy like no other.
has an office set among peace,tranquility and calmness.
Ample parking available during the week.
are most welcome to bring someone along should you be nervous, frightened insecure or for what ever reason?

Training, qualifications & experience

Member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy

Dip.Hypnotherapy 1995

Dale Carnegie Training.

Exercise Teachers Academy.

Member organisations


Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

        Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        Smokers ask yourself this simple question?......Why am I spending £3000.00+per year to Kill myself.

        Why not put that money in your savings account.

        Surely your life is worth much more then a cigarette?

        Smoking is a slow process of committing suicide,it will eventually catch up with you and Kill You.

        Smoking is just another dirty unhealthy habit you acquired.


        Fees and availability.

        can also be arranged at the LONDON Office.

        Opening Hours

        Monday to Fridays.
        9.00 am-3.30 pm

        Weekend sessions
        can be arranged as from 2019 for for those very busy working professionals and other hard working people.

        Please feel free to leave a message, should your call not be answered immediately.I will personally get back to you soonest.
        ID withheld numbers shall not be answered.
        Or alternatively send me a Text or Email.

        Further information

        Group sessions for Weight Loss, Smoking and Stress

        Also helps
        and advises with; Nutrition, Health, and Exercises

        Hypnosis is not mind control. If it were, all Hypnotherapists would be billionaires. Hypnosis is not sleep. During a session, the client relaxes into a theta brainwave state just below daydreaming and just above sleep. Hypnosis is not a joke. It's a powerful tool that has been used for personal transformation since the dawn of Ancient Egypt.

        A study comparing recovery rates for various modalities of therapy found that psychoanalysis had an average effective recovery rate of 38 percent, and behavioral therapy had an average recovery rate of 72 percent, while Hypnotherapy had an average recovery rate of 93 percent. The efficacy of hypnotherapy can no longer be ignored.

        Corby, NN18

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        Home visits: No

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        Sign language: Unspecified
        Other languages: Dutch.


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        Wheelchair access: No