Stop anxiety, start living

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Open to all

This mini-course in stopping anxiety, and boosting confidence and self-worth is open to anyone over the age of 18, suffering from any of the above symptoms. It will be in early December.

The mini-course is a springboard to put the foundations, strategies and techniques in helping to stop anxiety and regain your freedom. Simple, clear strategies with ongoing live support and live sessions to have all your questions answered on the course.

It will take place in my private Facebook group, which you can join here.

Anxiety is a subject I specialise in, in fact, I am currently writing a book on the subject. You can recover from anxiety, all you need is the desire and the commitment.

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Hosted by Denise Bosque

Personal Self-Development Coach & Anxiety Specialist I have had a private practice since 2000. Practising in Twickenham & South Kensington. I am a registered NLP Master Practitioner (since 2000), Clinical Hypnotherapist (2001), EMDR practitioner (2012), Linden Anxiety Recovery Coach (2015) and Mindfulness Practitioner (2015).