Group supervision with presentation on inner child working

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25th June 2022, 10.00am - 4.00pm
Hypnotherapists and trainees
Holiday Inn, Olympus Avenue, Tachbrook Park, Warwick, CV34 6RJ

Our guest speaker and her specialist subject.

I am delighted to invite Fiona Burton. Fiona is a a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach working in private practice in Leicestershire. She works mainly with clients wanting to overcome anxiety and trauma. She is regularly featured on BBC Radio Leicester as a monthly guest on Table Talk or to discuss mental health related topics.

Fiona specialises on inner child work in Hypnotherapy. As hypnotherapists, we can help clients to recognise when their inner child is being triggered, and notice if there are particular emotions that play out on repeat.

In this demonstration, I will help you become familiar with:

  • How to help a client become aware of their wounded inner child.
  • Help them to understand why they React (re-act) instead of Respond as an adult, in certain situations.
  • How in these situations our unmet childhood needs can be triggered, and the adult self can be overwhelmed.
  • How hypnotherapy can help your clients feel comfortable with building a relationship with their inner child and heal their inner-child wounds.
  • The talk will include handouts and useful exercises you can use with clients.
  • Perhaps an opportunity to practice with each other.

This promises to be an interesting event and I strongly advise booking early and remember to put the date in a diary.

Thinking about supervision?

When you think of attending a group supervision, what are your initial thoughts? Are you going to attend because it is a requirement of your registration membership?

Let me give my take on one very important benefit. You can build a network of contacts with like minded people willing to share ideas and much more. People you can call for advice. People you can meet for coffee and a chat.

We work in an insular environment usually only meeting clients and helping them resolve their issues. Networking allows you to “meet” others in the same situation and let’s face it, it is good to talk. Group support events help provide this.

Newly qualified hypnotherapists are required to attend four supervision sessions or peer support events annually during their first two years of practice. Our supervision events are an excellent way to further build your confidence, skills and meet with fellow Hypnotherapists building a network of contacts.

My supervision events align with the membership criteria of the General Hypnotherapy Register and the GHSc. Attendance confirmation and receipts are issued by email for the events.

These supervision days are open to any qualified Hypnotherapists and as well as sharing information and ideas, you can receive advice and support on all things Hypnotic!

If you have a video you believe might be of interest please contact me to discuss sharing this. Requests to present on a topic this must be agreed and content approved with me prior to the event date.

You have to book and pay to confirm your reservation.

Clicking attending on facebook is not a reservation.

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Hosted by John Dewar

Your host me JD has many years of experience both as a Hypnotherapist and as a Trainer. My training school was accredited in 2006 by the GHR and re-accredited in 2015 to comply with the CNHC. Our training and CPD courses are GHSc and ACCHP accredited. I am also a GHR Acknowledged supervisor. UK learning provider number 10048797 UKLP. NOS Compliant.

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