Amreeta Chapman/Aujayeb (Clinical Hypnotherapist with 10 years' experience)

Amreeta Chapman/Aujayeb (Clinical Hypnotherapist with 10 years' experience)

Fairwater Drive

56 London Street

0118 926 9978 / 0786 129 3634

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About me

Hypnotherapist specializing in anger management and anxiety management but also working with self image issues and other clinical issues.

Practising Hypnosis/NLP practice in Reading, Wokingham, Woodley for the past ten years in full time private hypnotherapy practice.

Working with Anxiety: social Anxiety, Presentation Anxiety, Anxiety over exams in children and adolescents, Anxiety over relationships, Low self-esteem causing anxiety...

Working a lot with Phobias: Spiders, Flying, fear of sickness etc..

Working with Anger causing damage in workplace or relationships, Aggression in Children and Adolescents..

  • How can I help you as a Hypnotherapist?

Clients who seek hypnosis or NLP are people who are functioning pretty well in most areas
of their lives but are finding blockages in their symptoms and wish to resolve that symptom. A client may be an executive who does very well professionally but finds his anger is ruining his marriage; another client may be very confident in her work but when it comes to flying for conferences she is using avoidance techniques because of her fear of flying, and another client for hypnosis could a 10 year old child who has bed wetting issues...

With her experience of 17 years as Full time Hypnotherapist and NLP Therapist, Amreeta finds that simple symptoms are helped within 5-6 sessions and clients are back to enjoying their lives free of their fears, phobia, anxiety or anger issues. each client will be clear of their goals from the beginning and keep reevaluating how they are getting closer to their goals as Amreeta , your hypnotherapist in Reading and wokingham keeps you the client focused on the goals you wish to achieve via Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis.

However with issues which have been chronic or have a foundation of child abuse or depression/anxiety, hypnosis can still help but it may take up to 8-10 sessions on average. Being a Psychologist/Counsellor as well as a Hypnotherapist Amreeta is well placed to offer clinical therapy using Hypnosis, NLP as well as her psychotraumatology training for issues such as PTSD, sexual abuse, child abuse survivors etc...

Clients are experts on their symptoms because they have been living with them. Usually after the first session, they themselves know how well they are going to be able to practice the tools and techniques of hypnosis learnt as well as imparted via the hypnotherapist and the CD given and homework set and progress quickly.

For example a client calls for insomnia and within three sessions she is sleeping better and deeper. But by then she is becoming aware with help from her hypnotherapist that she also has anxiety issues which she has never dealt with. This may have also contributed to the sleep issues so she decides to work on those as well. She has hypnosis for 7 sessions but walks out with capacity for good sleep as well as capacity for confrontation, self esteem in her work as well as ability to go out and mingle in social situations.

Every client is a pleasure and honour to work with as a Hypnotherapist, and I bring to my hypnotherapy practice my knowledge and experience as a psychologist although i stick to my contract as a Hypnotherapist and work specifically using hypnosis as the main form of therapy. My client will inform me consciously as well as unconsciously as we work along as for their goals of therapy and by the time most clients have finished their hypnotherapy, they find they have developped more goals as well as achieved more goals that they initially contracted for. Clients often call for anger management and find that along with self control over their emotions , hypnotherapy has also given them the ability to handle vulnerable emotions, ability to reach out for help, ability to relax, skills with which they were struggling before hypnotherapy started.

For more questions about hypnotherapy or my hypnotherapy practices in wokingham, Reading or woodley, please get in touch via mail or phone and i shall be happy to answer your queries.

Training, qualifications & experience

B.A. (Hons) Psychology (1992-1996)
M.A. Clinical Psychology (1996-1998)
Cert. Hypnotherapy (2002-2003)
Dip. Hypnotherapy & NLP (2003-2005)
Pract. Hypnotherapy& NLP (2007-2008)
Dip. Solution Focused Counselling (2009-2011)
P.G. Dip. Psycho- Traumatology (2012- 2013 due to complete)

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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

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        Each session cost £80 and sessions last between 60-70 minutes and after the initial 15 minutes of checking with client with regard to their concerns, questions, some psycho-education, their homework (usually CD they have to listen to, or techniques of NLP,visualization, reading, behavioural changes they have to practice).....the rest of the hour is under hypnosis......

        by session three goals are revaluated and then re-evaluated every two sessions to stay on target so that both the hypnotherapist, Amreeta and the client are clear of the goals and each session's plan of work.

        Further information

        Clients who can show proof of income support or no income due to being a student / single mother / on maternity leave can get a discount of 10-20%.
        Please ask and we can discuss your situation.

        In general clients have between 4-6 sessions which means they are investing around £300-£500 for their health and relief from symptoms such as insomnia, blushing, anxiety, anger, fears, phobias, IBS. So the client has to decide whether their health deserves the investment or not!

        Wokingham, RG5 3JF
        Reading, RG1 4SQ

        Type of session

        Home visits: No

        Practical details

        Sign language: No
        Other languages: French, Hindi


        Accessibility information
        Wheelchair access: Unspecified


        My practice hours are Mondays-saturdays, between 10.00am-9.00pm in Reading, Wokingham and Woodley.