LCH introductory course

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Hypnotherapists and trainees

The introductory course consists of a total of seven modules which cover the basic knowledge underpinning curative hypnotherapy. Such as:-

  • How the subconscious works.
  • The different functions of the Conscious and Subconscious parts of the mind.
  • How and why symptom suppression creates further problems.
  • What hypnosis is and the many ways it can be used in therapy.
  • Encouraging you to look logically at some previously accepted theories.

To ensure you gain maximum advantage from the introductory section, a written assignment is requested at the end of each module and individual feedback is provided along with any other guidance or comment that may be of use to you as you progress through the course, and the next module is then sent on to you.

This is a foundation course for those with no previous training in hypnosis and acts as a first step towards a professional qualification.

This introductory course can be used as a stand-alone course for those who do not wish to proceed to practitioner training but simply have an interest in what makes people ‘tick’ and the power of the subconscious mind to create various symptoms and conditions. There is no obligation to proceed to professional qualification.

If you would like to find out if the course is right for you, before committing time/money - the initial section is available - without charge. Just click to download for free from our website.

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Hosted by Hypnotherapy Training College

The introductory course has been written by Helen Lesser who has been involved in the design, creation and delivery of training for over 20yrs, teaching complete beginners and established hypnotherapists. She has written many hundreds of guidance/tuition articles for fellow LCH practitioners.

Hosted by Hypnotherapy Training College